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  1. I think your search is too generic. There is no Alfa called 'Alfa Romeo Spider Touring Gran Sport'. They were mostly known by engine capacity / number of cylinders then body style, e.g. Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Grand Sport. Jonelle's selection looks like it might be what you're after. Cheers, -Don
  2. Where I used to live in West Wales, the council decided to put in 8 or 10 speed bumps on a stretch of road. A year or so later, they removed them after various complaints. Try getting an injured, pregnant or sick person to hospital in a hurry - you don't need speed bumps. A local building firm was they only winner - they got paid a lot to install them and then they were given the contract to remove them.
  3. I agree. And the 30 didn't have the later pointier fins.
  4. Grace, space and pace... Not really.
  5. DonW


    Why this 'them' and 'us'? And in the end we're only ordinary men...
  6. I need a set of these to combat the nazi stormtroopers - er 'Parking Wardens' that are killing local trade in my town.
  7. DonW

    Karma Bug

    All trimming does is tend the prop towards a stall. It never gives reverse thrust. So your Bug would only ever be able to go backwards unless the prop is reversed - twist each blade 180 degrees'll do it. Like Snake said... Totally worth it 'cos it looks great. I like the scoops. -Don.
  8. Be watchful and keep it in a low gear...
  9. Reply deleted by the universal censorship corporation
  10. It would make a neat gasser...
  11. Would Harry have questioned the lack of mirrors?
  12. bertone Lamborghini Genesis
  13. It was chronically underpowered too - had a 1.5 litre (90 cubic inch) Austin engine. Although not even a Hemi could have redeemed the poor thing.
  14. I got this with a mix of intelligence, knowledge and dumb luck! Oh, and Google.
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