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  1. Built this a few years back and had a BLAST with it. In 1/35th scale there's not a whole lot that's NOT covered in the AM world.
  2. What a cool thread Mike!!! Lots of cool stuff in here. That 1/250 scale rig takes the frickin' cake for me. WOW!!!
  3. Thank you Anton!! 'preciate it Rusty! Glad to have you along man. Thanks Jim!! From one '67 Mustang owner to another.....thanks Pat. I really appreciate your comments brother. John!! Where you been ol' buddy? Thank you so much for your comments!
  4. Dang.....how cool is THAT? Very well painted and detailed. Love the whole thing.
  5. That all came together very well. You can tell that alot of time and effort went into this one that's for sure.
  6. Definitely out of the ordinary and well built.
  7. WOW!!! That paint finish on that car looks amazing!!! Very well built Thomas!!
  8. Good spin on this kit and the colors look great!!!
  9. I can't believe that I haven't commented on this yet. You always do such great work on your projects JR and this one's no exception. Love it man.
  10. What a turn out!! Great work and very attractive color!!
  11. Man that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Frickin' modern art masterpiece right there!!!
  12. Thanks goes out to both of you for your comments. There were a ton of memories that came back to me during the course of this build and most of 'em were good ones except for the wreck events. lol
  13. You certainly captured the worn/ weathered look very well on this one bud. Great work.
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