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  1. Get used to it, they probably will not go away. I've had them for awhile now and they really don't bother me much. Just part of the ageing process. Don
  2. Big Rig Build Off. Check the top of this section for more info.
  3. That looks really good and the weathering is spot on. What is the wing tip shaped piece? Don
  4. Those look great. I wish the midgets would come back.
  5. Really like the color. Good job.
  6. Great job! Beautiful car.
  7. I'm sorry there doesn't seem to be more interest in this. I love the old classics and would follow if this starts.
  8. Best wishes for your wife's full recovery.
  9. Congratulations and sympathies both. Did this about 3 years ago and still can't find everything. I think there are gremlins in moving trucks that go through your stuff and take out what they like. Don
  10. Great build.. Makes me think of some of Harry's builds.
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