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  1. DonW

    RUF Nürburgring

    They're all pretty impressive but the yellow one is what I want for Christmas please! Less is more Thanks, -Don. PS I was lucky enough to do a few laps of the Nordschleife in a friends E30 M3 BMW some time back, managed a lap in just over 10 minutes (he was sitting in the passenger's seat...🤢)
  2. DonW

    RUF Nürburgring

    Aah the Yellow Bird! Thanks for posting, Brian.
  3. Well I got the Capri connection but why would anyone make a fibreglass copy and use a ladder chassis rather than adapt a standard Capri bodyshell? did they want to increase cost as well as reducing structural integrity - or were they part of a plot to confuse a large number of Forum members? Fascinating, thanks for this bit of education!
  4. Those headlamp pods were fibreglass, I discovered - an add-on to update the styling. The jury is out on that done!
  5. I like spiders, they keep the fly population down. I don't enjoy their company however so I use the cup and paper technique to move them outside...🙂 And on another subject, I was irked today when, having sorted my BMW 530i windscreen wipers yesterday so I once again have intermittent and constant wipe, the passenger side linkage failed. We hadn't touched the linkage so just a coincidence. Worked fine for 24 years! So now I have constant wipe but just on the drivers side...
  6. What's not to like about this car? Form follows function. And some interesting searching for me... Thanks Michael -Don.
  7. Disregarding all the (to me) base comments on how 'cute' Jesse was, does anyone know what went wrong on that run? She's the latest in a line that includes Malcolm and Donald Campbell, Parry Thomas, Malcolm Cobb, Craig Breedlove, Art Arfons and Gary Gabelich. The add-ons (and subtractions) to make it into a 'car' don't look too well thought out..
  8. DonW

    Alfa Romeo GTA

    I like that a lot, Pat. I remember driving my sisters 1750 GTV back in the seventies, great fun apart from the 'knees bent arms outstretched' driving position! On hers the door handles were only held in place by the mechanism, the sheet metal around them had rusted all away... Lovely 5-speed 'box made up for the lack of torque, and on the upside it did love to rev. Cheers, -Don.
  9. A good landing is when the craft isn't upside down and on fire. One out of two is still pretty bad. Thanks for sharing that -Don.
  10. David - I love the Angular. I was at school in the late seventies with a guy who had a 1300 Escort set up for rallying - but his older brother had a metallic green Anglia with Classic front struts and a hot 1500. Remember flying around Warwickshire roads near the redline in 3rd in the Escort (Guy never really used top gear) but the Anglia was a lot quicker. My mum used to carry a bag of sand in the boot to control the back end in hers, but she still managed to spin it at least once. Cheers, -Don.
  11. A couple of controversial ones - the perennial question, does a muscle car have to be American? Gordon Keeble, '64 to '67, 327 Chevy, all manuals except one. Jensen CV8, '62-'66, 361 Chrysler Golden Commando V8. Later ones had a 383. Mostly autos, but still rapid. I'd love a kit of either, especially the Jensen. A family friend had one, I'll never forget going for a ride in it, it was pretty brutal.
  12. I guess the driver has a clear view of Heaven, if nothing else!
  13. 'The Italia has no cowl vents for interior air intake, as are common on most other cars. The side vents provide that function.' Thanks for the info! Funnily enough my old RM Riley had no cowl vents either, but it had neat little scoops on the scuttle sides just in front of the front doors you could open from inside the car to let fresh air in (to cool your legs, mainly). Didn't have much else in common with the Italia! Cheers, -Don.
  14. Bill, do you recall what the ducts behind the front wheels fed into (I believe the other side was the same)? I'd expect to have vents drawing hot air out at that point... Cheers, -Don,
  15. It is! The DH-88. They re-used the name later for a very different aeroplane...
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