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  1. dj89sse added a post in a topic one hot pontiac that faded away.....   

    after thinking more that would be a Grand Am under the Pontiac banner
  2. dj89sse added a post in a topic one hot pontiac that faded away.....   

    think you could use the 88 - 91 Beretta ?
  3. dj89sse added a post in a topic If you were in charge of a model company   

    only one thing i would want to do... find a way to get pre teens interested in building again. If kids were building money would come into the industry and companies would be able to take chances and do the things in all the above posts.
  4. dj89sse added a post in a topic Fast 5,......Really ?   

    Man... people are never on middle ground about these movies,where is it written that a "movie" has to be realistic? If you want realism watch a documentry (one day someone will make a docu drama about a day at the races.) if that documentry shows a guy going through tech, waiting in line ,wrenching, racing,loading up and going home.I can do that myself and don't want to see a movie about.I don't see why car guys and gals can't just enjoy the movies that throw us a little vehicle eye candy. Before the The Fast and Furious franchise we didn't have a good mindless popcorn and soda vehicle romp since the Cannonball Run movies. I don't watch these movies for oscar worthy performaces because lets face facts they don't have oscar type actors in them. I can pick apart these movies just like anyone else. The plot holes, bad acting,crazy stunts sign me up for he ride. The best most realistic car movie hasn't been made yet,and when it is it will be kinda boring.
  5. dj89sse added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Subscription Question
    The last issue I receivied was Dec 2008. I just got a renewal letter saying my sub runs out in April 2008. Does that mean my subscripton ends with a April 2008 issue or ends in the month of April.
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  6. dj89sse added a post in a topic big lot find   

    I'm located in Virginia, In the last month or so I have went to a few Big Lots stores. The kits I have seen are Grave Digger, Jurrasic Park,Ninja Turtle monster trucks,1977 Mustang II,Resto Rod 1966 Mustang,Resto Rod 1969 Cougar,Rides 2004 Pontiac GTO,Rides 2004 Ford GT and a couple of differnt Orange County Choppers 1:18 kits. The Resto 66 Mustang has 16 wheels and tires! The Resto kits have nice custom parts also.
  7. dj89sse added a post in a topic Cragar rims on the modelmarket.   

    The AMT/Ertl 1957 Ford Fairlane has wheels that are very similar to the series 330's that you are looking for.