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  1. Pile of Pontiacs

    Very fine work on that engine!! Gotta love a super detailed six.
  2. Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"- Progress-- 30 June

    I didn't like the hole that was cut in the hood. I'm not much of a fan of that kind of stuff because most of the time it just looks cheap and half done. There are those cars that do look cool with a hole in the hood and a big tunnel ram dual quad setup coming out of the hood but this aint that car. I cut some black Evergreen styrene to match the hole, glued it into place with Tamiya cement, filled in the cracks and low spots with super glue and sanded everything flush nice and purdy. Hemi is still coming along as well: an "in chassis" shot with the engine wire harness installed: It's gonna take up the whole engine bay opening when it's all said and done. Still gotta work on the stance some.
  3. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    Beautiful work on that side marker. Overall progress is amazing!
  4. Porsche 911 SC/RS

    Good start JC! Love all the history and info!
  5. Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"- Progress-- 30 June

    Thanks Mike! Been away from the bench for a few weeks fellas. Lots of activities in the 1:1 world to attend to during the summer. Got the stance checked and still want it a little lower but this'll be the starting point. Here's the rolling chassis with the powertrain test fitted. Got the distributor drilled a few days ago in anticipation for the orange spark plug wire arrival in the mail. I got the wires yesterday so I went to work on that this morning. I also received my "banjo" fittings for the carburetors so I can run those fuel lines now. My intention was to go with the stock routing and lines for the fuel delivery but this is a custom ride. I found some photos that I took at the San Antonio speedway that may suit this build even better. A nicely built Hemi with the super stock manifold in a Belvedere: BTW..............I'll be saving the stock routing for the kit that I robbed this motor from. Oh but wait................there's no motor in that kit any more. No worries about that......I got the replacement kit yesterday.
  6. Mad Max Gigahorse

    Man...……...this is SICK!!!! Am I ever glad to see this one back in progress. You nailin' it bubba!!
  7. You're right about having the eye/ vision of what things CAN turn into when tackling one of these kinds of projects. I've performed a few restos myself and know the kind of work it takes to turn out a good ending. You've certainly attained that here with this build Rich.
  8. BMW 2002 tii, Hasegawa, green.

    Cool lil build. Good subject choice!
  9. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    I must say.............I am very impressed by the realistic detailing that you're throwing at this one Daniel. Detailing is one thing, but pulling it off to the point that it looks this real is a definite plus. Great work here.
  10. Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"- Progress-- 30 June

    Thanks Jeremy! I'm certainly going to try Erroll. I'm waiting on throttle linkage, spark plug wires and the like to arrive in the mail for any more progress on the engine. Until then I'm marchin' on with the wheel construction. Since I've gotten the modifications to the rear wheel sleeves from my local machine shop , I've been waiting on the studs and nuts needed for the rear wheels. I took the base wheel face and drilled all the lug nut holes out a little so the studs would fit. Here's the lug nuts that I acquired from RB Motion: (if none of you have checked THAT site out then you need to. AMAZING stuff on there) Lug nuts installed: And here we are with the wheel face adhered onto the wheel sleeve and a light wash applied to the lug nuts to bring out the detail. Before installing the wheel face I hit the wheel sleeve with some steel wool and then followed that up with some Mothers Aluminum Polish to bring a nice shine to the sleeves. Each of the rear wheels were 8 pieces in total. Fronts were 4 pieces each.
  11. Mad Max Gigahorse

    Oh HELL yeah!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this for a LONG time!!!!!!!!
  12. Revell 1968 Foose Firebird

    Lookin' good Craig. What color is that on the engine?
  13. Final update: Revell 1969 Camaro Z28

    These are really nice kits and it looks like you are making the most out of it Craig. Good work.
  14. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    This......................is about as real as it gets! Fabulous work!!!
  15. 41 Willys - final update 5/24

    Now this is totally different!! Very cool Rob!!!!!!