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  1. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Trunk couch   

    Jimmy Flintstone use to make a kit of this couch. I have one built in my display that I painted red with all bumper and taillight pieces being white metal that I polished. Used bmf for the chrome. Came out great and I love it in my display. I call it the chillin caddy couch.
  2. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Modelshops in Salt Lake City and Denver, is there any?   

    If you can make it over near Boulder, there is the Shelby America museum in Gunbarrel. It's between Longmont and Boulder off of Hwy 119 on your way from Longmont to Boulder. I think they are only open on weekends so you will want to check out there hours. Colpar hobbies on Havana is the model place to go to. When you go there be sure to stop at Rusty Tacos, the best street tacos ever.
  3. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic What kits did you get for Christmas?   

    My better half got me 2 of the new 29 roadster kits, 3 new drill bit sets and a new Grex airbrush. She won't see me for awhile, I'll be in the workshop!! Merry Christmas!!
  4. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Kit with these wheels?   

    I've been looking for a set of the rmcm kelsey hayes wire wheels but rmcm doesn't supply them anymore unfortunately. I want a set real bad for a sedan project I want to do. I have all the kits that come with wires and none are real good, spokes too big and out of proportion. Having a hard time coming up with something other then rewiring the wheels. I do have a couple sets of Detail Master wire wheels but they are more of a bonnelli?? style i think. Let us know what you find.

    AFX is that your set? Want to trade or sell? PM me.
  5. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic 2015 Havana Mini Cruise (Colorado)   

    Want to thank Kris for putting this on again this year! Good turnout of models and variety of subjects. Had a whole fleet of semi trucks which was cool. Alot of drag cars and alot of primer princesses. Surprised to not see alot of hot rods. Good turnout for having an IPMS show the same weekend. I liked that it was at the Hobbytown so you could look around at all their stuff, BUT I did like last year that it was at a spot that the cruise cars were coming by. The Havana cruise cars didn't make it by the store so you didn't get to see any of the cruise cars. That or make it a stop for the poker run so we could get more traffic through the store and the model display. But besides that it was a good show, got bigger then last year and got one of the coolest trophies ever. Thanks again for putting this on for us. See you next year with 2 winners circle cars.
  6. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Packing, transporting to shows/contests   

    I found a way back in the 90's that i like to use. I took a bankers box or document box that has a seperate box that slides in and out of the outer box, and bought 4 inch foam from a fabric store and fit it to the inner box. I cut "squares" for the cars by putting them where I thought they would set the best and drew a box around them with a sharpie so the car would be able to set down inside the box. I then cut the boxes out with an electric knife so that the car will sit down in the "box" i cut the cut out piece in half or a correct thickness so that I have a piece of foam at the bottom of each "box"and a thickness of foam for the top. So car goes in "box" , foam top goes on. Car protected. I have room for 3 cars on one end facing the center of the box and 3 more on the other end and 1 1/20 indy car in the middle 90 degrees to the cars on each end. I took it in the car from Colorado to the GSL in 97 with zero damage and no slow driving. LOL. I have since built another one for the cars I've built since then. I also stored all my models in their spots for more then 15 years and had no damage what so ever. Sorry so long winded without a picture I thought I needed to explain so everyone would understand. thanks.
  7. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic The Forgotten Shelby Cobra Drag Car   

    That's a cool article. Just as a note I live in Longmont not to far from Gunbarrel or Boulder where the Shelby museum is, and I also work for the Ford dealership down the street from the 2 brothers shop that does all the fixing, maintaining of all the Shelby's at the museum. They will come down to see if NOS parts are still available and sometimes will bring a car with them. Got a ride in an original cobra and they told me it could go from 0 to 60 and back to 0 in like 4 seconds or something crazy like that. I'll see the shelby trailer probably once a week at their shop. So reading that story and getting to see it in the museum is pretty cool!!
  8. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic I think I might be up a creek (do they still make this spray paint?)   

    Cool, back in the day I had 4 or 5 peach crates full of vinyl, all "metal". But somewhere after college and moving back home all I got back home was about 40 or so. Sucks. I'd love to have all those back. I bet that search is a long and hard one. Money might be an obstacle also. I bet some draw a pretty penny. Good luck with your searching.
  9. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic I think I might be up a creek (do they still make this spray paint?)   

    Could you not find the rc line color or is it not the same as I thought? Hey looks like your a man after my own heart, love all the old metal cassettes. You don't see too many people with some Manowar or Kix. I have about 100 or more of those old metal tapes. Trying to find all of them on cd, that's been fun. I also have a mustang 2 thats painted in the blue pearl, it's close but not perfect. good luck hope it works out ok.
  10. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic I think I might be up a creek (do they still make this spray paint?)   

    Testors makes that color in their rc paint line. Not sure if that helps. Also check ebay for a guy selling a lot of boyds colors. They are all spray cans, you'll have to contact him though because he's trying to sell as a "lot" amount. But maybe he would split with a can of true blue. Check it out.
  11. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Vintage amt model a roadster   

    Hmmm. Sounds good. I also noticed that the one with the 250 on it has an ad for a contest on the bottom of the box. and the one without it does not have the ad on the bottom.
  12. BMXNBULLDOG added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Vintage amt model a roadster
    Hello I hope some of the historians can help me out. I have an AMT A129 model a roadster from the street rod series. I also have an AMT A129-250, model a roadster from the street rod series. The boxes are identical except for where the part number is and one has A129 and a blank space and the other has A129-250 in the same place on the box. My question is which one was first? Is there a difference? Why the two numbers as from I can tell it was never reissued in that form, but AMT T254 the mod rod is basically the same kit? Can someone explain the difference and is there one that's more "collectable"? Any help?
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  13. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Rotary Tool Suggestions   

    I love my microlux flex shaft rotary tool I got from micro mark. Smaller to hold and variable speed with the foot switch, works great and it's flexable. Look into micro mark their tools are really good.
  14. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Bicycles ?   

    Is 2whl the "famous or infamous" bmx vet pro? If so are you still racing or if not sorry to assume.
  15. BMXNBULLDOG added a post in a topic Havana Mini Cruise Aurora, Colorado June 14th   

    Is there some unwritten rule that says all model shows must be on a Sunday? Why can't a show be on Saturday? I think registration until 11 is way more then a enough time for everyone to get there. if you can't make it, you can't make it. But to come on here and complain about show time and schedule for a first time show is kind of silly. If you want a show set to your schedule step up and plan away. Mr. Diaz did a great job for the first time and I think 90 cars was a killer amount of cars. Maybe next year some people in Colorado can help with the planning and maybe come up with some different hours or day or things to do during show hours. How about instead of criticizing negatively we just recommend or suggest to help. I for one had a great time and got to see some great 1:1 cars and some cool models that you don't get to see every day. Anyhow thanks for letting me rant. And thanks again for putting on the show, can't wait for next year!!