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  1. "The Stig Collection" -Beatles RR

    There's nothing you can do that can't be done. John's Phantom V had a record player in it, as you may know. IT'S EASY!!!!
  2. World's fastest piston powered vehicle

    Well Spits used to go semi-sonic in a dive, my dad told me his experience of that. Gravity assisted, and a few prop planes could do the same. But yes, Respect! I
  3. Autoquiz 387

    Brilliant choice. The 'lucky' owner needs to sort his bumper alignment out!
  4. Autoquiz 385 - Finished

    They don't make 'em like that any more....
  5. Autoquiz 384 - Finished

    Very educational!
  6. Autoquiz 383 -Finished

    With a 6 cylinder engine, a definite cut above your MG TAs and TCs and Singer Le Mans! Good choice, Michael.
  7. Scale Engines that run...

    When I was in my teens I had a tiny model aeroplane engine that was intended to power a balsa 'plane, It had a little triangular fuel tank and I bolted the engine to a small piece of plywood, with prop attached, and connected up the fuel line. I span the prop without thinking it through and ended up with an angry little power unit that was trying to wrench its plywood base out of my hand. I tried to hang on till the fuel ran out but got bitten badly down my thumb by the prop.... More power to these people!
  8. Autoquiz 383 -Finished

    Wouldn't you love to have one in the drive, just for running around in!
  9. Autoquiz 380 - Finished

    I just got a new contract where I need to be in the office all day so no time to devote to this one. The hard ones are as much if not more fun than the easy ones, I reckon. Cheers, -Don.
  10. Divided by a common tongue

    Yeah - I hope my reply wasn't too serious. I know Welsh is a different language altogether, also pretty common the further west you go in Wales. - where the road signs go from English at the top, Welsh below to Welsh at the top. I did try to learn Welsh when I first moved here but was completely defeated by the huge regional variations and the complexity of it. 'Welsh English' is simply the unique way English is used by some Welsh people, and we're the richer for it.
  11. Divided by a common tongue

    Well Microsoft have English (U.K.) or English (U.S.), this works for me. And sometimes the American pronunciation is more logical ('Vase' rhymes with 'Base' in the US, whereas it rhymes with 'Bars' over here, which makes no sense. Then you have Welsh English - 'I'll be there now in a minute', 'Who's coat is that jacket?' And then there's Robbie Burns with an old Scottish variation: Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie,O, what a pannic's in thy breastie!Thou need na start awa sae hasty,Wi' bickering brattle!I wad be laith to rin an' chase thee,Wi' murd'ring pattle! Which means: Little, sly, cowering, timid beast,Oh, what a panic is in your heart!You need not start away so hastyWith bickering prattle!I would be loath to run and chase you,With murdering paddle!
  12. Seriously??

    I respect their skills (Foose and Coddington that is) but don't like either's cars much, they both seem to prefer wheels that are too large in diameter for my taste and their designs are neither wild enough to fire my imagination or functional enough to appeal to me. Thankfully to the best of my knowledge neither designer has yet picked on a BMW. I do like Marmite by the way. But that's way off topic! Each to their own.
  13. Weird cars Post em here.

    Not photoshopped - the Swandean Spitfire Special - 2 Daimler Dingo scout car chassis with a Merlin engine complete with supercharger. Reached 150 mph in 3rd gear at the Brighton Speed Trials in the '50s, never extended fully in 4th! Now fully restored in St Louis.
  14. This thing sure has an aggressive rake.

    It certainly is Ed Burns, I remember him in an advert in an old Rolling Stone magazine for some sort of hair gel, the punchline was 'and of course I get great haircuts!'... Funny the trivia that gathers in your mind.
  15. Wild Delivery

    From Wikipedia: Bizzarrini applied all the ideas he had developed working on the GTO and together with the car body specialist Piero Drogo developed an aerodynamically advanced body, even lower than the GTO's, with the roof line dramatically extended to the rear end following Kamm aerodynamic theory. The resulting shooting-brake appearance led to the French press nicknaming it "La Camionnette" (little truck), while the English-speaking journalists called it the "Breadvan."[3][1] Bizzarrini moved the engine and radiator further back to the center of the chassis than the GTO, and lowered it by fitting a dry sump system. The original three 46 DCN Weber carburetors were replaced with six twin choke 38 DCN Webers. The original 4-speed gearbox was retained. Giorgio Neri and Lucciano Bonacini of Modena were contracted to perform all the mechanical modifications and race preparation. The resulting car was significantly lighter than the GTO, at 935 kg (2,061.3 lb) compared to the typical GTO weight of 1,000 kg (2,204.6 lb). Great way to deliver the bread!