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  1. Thanks Keith. It's not a bad kit, you just have to watch out for the a$$ low stance depending on what you want to do with it. It's pretty easy to correct if you plan it all out. Alright gang. Got the interior tub completed. Holes were drilled in the tops of the door panels at the rear of the doors where the door lock knobs while be installed later on near the end of the build.
  2. Oh HELL yeah!! I'm DEFINITELY in on this one!!!!
  3. Love all the fabbing and imagination going into this build Dave. Awesome work pal.
  4. Great mods to get the ride height where you want it. This is going to be killer!!
  5. Just got through reading the intro post and WOW!! What a turn of events. Sounds like things are on the upswing for you Michael and that's GREAT!!! This build looks like it's coming along very well so far bud. Looking forward to more.
  6. You've definitely achieved a great effect with that top with the method you used. I'd be very happy with that outcome Steven.
  7. Thanks Bill! 👍 Continuing on ......... Got the rear seat belts finished up and this pic is with the rear seat test fitted into place. Now moving on to the finishing touches to the interior tub.
  8. Now THAT..........................is sharp.
  9. That turned out pretty dang good PB. That's a pretty sharp color.
  10. Thanks Mike!! Glad to have you on board brother. Yeah we're slowly climbing out of the hole and I appreciate the good word bud. Thank you for being onboard as well. 'Preciate that Carl. 👍 Thank you for your comments Mike. Dude.....keep hanging around here long enough and you'll be doing things you never dreamed of. I came here in 2013 and was building aircraft models (which I'm getting ready to start another one up pretty quick) and my auto modeling needed alot of work at that point. There's alot of talent and helpful folks around here that are more than willing to give a hand. Glad to have you in here man.
  11. Oh my gosh man. Mike I offer my condolences as well. I'll most assuredly be tuned in and watching when the time is right for you to start work on this.
  12. Progress is still ongoing. Finished the center console and shifter finally. This shifter is meant to replicate the Hurst shifter that was in my Car #2 and #3. It was a great short throw shifter. I replicated it using a push pin and started by smoothing out the mold lines in the white plastic ball and then etching out the shift pattern with my X-Acto knife and then going over the etching with a dark wash to bring out the gear pattern. Don't worry about those nasty ejector pin marks in the front corners of the flooring. They'll be covered up by the AM floor mats I'll be using.
  13. Thanks Dave! I was really stoked about them plates man. Thanks JC!! Man....I really need to get over to Motorsports dude. I'll be gandering that way today. Thanks for following and for the comments Dominik.
  14. I'll be remember that when I build up my GTP. Thanks for the tip/ reminder Dave.
  15. This is crazy cool right here. Great attention to detail and the overall look is just "all that". Will be watching this one.
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