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  1. guys,does the reissued trailer have the spoke wheeles with it,or the chrome ones.and would the trailer look good with 2 hole buds on it?
  2. man, this show has got to get a new host. and the mexican trucks on tonight was just ugly.
  3. I would love to see the watkins reefer again. R the reefer trailer with new decals. hint hint, lol
  4. sorry about the 3400,the 4300. it was a long night,lol
  5. thanks guys,I rember building this ERTL kit back in the late 70s. boy time flys.
  6. thanks jim, the box art shows a RED ENGINE,lol. so blue it is.
  7. what is the IH engine in the kit, need imfo so I can detail it. thanks.
  8. I would love to have a new 60 foot nascar trailer. that would fit the lonestar like a glove.
  9. the box art looks great,love the #17 truck too. now u can make a new NASCAR trailer to go with the lonestar.or a new reefer will do.
  10. red and black,that looks cool. dave,when can we see the box art?
  11. so the frount axle works,I was thinking dave said it would not?im glad it does.BTW tim, great job on the model.
  12. tim, how did you get the steer axle to work? and what color did you use?.
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