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  1. That is a beautiful model. Might now be such a good day if some of those items were to get wet, just saying.
  2. It looks great. my fuel tank was pretty banged up, that was really the only set back. The screws, what a mess there, I found tapping them was the cure all for that. The lines, how wrong could it have been, the rear brake runs into the tranny, no lie I had to get help just making fun of Harley over this technology, "fly by wire braking" who would ever had thought. Right front brake to right lever, left front brake to the left lever. Fuel line to nowhere, this is all very easy to fix, and not worth bashing testors over, the screws, that's another issue. Another thing that I messed with 1 time, the metal to metal joints can be one and done, I can't stress enough that before the welding of these parts be absolutely sure that they are what you want. The thing looks amazing when done.
  3. This is very beautifully done, very nice. I am wondering how you chose the color?
  4. The materials I am seeing is vinyl, real leather is very hard to get where it's thin enough and is difficult to get to follow tight contours, this requires a lot of work, vinyl stretches very well, I use super glue fix all, I have never had it bleed through, and it doesn't make the material hard or brittle, white glue is also a good glue for almost all materials, but I think the problem that would occur would be it wouldn't want to bond well enough to plastic to hold the stretching. Just a side note, these car seats are absolutely amazing.
  5. I see it's at the art show, that is awesome, there is nothing in this world more satisfying than inspiring children, this might be the best diorama I have seen on this sight.
  6. This is a great effort, keep up the good work, looks like you have taken this diorama on a road trip, or you have an incredibly big work space, with a really nice floor in it.
  7. Very nice, the diorama/ backdrop looks really cool as well, the frame is such a nice touch
  8. The interior is excellent, I really like that front bumper very nice.
  9. When I started modeling I found a book that was written by a master ship builder, it is a very good book, after looking at all the pictures and returning it to the shelf for many years I stumbled upon it again, I normally build wood models, I read it, this man had a section that really took me aside, the section was on clamping, this can be a very frustrating issue when assembling, well almost everything, with the plastic I found myself re inventing everything I've learned about clamping, looking now at your tools, well it seems you've mastered this as well.
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