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  1. Atan added a post in a topic Porsche 959 Tamiya   

    Well, guys!!
    I am so sorry!! I think you have been waiting for me during a looooooog time.... Don't worry, I am here again!!! (jajaja, I am kidding!)

    Well, now I hope my English is better, because I have been working very hard... oK, begin the show...

    I have mounted the entire Engine, I have painted all pieces and I have used two tecniques I had never used before, dirt with black and mark with white.
    I have used white, blue, yellow and red to paint the little combustion warehouse, I hope you like that...

    Now I am working with the interior part. I want to use something to do more realistic the floor. If some of you have some idea...

    I have dirtied the underneath of the car. And one good sorprise was the wheels revolve!!!!!


  2. Atan added a post in a topic Porsche 959 Tamiya   

    Hi guys!!

    I am here again. I have been working on my Porsche and I want to show you. First of all, I am near to finish the engine, I have painted the most important pieces and I have added three wires (because i think it does a better look).

    I have had a problem and I don't know how to solve that. I hpe you could help me. The first thing I did it was to paint with spray black all the pieces and, do you see the lateral piece in black (when it is said "PORSCHE")? I painted after that in aluminium and I have lost almost all the detail in that place (see the picture with the result).

    Moreover, I have prepared the brakes. The disk is black and the break is red. I think that wasn't the real color on the car but i haven't found any picture about that.

    Well, This is all for today. Maybe in a short time I will show you more.
    Obviously, thank to comment and, please, say me anything i could improve ok??

    With my English or with my car!!!!

    See you soon!!

  3. Atan added a post in a topic Porsche 959 Tamiya   

    Hi again guys!!

    There are news with that beautiful car...
    I have done some little mounting with the engine.
    I would like to do an special detail with engine (wires and oil shadows).

    bUT i HAVE HAD A PROBLEM with the spray...i BEGAN TO paint the rest of pieces with the primer and black pant but when i WAS NEAR TO finish...The spray finished before!!!

    Now I have bought a new black spray but I haven't done any new progress.

    I will be here again soon (at less i HOPE THAT...)

  4. Atan added a post in a topic Porsche 959 Tamiya   

    Thank you for your wordsm simonr. I am working very hard with my English and it's nice when you say that words...jeje

    I have one doubt and I need your help. How could I solve the union you can see on the picture? I think it is a little ugly and I would like some of your help...
  5. Atan added a post in a topic Porsche 959 Tamiya   

    Hi guys!!!

    I'm so sorry because I've been during a looooooong time without to work in my beautiful car...
    I have been very busy and it has been impossible for my. Now, one week ago, i BEGAN AGAIN AND I want your opinion.

    I have began with the engine and I have painted with red the up part but the result hasn't been what I was looking for. Maybe it was because the paint is not the correct. (you can see the paint on the attachment images).

    Moreover, I have two questions more:

    1) I have used a primer spray. I thought it was white but it was transparent!!! I don't know if it is good because I can't see the mistakes on the pieces.

    2) the secons question is: How do you solve the join of pieces? I have join two pieces (red and alluminium) but the union is very bad, i think. Do you use some putty tamiya or somthing like that?

    Thank you so much to read and comment!!!

  6. Atan added a post in a topic Porsche 959 Tamiya   

    Hi again!!!

    Thank you so much for your words...jeje I'm working very hard with my English...

    Chilyb1 - Your model car is very nice. I hope mine will be like yours...jejeje

    i've found how to upload photos...jeje

    You will see my problem very clearly:

    I began to polish the intern part because i WASN'T VERY SURE and now i'm a little afraid to begin with the exterior part (the line's mold). I show you my tools... i THINK i need a little polishment and I will go to buy that next weekend. iF YOU COULD GIVE SOME ADVICE i WOULD BE VERY HAPPY!!JAJA

  7. Atan added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Porsche 959 Tamiya
    Hello guys!!

    First of all, I am so sorry because I am from Spain and I am learning English. My English is so bad and I am beginning with model cars...
    But I found that web and I got very excited because there are a lot of wonderful workers in that website..

    This is my second car and I want to more carefully with that.

    I found a very Good offer the other day. It was a box with PORSCHE 959 of Tamiya for 20!!!!

    I have taken photos but I don't still know how to load them inthat web ...I will investigate...jajaja

    I began to Polish the exterior body of the car and I have found the first problem...I think the Polish was too thick and I screwed the plastic a little...
    Could someone give me some advise?

    Thank you and sorry for my English!!
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