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  1. Sorry, Not in my book

    I think that was Bill's gloriously non-PC point!
  2. Autoquiz 371

  3. Bentley

    According to Wikepedia 'From the 4th season on, Steed's signature cars were six vintage green 1926–1928Bentley racing or town cars, including Blower Bentleys and Bentley Speed Sixes '. The one he used most however was a 3-litre Vanden Plas open 4-seat tourer with flowing wings. Corgi toys made a die-cast of this, some were the 'proper' green and some were red. The only blower Bentleys were 4.5 litres, although the Speed Six and Big Six did have a large cylindrical dynamo in the same location as the Blowers' supercharger. This is the one my Dad owned back in the 1970s and people often mistook it for a blower. Utterly fabulous car!:
  4. Autoquiz 371

    PM sent, Thanks Michael -Don.
  5. The track that goes on and on.

    Fair comment - and it is a reasonable question... Maybe you were a little forceful in your comment 'flat track pavement princesses' - and certainly I'm having a sense of humour failure today for various reasons! Cheers, -Don.
  6. The track that goes on and on.

    If you're not into cars and have nothing positive to add to the subject why bother participating in this thread? Just asking...
  7. Autoquiz 370 - Finshed

    Well I got there in the end I think! I recognised it immediately but couldn't actually remember what it was... Thanks , -Don.
  8. Autoquiz 368 - Finished

    Bill's right, I thought it was something else at first but it isn't! Like a caricature of every schoolboys dream car. PM sent. Thanks Michael
  9. Autoquiz 367 - Finished

    In fairness the rest of the car does look typically 70s Triumph, the sheet aluminium work on the front end of the car (hand beaten) rather spoils the lines... The Sprint version had a 16 valve 2 litre 4-pot with twin carbs and around 130 bhp, quite a big deal for it's class in those days! Universally known in my peer group as Dollies.
  10. Autoquiz 367 - Finished

    You're supposed to send a PM, Russell, not share your opinions with the rest of the players. At least your answer is completely wrong! -Don.
  11. Autoquiz 366 - Finished

    An interesting one, not what I first thought it was! I agree with Matthijs. Thanks Michael, -Don.
  12. AutoQuiz 365. FINISHED

    Count yourself lucky, it's no beauty!
  13. Autoquiz 360 - Finished

    There's an article on these in one of the old car magazines we keep to read on the loo, which seems vaguely appropriate! But it's an interesting story of a credible effort and looks better from other angles. Thanks Michael -Don.
  14. Autoquiz 359 - Finished

    PM sent, easier for me than last weeks! Cheers, -Don.