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  1. Thanks for the comments Francis. Yeah Tamiya Rattle can primer is what I use for autos as well as aircraft builds. Just can't go wrong with the stuff. Well I got some more done on her this week. I cut the rear and two side windows out of thin clear styrene and decaled the side windows up with racing stickers. Just waiting on those to dry so I can dunk 'em in some Future so I should be going in with those tomorrow it looks like. Then came the moment I've been waiting for at the rear of the car. Upon close inspection of the deck lid you can see some lock studs, quick release pins and cables at the rear most corners of the lid. I received my lock pin set two days ago so I was able to get some progress done on that. Reference shot: Progress so far. Still have to dot the 4 spots on each plate to simulate screws with some Molotow and add the cables later but here we are for now:
  2. I really can't wait to see this beaut start taking on some shape Francis.
  3. That's a really good job on this Pat. You've got my vote!
  4. Good lookin' Willys Mike! That turned out really good dude.
  5. Lookin' good so far Wayne. I'll be watchin' for updates on this one.
  6. Thanks for the comments you guys. Misting the white was key. The roof was harder than the hood really because I used white enamel on the roof and had to do one helluva lot of sanding and all to get it smooth. Once that was done the decaling and gloss coats went well. The hood....I used Tamiya White primer over and got by with that because the red is a Tamiya paint. Again misting was key. I didn't have to smooth anything out on the hood as the primer laid down as smooth as silk. Just decaled it and glossed it and it was done. After a weekend I've made some more progress on this bad boy. After robbing the foot pedal assemblies from the AMT Mustang kit I cut the grossly over scale swing levers from the back of each pedal Then I formed up the levers and made some mounts on the back side of the dash in which to "swing" the pedals with... I finished this part up this morning by painting the swing levers and pedals. I also darkened the steering wheel wood just a tad...
  7. This is just too much! All these models being built with more metal are just sensational and this one here is no exception to my opinion of it. Very good work on this Mike!
  8. Ya know....I'd seen this project under way and meant to stop in and comment at numerous points of this build and then I'd get tied up with something in the real world and would have to close the window. BUT.....I'm here now and would like to tell you what a great job that you've done on this build throughout the various stages of it. She turned out to be a very fine completion Ray. Awesome work buddy.
  9. Lotsa nice details on this one. I do think it's cool that you have one of the original slicks to this car from waaay back. Nice touch......and I couldn't tell which slick was the older one.
  10. Can't help BUT to drop in. This is some of the best auto modeling I've seen yet.
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