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  1. Satin f-100

    Love it Dale!! Great color and interior work pal.
  2. 1968 Shelby Green Hornet-----Update! 11/24/17

    As a past owner of three '67 notchbacks I can not only appreciate the amount of work that you're going through to achieve correctness in this build , I can also respect the hell out of it. Bill............this is one amazing build buddy. Very much looking forward to the rest of this one!
  3. Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"- Progress 11 May

    Thanks fellas. Just to let everybody know.............I am still working on this one. I've got the chassis mostly finished up except for the brake rotors up front and the exhaust system. I've also gotta tweak the toe in setting on the front end to keep the excessive toe in look from happening on the front wheels when fully assembled. I narrowed the rear axle to get the wider tires underneath the rear fenders and lowered the front suspension a good 1/8" to make it an even drop all the way around. I did acquire the only PE piece made for this kit which will help the front end out ALOT. Sorry Revell..................that's good for OOB but it aint gonna cut it on this build. I'm currently working on the engine which will take me a bit because of the detail I want to throw at this beast. I'll be robbing a lot of the parts except for the base engine block and transmission (which I'll leave OOB) from the Revell Hemi Dart kit. I was going to post some engine progress pics as well but the Spaz Stix clear doesn't work well with Model Master acrylic paint. Turned it white in the crevices so I'll be shooting another thin coat of orange on the block and re-coating the clear with Tamiya clear like I usually do the next time around. Today's learning curve complete.
  4. C1 resin Camaro project

    Oh HELL yeah! I'm in on this one!!!!
  5. Gotta hand it to you here Warren. That is a very nice truck man! Good story to read as well.
  6. 1976 gran torino

    Progress looks good so far. I really like the use of paint for the flocking adhesive. Gonna have to use that one.
  7. 37 Chevy Rad Rod - UPDATE 3/17

    Crazy stuff bout them photos. Going through the same thing with some of mine as is most everyone else. I like this build ALOT!!
  8. My spin on the Foose kit. Lowered it more all the way around:
  9. Olive drab foose

    LOL! Yes sir! Now look at it. There are a lot of folks building them. I've gotta say, I've liked this one from the start. The custom opportunities are endless. Ryan: Love the build man. Good lookin' ride.
  10. I know the situation Chuck. I've got way too many models to choose from and the priorities switch like crazy. Hopefully it'll be in the foreseeable future anyhow. Thank you Dennis.
  11. Good work and love the choice in wheels.
  12. Nice n clean builds Cliff. Good looking duo man.
  13. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.

    COOL!! That outta be a hoot to drive. I had a 67 GT. It had the tilt away steering and that was something else right there. All in all I had 3 different 67 Mustangs, all of 'em coupes. Man I miss driving those cars. Lots and lots of fun. One of these days I'd like to get another classic ride but dang they're getting more and more expensive as the time passes.
  14. I haven't been in the "Car" section in a while with a build so I'll break the ice by showing up with this one. I needed something that's going to go a little smooth for me with this Freightliner build looming in the background so I've decided to take on another "Demon II" project. I'll be taking the original gasser idea and slamming it to the ground for more of a Pro Street look. Paint scheme will be the original Street Demons theme with the flames on the sides. Here we go: