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  1. These seem to be out of print (!), but I still have my originals from the seventies... Magazine are are so much better then anything on the hyperweb... Don't disappear when the WiFi goes south and aren't carpet-bombed with adverts. Trouble is the great writers are mostly gone now like Patrick Bedard from Car and Driver (that was a great American magazine that I loved) and of course Bill Boddy and Denis Jenkinson from Motor Sport. There's still Classic and Sportscar that I look forward to every month. I don't really look at the rodding and custom or bike magazines unless I'm down at my local BMW mechanic's shop, he has a few laying around. I used to buy Hot Rod and also our very own Custom Car magazine. Flared trousers and V6 Ford powered Vauxhall Crestas. And jacked up Ford Crapis: I sold several hundred sequential copies of Motor Sport, Classic Cars / Thoroughbred and Sportscar and various Bentley. Lagonda and Vintage and Sports Car magazine to a collector recently having thoroughly enjoyed them (they were passed on to me from my Dad) But against all that, this forum is a great outlet for me and it always gets my interest in some way.
  2. Oh yes I well remember the disappointment when I opened the box for my Packard, how basic the detail was - and it had a very distinctive and not entirely pleasant smell. Wish I still had it though..
  3. To quote Shakespeare: 'What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet: So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd, Retain that dear perfection which he owes'...
  4. This is getting interesting - here's a picture I came across that I'd not seen before.
  5. They're waiting for help because they're parked on the highway and they can't work out how to get in the car. I do love the artwork though.
  6. They had one in an episode of Top Gear. It had trouble getting out of a hotel car park in some European city on account of it being so low and wide. Apart from that, I agree, it is the ideal shopping car.
  7. Reminds me of the Westland Lysander, though that wasn't a parasol wing design. Thanks for sharing, Adam.
  8. I've always wondered why they are called Buffalo wings (or legs in this case). So I finally did some research and now I know! Hope you enjoyed yours, Tom.
  9. Fabulous model, love the colour. And pretty topical this week!😏
  10. Please please please NOT Chitty! Wrong period and - well, just Wrong, Period! Just my opinion😊 This is a 'proper' boat-tail Blower, by Gurney Nutting coachbuilders: I think a wood finish boat-tail would look a little bit out of character for the car but it might be interesting... Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. Nice! Always love the Animals. Eric's my older sisters favourite singer even now.
  12. I love this movie, your model is looking great - the stance you've mocked up looks about right.
  13. Well executed. Beautiful car, it reminds me of Ton Tjaarda's Chevy Corvette based Rondine:
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