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  1. Man thanks guys for the comments really appreciated I just realized how to get posts to transfer to emails so sorry late on responses. On the tires they are awesome in this Kit the rubber is very soft and they have no sponsers printed on them so easy to decal. Yes the decals were very challenging gotta take your time and keep your surface pretty wet then smooth out with very soft paint brush.
  2. Some of the tinting was just with a sharpie pen some was already tinted plastic from Mazmanian Kit. I'll get ya a blow-up asap Snake
  3. This is the newly released Jukebox Ford kit. It is an excellent kit mold quality is very good..tires are awesome...decals are ok but challenging. I had to use 2 sets to get them dark enough since I used black as body color. Not sure of course how'd they do with other colors. Anyway here she is hope ya like her.
  4. Thanks guys ! and GB I got the doggie from this guy on ebay.....http://stores.ebay.com/rtscustomdiecastparts/....he has a bunch of great scale size figurines.
  5. Hi Guys I'm new here so thought I'd share one of my willys builds. I'm a Willys nut so built a few. Hope ya like it. CURRENT BUILD CUSTOM 71 PRO-STOCK FIREBIRD
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