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  1. Gasman '49 Ford Box Art

    I reckon that's a flaw in the box art, not the model!
  2. AutoQuiz 392 FINISHED

    Well done Bill I love it when good old fashioned knowledge beats searching with Google!
  3. AutoQuiz 392 FINISHED

    Enviable panel gaps...
  4. Autoquiz 391 - Finished

    I've never seen an unattractive car from Innocenti. They seem to have a distinctive house style.
  5. Who cares about the text, it's a free world! What a fantastic model of an amazing car, 143 mph in 1928, I wonder how quickly it got there?
  6. Autoquiz 390 - Finished

    More rally than race car, but no cage so not a terribly serious one! Pretty though.
  7. "The Stig Collection" -Beatles RR

    There's nothing you can do that can't be done. John's Phantom V had a record player in it, as you may know. IT'S EASY!!!!
  8. World's fastest piston powered vehicle

    Well Spits used to go semi-sonic in a dive, my dad told me his experience of that. Gravity assisted, and a few prop planes could do the same. But yes, Respect! I
  9. Autoquiz 387 - Finshed

    Brilliant choice. The 'lucky' owner needs to sort his bumper alignment out!
  10. Autoquiz 385 - Finished

    They don't make 'em like that any more....
  11. Autoquiz 384 - Finished

    Very educational!
  12. Autoquiz 383 -Finished

    With a 6 cylinder engine, a definite cut above your MG TAs and TCs and Singer Le Mans! Good choice, Michael.
  13. Scale Engines that run...

    When I was in my teens I had a tiny model aeroplane engine that was intended to power a balsa 'plane, It had a little triangular fuel tank and I bolted the engine to a small piece of plywood, with prop attached, and connected up the fuel line. I span the prop without thinking it through and ended up with an angry little power unit that was trying to wrench its plywood base out of my hand. I tried to hang on till the fuel ran out but got bitten badly down my thumb by the prop.... More power to these people!
  14. Autoquiz 383 -Finished

    Wouldn't you love to have one in the drive, just for running around in!
  15. Autoquiz 380 - Finished

    I just got a new contract where I need to be in the office all day so no time to devote to this one. The hard ones are as much if not more fun than the easy ones, I reckon. Cheers, -Don.