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  1. Ok folks....update time. This kit has a pretty decent engine with lots of parts. The chrome parts all got stripped to include the rocker covers but other than that it's a pretty complete and detailed engine. And here we are with the assembled base engine and transmission. Believe it or not....this IS some big time progress for me.
  2. Right there with you on that Cary. What I've always liked about these trucks, especially early on with this body style, is their simplicity in operation. Easy and still cheap to work on.
  3. Can't wait to see this one cleared. Stance, colors and wheels look great so far Mike.
  4. I didn't think you did but I had to ask as there's lots of handling during the build. Always learnin' from you John. Always.
  5. What color and kind of paint did you use on the headers on the El Camino?I just came back to the hobby after 40 years so I need a lot of help.

    Thank you.

  6. wire wheels???

    Well thank you A TON for the heads up anyways. I'll be keeping an eye peeled for 'em when he's up and runnin'.
  7. I had the same question. I can never handle my Alclad much after applying and it looks like you'd have to handle this model a lot during the construction process.
  8. wire wheels???

    I've dealt with MicroNitro once on a set of wheels and he does offer some really good wheels. I'm looking forward to dealing with him again because I need another set of wheels for another project. Is there any way to contact him other than on Facebook?
  9. wire wheels???

    Oh HELL yeah!!! I'll be looking this guy UP! This thread popped back up at exactly the right time. Wow! Thanks Bernard.
  10. Bullitt Mustang....

    Very good looking paint and details on this bad boy Cruz. Love the work on the wheels as well.
  11. Thanks for looking he says .......I can't help but to look!!!! Lookin' very good John.
  12. AMT '59 El Camino

    Thanks Hector.
  13. Finished a “Lovable Loser”

    Looks great. I always had an eye for the Comet/ Maverick cars.
  14. The Purple Manx

    Good job working with the molded color. Awesome look and turn out.
  15. What can you say? They're good lookin' trucks.