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  1. mustang1989 added a post in a topic 35 Yr. Old Monogram Camaro SS-A Minor Setback-02/14   

    Man thanks Jeremy. Hopefully this thing keeps progressing.....
    I had what I call lots of progress. I'm back in the fight again after re-hashing the engine size ordeal and am back on the road with this puppy. First off this thing had a nasty mount hole in the oil pan for the Chevelle that it was supposed to go in so I had to fill that in with super glue, sand flush and smooth out:

    I've also acquired a decal sheet with a bunch of oil filter decals on it. Nice touch for the bottom end as well as the PE oil pan drain plug. I toned the engine paint down and brought out the molded in detail with an airbrushed coat of Tamiya Smoke.

    I carried the fuel pump over from the other engine but replaced the starter with the AMT offering because it had better details than the Revell starter did.

    I tried something new with the exhaust manifolds. I primed them in flat black and shot a very light coat of Alclad II Polished Aluminum on them to give them a true iron look. I was happy with the results but the pictures don't seem to capture the dark steel/ iron look that they actually are. Believe me, they aint this flashy:

  2. mustang1989 added a post in a topic '68 Shelby GT-500   

    Now where in the world does a guy start in regards to compliments on a build like that! I do like seeing a car dropped like this. Suspension work is tops as well as all the other details of this ride. Wayda go brutha!
  3. mustang1989 added a post in a topic The 1/24 Scale History Story?   

    It's not enough for me to dislike 1/24th................but it does come into play in regards to what James is talking about here in this quote:
    The answer here is .................yeah, it's a big of a difference.
    Here's a comparison with the way out of proportion Monogram 1/24 scale Camaro on the left and the newer Revell 1/25 scale Camaro on the right:

  4. mustang1989 added a post in a topic 35 Yr. Old Monogram Camaro SS-A Minor Setback-02/14   

    Mike and Rich: Thanks for the comments and man you're right about that bloating there Rich. Hopefully I can "doll 'er up" enough to distract from that. lol . I'm not surprised at all about you using that big a## roof on a Biscayne.
    Tom: Cmon' with it bro! Thanks for the good word.
    Tim: Thanks buddy.
  5. mustang1989 added a post in a topic 35 Yr. Old Monogram Camaro SS-A Minor Setback-02/14   

    Thanks Jim and it's truly great seeing you around again.
  6. mustang1989 added a post in a topic 35 Yr. Old Monogram Camaro SS-A Minor Setback-02/14   

    Thanks Ernesto!
    So I picked up this 1/25 scale Revell Camaro for any spare parts I might need along the way, a few of which I have used. I've gotten some commentary on how bad the old Monogram Camaro was in terms of size and overall accuracy in which I can say that those comments are right on in almost every sense of the word. Nevertheless, my original goal was to restore my first auto build and I will be staying true to that course. However there is a temporary set back with the engine.
    I test fitted the 396 that I've been building up into the mocked up build and I'm glad I did. Talk about what looks like a mouse motor looking 396 in there between the fenders!!!

    The more I looked at it , the more I saw a distinct difference in not only scale but from the last BB Chevy I built that went into my '54 Panel. So I turned right back to the AMT BB Chevy for an engine build. Both are the "same scale" at 1/25 but look how much bigger AMT's BB is as opposed to Revell's.
      I also grabbed a set of 1/24 scale rocker covers from the Pro Stock Camaro kit that I've got for extra "bulk". They fit perfectly.

    Yeah..................a no brainer right?
    Another thing that I liked about AMT's BB is that it also comes with a bracket for that alternator so I don't have that "mysterious floating alternator" hanging off of the belt out there.

    Just as a side note and as a defense to those who are telling me that the Monogram Camaro has some severe dimensional and accuracy issues. Here is the Monogram Camaro body on the left and the Revell one to the right. First off I just don't see how a 1/24th scale model could be this far off in size difference................but that's just me. Secondly there ARE some serious differences in the body lines and curves throughout the body on the Monogram one. Wow! Still................this is all about sentiments so forward with my original intent I go.....


  7. mustang1989 added a post in a topic '68 Shelby GT-500 (20 Feb - Under Glass)   

    Good God O' Mighty!! You're killin' this thing Tim!!! Looking spectacular!!
  8. mustang1989 added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:The GT40 project New pics 2/13/17   

    Yep..................that'll sum it up right there!
  9. mustang1989 added a post in a topic Revell 70 cuda   

    Just look at the interior on that thing will ya??!! Awesome work with this Tom!! More please.......................
  10. mustang1989 added a post in a topic 68 Dodge Dart 440 Custom Street Rod Project Update with a few pics finally!   

    Good to see you back at it Jim. Lookin' great buddy roo!!!
  11. mustang1989 added a post in a topic Race Car Trailer   

    I've never seen a WIP on a car trailer before but I can definitely say that this one is certainly deserving of it JC. You know you're gonna have to do a WIP on the vehicle that's gonna tow it.................just sayin.................
  12. mustang1989 added a post in a topic Fixing up the Cobra   

    Nice shine on that car body Pat. You know, I get just as much a kick out of what's in the background of these pics as I do the actual ongoing build itself. Adds a whole new dimension to the build.
  13. mustang1989 added a post in a topic Accurate Miniatures McLaren   

    Dang Jim. Your attention to detail brought forth by your  imaginative fabrication and resourcefulness are just simply amazing! Detailing on a good budget. Right on brutha!!! I'm already looking for those hex beads!!
  14. mustang1989 added a post in a topic 35 Yr. Old Monogram Camaro SS-A Minor Setback-02/14   

    Thanks Carl. I wanted to get up and work on it some this morning but sleep prevailed.
  15. mustang1989 added a post in a topic 35 Yr. Old Monogram Camaro SS-A Minor Setback-02/14   

    Thanks a lot Carl , Dave and Randy!
    Well guys, the floor mats came in the mail yesterday and I went right to work finishing the interior. All I have left at this point are the door lock rods/ knobs at each door but that'll be one of the last things to take care of with this model. I will, however, go ahead and drill the holes in the door panel. Here it is with floor mats at all four seating positions , the front seat belts installed and a Hot Rod magazine to round it all out.

    I just hate these engines that are molded in two halves with the oil pan included. 

     After taking care of the seam lines and priming , I carried the black basing over from the aviation side and applied it here.

    I went ahead and black based the intake manifold as well. I shot the block with some home mixed Chevrolet Engine Red and shot the coat on and then shot the intake with some "Aluminum". After that I applied a subtle wash to bring out the detail of both pieces.