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  1. Thanks for explaining that Pete, I take back my comment. Shame about the Lanc nonetheless. I loved the rest of the collection.
  2. Really fascinating. But the Lancaster tail is totally out of kilter, the tail planes have a dihedral, not an anhedral and the fins and rudders are vertical. The man's a fool, but to be fair I didn't listen to the dialogue so he may have explained just that. Thanks for posting. I love that kind of model, you can pick it up and enjoy it. And it looks good from a distance (except the Lanc).
  3. I enjoyed the clip from 2:07 to about 2:48. I'm not moved by projects with no real purpose - too low, obvious and unnecessary for the road, not eligible for any race series and a bit of a costly target as a track day car. Whereas the D-Type...
  4. There's a slammed one that runs around Aberdare where I live, with a sign on the back: 'Praise the Lowered'!
  5. Not strictly 'by the original artist'! 🤨 Good video though.
  6. My Dad owned and ran Speed 20 and Speed 25 Alvises from the 1930s from the fifties to the mid sixties as daily drivers and occasional racers. Great fast touring cars, we used to go on annual family holidays to Italy in a Speed 25. The last one was lost when Dad jokingly offered to swap it for a brand new Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce, a deal offered by a dodgy Italian policeman who craved the Alvis. Of course Dad hated the Alfa and after an amusing time at Customs on our journey home, sold it on. I often wondered what became of the Alvis, out there in Turin.
  7. It's a living. So much waste...
  8. And he not busy being born is busy dying! I feel your pain, Bill. But then, you've got a few that I hadn't got a clue about...☺️
  9. Yeah, the 2.5 pi estate was... still streets behind the competition from BMW. Not bad cars, the Triumph 2000 / 2500 series, nonetheless.
  10. The Stag in it's natural habitat, parked at a workshop! It's always good to see older vehicles around, although I'm one of the few that doesn't like Stags. Too fussy and the detailing looks cheap - set off by those horrid 'sculpted' wheel trims. If I had to choose, I'd buy a beret and take the R4!
  11. Nice place to live. Not a New Mini: Not my car, this is one off the hyperweb, but mine's the same in every way except scruffier and the number plate reads N945 OSU. It's got a manual 'box.
  12. I really like that. The imagined 1:1 would be a great car to drive, and the model is one to catch your eye, to pick up and appreciate.
  13. It would be silly to post a quiz question which could never have a right answer. And this answer has a fascinating story behind it.
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