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  1. I've been contracting for over 20 years now, it seems it's us rather than the permanent staff who have the motivation to get stuff done - if we don't, we don't get counselling and training we just get given our marching orders! I'm now 64 and busier than ever.
  2. I should have got this as it is so familiar to me. Christmas brain fade. Happy New Year, Auto-quizzers! Cheers, -Don.
  3. Easiest one yet for me! Nice car. Cheers, -Don.
  4. Keen to know what it is but right now I have no idea.
  5. Fair comment, thanks Michael.. Cheers, -Don.
  6. Do you not like engineers? I wonder if they do typos like yours? The point is not to give clues. Peteski's comment is a borderline clue. But the car's homeland is surely where it's home is. This one lives in the States, or did once. But whatever, I'd have one as a shopping car. Looks like a gas. -Don.
  7. So it's most likely an EMW. Thanks Michael!
  8. I guess if we knew the location it would give us a clue as to which it was! East or West...
  9. I'd rather have the one on it's left (or on it's right as you look at it).
  10. Thanks Rob. I didn't kinow these wheels were standard on the 300ZX but I do know the 240 was much earlier, my point was that the 300 is not as good-looking as the 240. Cheers, -Don.
  11. Looks like its been in a minor accident. Riding too high on dreadful wheels too. It's not a 240!
  12. 722 - and Trevor, it's Sir Stirling not Sterling!🙂
  13. What's happening? I can't see where this has originated. I can't see where anyone has spoiled the quiz recently. Was some stuff deleted? Please enlighten me. Cheers, -Don.
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