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  1. Thanks Rob. I didn't kinow these wheels were standard on the 300ZX but I do know the 240 was much earlier, my point was that the 300 is not as good-looking as the 240. Cheers, -Don.
  2. Looks like its been in a minor accident. Riding too high on dreadful wheels too. It's not a 240!
  3. 722 - and Trevor, it's Sir Stirling not Sterling!🙂
  4. What's happening? I can't see where this has originated. I can't see where anyone has spoiled the quiz recently. Was some stuff deleted? Please enlighten me. Cheers, -Don.
  5. Maybe Mr. Callum had been dreaming of the Toyota Supra but forgot where the engine was supposed to go?
  6. Great choice. I'd like it on my shelf, especially if you retouched the silver sill panels. The shut lines are good.
  7. Alias Smith and Jones, especially the Pete Duel ones. The Onedin Line (may not have reached far outside the UK, it was a drama centred on personal intrigue, rivalries and affairs set in the Tall Ships era) Monty Pythons Flying Circus M*A*S*H Fawlty Towers Dad's Army Bonanza And what do we have nowadays...?
  8. The things you see when you haven't got your gun! Please put it out of its misery. Possibly a useful device for some, if it all works properly. Variety is the spice of life.
  9. I never liked TR2s and 3s at all. The tail is still terrible, the front end is a bit like a streamlined tractor but the doors and the hardtop on the Franchorchamps make it much more acceptable. Nice face, shame about the engine... Thanks Michael, keep up the good work!
  10. My first thought was Porsche because of the wheels, but the lack of intakes at the rear and the apparent presence of a radiator put me off. Good one!
  11. I was driving a Series 1 XJ6, it was back in 1975 or 6 and the car was in pretty good shape (before I put it up the kerb, anyway!). I imagine tat Jaguar improved steering feel on the later series cars.
  12. 7 tons of screaming sh*t, my Dad used to say. As he was a Spitfire pilot, you can appreciate his point. The emergency procedure, he told me, was to undo the safety straps and run around the cockpit. Great model of a redoubtable aeroplane.
  13. I put an XJ6 sideways up the kerb turning right out of a T-junction. I was 18, the Jag belonged to my schoolmate's dad and I couldn't feel what the front wheels were doing because of the over-light power steering, Being a UK one, it probably had more than 185 horses but I'd have done a lot more damage with 300. So upgrade with care! Decent steering feedback is what was lacking in the one I drove. Good luck.
  14. Yesterday driving west on the M4 motorway near Cardiff in the 50mph speed limit zone I gradually overhauled and passed a DeLorean in the middle lane. At first from the rear I thought it was a nice modified early Lotus Esprit on wider wheels, but as I closed I could see the badge. The first I Delorean have ever seen, on the road or anywhere else!. As I drew alongside I saw it was LHD, also noticed how shabby the bodywork looked. And from the front it was just ugly in my opinion, like they all were! Overall pretty striking however, and I'm glad to have seen one. Sorry no photos, we were in heavy evening traffic...
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