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  1. Autoquiz #356 - FINISHED

    From the sublime to the lime! Thanks Matt, an interesting one. -Don.
  2. Autoquiz 355 - Finished

    I knew exactly what it was as soon as I saw the picture, just had to check the year. I'd never seen the fascinating interior shot that Pete posted. I'd always wondered why Peter Monteverdi never tried to sell these cars, now I begin to understand. I'd still like one, but then I'm a Motorhead fan. Everything louder than everything else!
  3. Startin' the New Year off right...

    It does teach you about anticipation, doesn't it!
  4. Correct Intake Position

    Hi Nick If you want to catch insects and small birds, facing forwards! Facing backwards would probably pick up slightly higher pressure air which is a good thing - like a cowl hood scoop principle. I think backwards looks right - but as Robert says, which way do you prefer? The car looks great anyway! -Don.
  5. Startin' the New Year off right...

    Adopt, adapt and improve - or maybe make do and mend! Beats calling the fire services(?!) or suing the manufacturer like some would these days...
  6. VW Race

    As ever the wheels make it! Best one of yours I've seen, Pat Nice -Don.
  7. More Vintage Model Car Ads

    I built that old Packard by Renwal when I was a kid. I remember it as being very simple and there was a distinctive smell about the plastic... Really evocative, great thread, thanks -Don.
  8. Startin' the New Year off right...

    Well I always double-declutch changing down in normal driving and heel and toe when I'm in a hurry - but the stakes are higher without the pedal on the left! I did only graunch the gears once, I think you get into the swim after a while. How's it going with your fan and slave? Cheers, -Don.
  9. Autoquiz 355 - Finished

    Ooh yes please! Maybe not as good in the snow as the Saab though. Thanks Michael -Don.
  10. Startin' the New Year off right...

    Hi Bill I sympathise as it happens my 530i Touring clutch slave expired on 30th December - I just got back from an interesting 20 mile clutchless drive down to my BMW specialist as I don't have time or resources to do it myself. Glad I learned to change gear the hard way at an early age in my old RME Riley, these old skills come in handy. Might write a strong letter to the Motorenwerke as the car has only done 250000 miles... Hope you get yours sorted soon. Cheers, -Don.
  11. Autoquiz 354 - Finished

    PM sent, happy new year to Michael and fellow quiz contestants. Cheers, -Don.
  12. My Year's Modeling in Review...

    What scale is the Nothing? It could almost pass for a 1:1!
  13. Stupid Is the New Smart

    It's not necessarily a new phenomenon. In our hallway by the front door we have this poem written in beautiful calligraphy by my sister: In my heart hate abounds I seethe with it on every occasion Since I've taken to hating fools I hate almost everybody - Jacques de Cailly, 1677. Present company excepted of course
  14. Autoquiz 353 - Finished

    New PM sent. Thanks, -Don. -
  15. Autoquiz 353 - Finished

    Well at least my PM did get sent OK in the end. Two quizzes for the price of one this week then! Thanks, -Don. -