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  1. You seem to go for the out of the ordinary stuff and manage to pull it all off with some really good finesse. Nicely done John.
  2. AMT Chevrolet 454 SS

    Thanks Mark. Yeah they never were the powerhouses of the day but they definitely made their mark for being among the first of the fast trucks that would follow.
  3. 1/48 Hasegawa Arado 234 Blitz-More Cockpit Progress-01/10

    Sorry for the absence this last week. I took off two days from work this week. Had problems with one of my teeth that gave me problems in the 7-8 on the pain scale range. Went to the dentist and he gave me these antibiotics that reeked havoc on my stomach wise and I had that "disconnected" feeling. Really sucked. I took two days off from work and pretty much slept both days. BUT...………….I'm back in the saddle again my fine feathered friends. Did ALOT of work today on this bird. The friggin' landing gear legs broke loose from their mounting and I had to re-glue those back on. I've pretty much completed the camo scheme for this aircraft and have to say that this one goes down as one of the most difficult paint jobs that I've done yet with all the black basing, marbling and masking. Sheesh!!! With all that being said and aside from needing to paint the back of the engine nacelle a burnt black here's where we are now: and the bottom side. after the burnt black application on the engine nacelle we'll be off to completing the nose section and applying a gloss coat! My FAVORITE part.
  4. MPC Ed Roth Mailbox Trike - Metalflake Period Showrod

    Dude...……………..this is serious! Love the colors, details and the whole build in general. One of the best I've seen built of this kit.
  5. ALL very cool rides.
  6. '69 Camaro Z28/RS

    VERY cool build Jeremy!! That looks amazing.
  7. 1/48 Hasegawa Arado 234 Blitz-More Cockpit Progress-01/10

    Thanks Codi. Got some more done this morning. Almost ready for the painting the lighter undersides of her after some more color border touch up:
  8. Hobby Boss Fury

    You've got that point right! This is a truly good looking build.
  9. AMT Chevrolet 454 SS

    Thanks you guys! LOL! Thanks JJ.
  10. 1966 VW Panel

    Very good looking Van Les. Impressive!
  11. Well that's working great then. That truck bed looks amazing. Good job on this one Jim.
  12. 1/48 Hasegawa Arado 234 Blitz-More Cockpit Progress-01/10

    One of these days I'm really gonna have to make that trip. Ok gang. I spent the better half of 3 hours this morning applying paint. I already know I'm going to hear it from somebody because I've been telling myself all morning long that I must like to make things difficult. I have applied these colors in patches rather than go over most of the bird with the predominant color. I made the mistake of applying the predominant color once on my Stuka and I didn't much care for it because when I went back over the base color with the second camo color it looked to thick. So I opted to do things this way. I've also opted not to put the cockpit on just yet. I'll get to that in due time and in my own fashion...……..the hard way. I do like the benefits of the marble pattern and will more than likely continue that trend. There is a couple of touch ups that I need to do between the camo colors but I do like this way even though it is time consuming. I spend more time masking than I've spent on any other area of the model.
  13. 1/48 Hasegawa Arado 234 Blitz-More Cockpit Progress-01/10

    Thanks Codi. I've been trying to get back on this one for the last few days but I've either been too busy or haven't felt all that well. Hopefully I'll get my chance this weekend. As far as seeing one in real life , I would love to have the opportunity to see not only this one but other rare WWII birds that reside there as well.
  14. My first GM build; 1970 Baldwin Camaro

    I'm in!!!
  15. 1952 Hudson Hornet

    Good start on this one. I like the Hudson and that picture of your grandson in front of it is golden. Just make sure he doesn't see it on down the road when he gets a little older. If he's anything like my son he'll want it taken down. lol