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  1. I got most suspension components painted and the rear suspension done.the wewbers are painted and also drilled. Also drilled out some details on the steering wheel bfore painting.
  2. Thank you! I will see if i can sand the inner wheels so they can go in some more. Also have to figure out how to lower it a bit. Thank you! I already painted and glued the rear suspension together, have to see how to tackle it without undoing too much of what I have done. Thanks! Will do!
  3. New year, new project. This one I picked up a Couple of years ago And finally decided to dig it out and get started on it. Im building it box stock, I dont know how acurate it is to the actual 1/1 but I'll give it my best shot. The body seems to need a lot of cleaning up and rescribing of most panel lines and also removing Emblems ect.. First I will start with cleaning up the chassis and the Firewall Everything I marked with the Black marker. I also Stripped all the chrome parts ecxept for the wheels. And glued the engine block together. IM also drilling the Weber carburetors before starting the painting process, and also thinking of adding ignition wires. I dont intend to finish this kit soon, just hope I can finish it before this year is over. If anybody built this kit or has some tips or criticism please post. Thank you.
  4. Thank you! 90% of the time I strip the chrome on my builds in my opinion it looks less toy like. Thanks a lot!
  5. This one was a quick build for me (only one month from start to finish) The kit went together fairly easy, the only bit of a headache was half the rear inner wings having to be glued on and then hiding the seam with putty but other than that straight forward.The kit brought no decals whatsoever so just a lot of detail painting on the dashboard gauges and buttons. Fun kit to build! Thanks for looking.
  6. Thank you all for the comments!
  7. Nice!! Was not aware that kit existed.
  8. Started this one around 2 years ago and finally got around finishing it.Its built completely box stock, the paint is duplicolor toyota pearl white. The interior was done with createx wicked paint and cheap craft paints. And now for the pics!
  9. First time seeing a model of that car. It looks just like I remember seeing them in the island. The only thing missing is the wood long rear view visor mirror everybody used to use back in the day. Great build!
  10. Thank you all for the tips and kind words!
  11. What a clean beautiful build .love the color!
  12. My first finished build of the year. Is far from perfect but i can live with it. It's completely box stock, except for the decals I applied in the engine bay from other kits just so it wouldnt look so plain. The fit and finish on the kit wasn't too bad, ofcourse the suspension is too high and the tires look like truck tires and after gluing the winshield in place the hood doesn't sit flush on one side like it did beforethe chassis and body were together. Here is the link for the w.i.p Thanks for looking.
  13. Next step to get started on the little details on the body, paint the windshield and hopefully finish it soon.
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