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  1. I'm not sure what year it started, but I know for the majority of NHRA's existence the first digit in a car number would represent what division the driver was from. Generally, drivers would have three or four digit numbers. If the number has two digits, it means that the driver was a top ten finisher in their division in the previous season for their respective class. For example, if you see a Super Stock car with number 14 on it, that driver finished fourth in division one last season. If the car has a number of 1-10, that means the previous season they were a top ten finisher in the national class points. Outside of these guidelines the numbers used are as assigned or requested from the Association.
  2. Thanks for the response Stan. Again, awesome build!
  3. Very nice '66. Really great build. One of my favorite years. What kit did you use for the body?
  4. Awesome setup! Everything is really clean and realistic. I am curious about the trailer - was it built from a kit or did you scratch build it? It is perfect for that era dragster. Great work!!
  5. Last night AA/FA Winged Express lined up against Pure Hell, in Bakersfield, on a Saturday night, under the lights with header flames popping.... That was just plain cool. I wish I was there but it was still awesome getting to watch it live on Bangshift hooked up to the big screen.
  6. Got the Grumpy's Toy Nova at HL and the only Race Car Hauler they had left was mangled So they were nice enough to order me a new one.
  7. Hey Guys, I'm sure a lot of you are stuck in cold weather like me. This weekend (Thurs-Sun) over on Bangshift.com they have live coverage from the 57th annual March Meet Nostalgia drag race. Nitro dragsters, funny cars, fuel alterds, gassers etc.. Just thought I'd give you the heads-up since I know a lot of us are drag racing and car fanatics. http://bangshift.com/bs-productions-live-broadcast-page.html
  8. Good thing! Anyways, the build is really good and it does look period correct. The wheels are the perfect choice!
  9. Looks awesome! When you do get your collector teathers, make sure they are NHRA approved!
  10. 43 degrees!! That would be awesome right now! We have been hoping to get into the 30's for the past few weeks LOL. That is going to be an expensive weekend for you unfortunately. I guess as a spectator it may be worth the price of admission, but to have to pay to represent your club, which is supporting the show, seems unfair. Hopefully you can enjoy it though and get to hang out with some fellow car-guys. That is what it's all about!
  11. Lordairgtar, I completely understand what you are saying and I should clarify. I guess what I meant was there were a few cars that me personally had no interest in, but I would be the first guy to say that at a show like that, there should be something for everyone. So, what didn't peak my interest, I am sure there were many people who enjoyed seeing those vehicles (i.e lifted trucks, straight off the showroom floor vehicles). By poor quality entries, I was referring to only a couple, which were cool builds, but were dirty and just did not seem acceptable. If I worked that hard to get my car to an indoor show in a snowstorm, I would take the time to clean it and make sure everything was show ready when I got inside the venue. So, the cars weren't necessarily poor quality, but the entry/presentation in the show was. There was actually what seemed to be several clubs present, and it was cool to see how each club had it's own unique style since the clubs were in a section together. It was nice to see all different cars for once, going to the same shows in Buffalo every year it's the same faces and many of the same cars. A short drive to Pittsburgh let us see completely different entries as well as talk to some new people. And even though it was $16 a person, there were many people walking around the show. which was great to see a high level of interest. In this day and age, many things that are hot rod or racing related are on their "last leg" as more and more people don't support them. Pretty soon, we will be asking where did all the car shows go, or where have all the dragstrips gone as they continue to close.
  12. I'm from Buffalo where we have the Buffalo Motorama, which is usually a good time with a fair price. I went to the Pittsburgh WoW a couple weekends ago when visiting family there. $5 to park, $16 a person to get in. I have to admit though, in mid-winter, I had no problem dropping 16 bucks for an afternoon of entertainment to see some very cool cars (and some not so cool). The drag car section was phenomenal IMO, with the Pandemonium Nitro '65 Barracuda being awesome to see. It also helped having Pittsburgh Raceway Park there with a display. Also, Jeff Lutz was there with his cars. which was WAY cool. On the other hand, there were a number of things I did not like. One of which being the vast amount of dead space in the venue, as well as some seemingly poor quality entries. And a model show would have been awesome and I would have tried to bring something to enter if there was one. But, bottom line though, we had a great time, got our money worth, and helped get us through another week of this painful winter.
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