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  1. Wish me luck guys...

    I hope you meant PRE cancerous. That was my diagnosis 18 years ago. I had a portion of the colon removed but have had no problems since. Just regular colonoscopies since. Best of luck and keep getting checked.
  2. What do you drive?

    Come on down here to AL. I have barely seen winter since I left Chittenango.
  3. What do you drive?

    I've got one,2003, you're going to love it. Congratulations.
  4. New eye

    Congratulations on the successful procedures. Haven't had it done yet but I'm sure it is down the road.
  5. Trumpeter 1/35 Russian KV1 tank

    Nice weathering on this and the KV2. Amazing how crude a lot of the Russian armor was.
  6. See The Usa In Your Electric Chevorlet

    And that will be a problem or a lot of them.
  7. 1956 Mercury Jade Idol

    It was a beautiful car. I saw it at a car show in Syracuse NY back in the sixties. The paint was amazing, especially for that time.
  8. Another Gluebomb '32 Ford

    Since no body else mentioned it, the tabs on the front of the frame rails were for a tow bar that was in the old AMT 32 roadster. The tow bar just hooked over the two tabs. I also like how well you brought this back to life. I think my first car model was that AMT roadster.
  9. Scott, take a look at the first post.
  10. Trouble with Backbutton

    Thanks guys, I never had this problem till I read this thread. Today it started.
  11. 66 Fastback Nova

    Definitely interested. That looks like something the factory should have built.
  12. Revell 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

    I like everything about it with one exception. Color is great and goes well with the interior. Engine looks good. The only thing that bothers me, and it could be just me, the radiator shell seems to be too high. It doesn't seem to flow into line with the body. Don
  13. C'mon USPS!

    And they wonder why they are losing money.
  14. '85 Pontiac Fiero GT

    I had one as well. I put 160,000 miles and 2 engines on it before a got rid of it. 2.8 litre V6 and 4 speed. It handled really well and could sure surprise a lot hot cars of the time. I don't know how fast it would go since it had one of those 85mph speedometers but you could easily bounce the needle of the post. I don't know if you are going for stock, but if so, the engines were red including the intake and valve covers. Neat finned aluminum valve covers.
  15. That's very well done and creative. I love 41 Fords and th are rarely done.