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  1. Outstanding execution! Super sharp.
  2. I should have been clearer with my initial response. The “kit” has some quirks in it and that includes those tires. You did a really nice job on the kit though. 👍
  3. Nicely done. It is small thats for sure. Some fitment issues and the hollow tires just don’t fit inside the wheel wells. You did a nice job on it though. I like that color too.
  4. donb

    cobra csx 3006

    A great looking car and build well done Sir.
  5. Excellent color combo. Real sharp car.
  6. That came out awesome Snake. Outstanding restoration. Like that color too.
  7. donb

    '66 Malibu Wagon

    Looks good from here. Keep it going!
  8. Agree. And that dash is beautiful
  9. Thats looks great. Like that color a lot.
  10. donb

    Xtreme Lee

    Good looking General.
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