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  1. The GT70 rally car had a very different shaped bodyshell from the Ghia version of which only one was built. None of the GT70s ever rallied in anger because the handling was rubbish. Coincidentally the Ghia version appears in an article on prototype Fords in the latest Classic and Sportscar magazine along with a brief summary of the GT70.
  2. So glad there is no chocolate Alain Prost to go with it! The real live one is sickly enough!
  3. Thanks Shay, I hadn't spotted the different wheelnut placings on other cars that use these wheels. Interesting. Cheers, -Don.
  4. Don't bank on it - these wheels were used by lots of manufactures and stylists of all sizes from garden shed to multi nationals. And Michael gives the clues, not us mere mortals... ☺️
  5. And the Spitfire looks like it's been sprayed all over with dirty paraffin... they were never that shabby looking!
  6. I'm not that keen on the looks - it's a bit stodgy imo - but it would do over 100 mph. Raymond Mays is an interesting character, a successful racing driver of his day.
  7. No dingos or wallabies in South Wales! Aberdare is between the Brecon Beacons and Cardiff, not in New South Wales at all.🦘😊
  8. I must be honest that although I knew what it was I had always thought it came from a different country and it wasn't until I did some digging to get the dates that I found out the where. Still. I was that one response and I'll take that!
  9. Meatloaf would say it wasn't bad but hopefully Michael is more strict!😊
  10. My miss-spent youth pays off again! But I learned something that surprised me when I checked up on the details. Cheers, Michael
  11. Yeah - I'm not a builder but I wonder if there is a way to beef up the joists in the room you're working in - maybe a great idea in theory...! Good luck with whatever solution you come up with. Do 1:1 cannonballers have these problems? πŸ˜„
  12. If the room was only meant for storage, it may be that the joists supporting the floor aren't heavy-duty enough - there is a big difference between ceiling joists and floor joists. Maybe worth checking that out before you go any further with the flooring. Well worth persevering though, it's a great looking space!
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