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  1. I agree. We were lucky enough to visit the IoM some 20 years back when I was racing in the BMW car club championship - we raced on an airfield circuit not the TT course, but we did drive round the TT circuit (all public roads) and saw the 'bikes practicing - total nutters in the best possible way! It's an awesome venue. Hope it is on for next year!
  2. It's not an Alfa. It's an RM Riley, probably an RME (dark blue badge, full running boards). My first car was one of these. Cheers, -Don.
  3. True enough. If I were prone to envy, I'd be green with it for your experience. But given my (lack of) proper mechanical aptitude and limited funds I'm happy enough with my BMWs as an affordable best of both worlds. Which is probably a bit off-topic...
  4. May the spirit of Gioacchino Colombo haunt your dreams! 😁
  5. I used to have to tighten my harness after each session on track, race or practice. It's surprising how much load they have to take. But I never wear the OE belts in any vehicle unless the Bill are behind me. The Ferrari is OK but I'll have a 365GTC please: A proper Ferrari hot rod.
  6. The earlier Midas offerings were much nicer. My dad had one for commuting and loved it.
  7. Not bad! - I get what you mean. They do jar the eye - and it goes downhill from there for me. It doesn't look as if the bonnet louvres are open for air to pass through. And are they exhaust tailpipes I can see in front of the rear wheels?
  8. Ugh. Needs to lose 18 inches from between the cockpit and the rear wheels, and get the bottoms of the pontoon front fenders parallel with the ground, And what is going on with those weird 'scoops' in front of the rear fenders?
  9. Very nice. I wish our local car rental firm offered these instead of the usual Euroboxes!
  10. So between us we liked all of it and none of it!😕
  11. For the first half hour of 'From Dusk Till Dawn' my wife and I thought this was the worst we had seen - then the penny dropped and we got the message that it was a spoof, and ended up really enjoying it!
  12. Well, you live and learn. Thanks Michael!
  13. Well it couldn't be anything but a Lanc, despite the obvious inaccuracies! Not bad for $6, shame your mate paid way over that! Well done.
  14. There's something of the Corvair in there, at least from this angle. I like it a lot but I agree about the wires - they look wrong on most cars from the fifties and sixties onwards, except some sports cars.
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