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  1. Thank you all guys. Eddy
  2. Your'e welcome Tyler. Have a next project in mind? Regards, Eddy
  3. Fantastic model, Well done. Eddy
  4. Hi everyone, Just finished my first build of this year. It's a Revell Ford '29 Model A Hotrod. Eddy.
  5. I just finished mine Eliminator a few month ago. Nice kit to build. Succes with this rescue project. Eddy
  6. Looks good Koos All ready an idea for a fleettruck? Eddy
  7. Thanks Arno, The pictures are no visible because Fotki.com (where my pics are coming from )is moving to another server. It's gonna take about a month when they are over to that other server. Eddy
  8. That's right David, A Moto guzzi Centauro. Great state Limburg. You where in the army then? Eddy
  9. Thanks guys, here some models I build recently. Eddy
  10. Hi everyone, I'm Eddy and building models since I was a kid of the age of 12. Making money with washing and polish cars from the neighbors, buying my first matchbox airplanes. Now I building trucks, bikes, airplanes and cars. Some of you I all ready know from other forum-boards. I will post some of my models soon. Regards, Eddy
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