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  1. I hear ya. I'm productive alright.....it's just not on the forums. Work around the house is kickin' my a$$!
  2. Thanks for the replies Tom and Rex!! The cals that I'll be looking for are on the front side of the rocker cover like this:
  3. I've got a Boss 302 engine build ongoing but don't have the "Boss 302" decal for the rocker covers. It doesn't have to be the whole decal sheet but if anybody has this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  4. Ya know MIke....that turned out pretty dang good potna!! Sorry for not looking in more on the actual build but the finish is just great man.
  5. That Nova chassis is such a good base to work with in Pro Streeting or making a drag car out of almost any given subject. It seems to fit like a glove. Nice work so far.
  6. LOL!!! If that the worst thing you can call me then I'm doing good Carl. lol On this one yes but on most builds I slide some spark plug wire boots onto the wires.
  7. Thanks Steve. I also adopted your engine wiring harness technique on my latest build. Worked like a charm.
  8. Here's the spark plug wire that I use Joe. Some folks use different stuff but this is what works for me. Lex's Scale Modeling Ignition Spark Plug Wire 5 Pack 1/24-25. | eBay
  9. Got the parts all cut out for the next portion of this build which will be equally as fun to put together as the engine was for me. There'll be a few changes in here.
  10. I'm not one for conversions or custom front ends and all that BUT.....I AM one to admire great body work when I see it and mister.,...this is looking GOOD!!! Amazing efforts on working those parts in.
  11. I know all about it bud. I've got so many things in line to do that I'll never see the true end of it. Crazy. Looking forward to more on this one.
  12. I've noticed that the temperatures in Canada are in 50's and it's been a little damp with humidity at around 75%. This could be some of your problems with the paint if your painting in an enclosed space like a garage where the humidity can wreak havoc on paint. Do you have a paint booth as of yet Declan?
  13. Ultimate detailing Steve. I had the same question that ol' Dave here had. Please elaborate on your carpeting process.
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