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  1. Man this thing is SICK!!!! Very good progress on this build Dan!! Looking forward to more. How in the world are you going to transport something like this to a show??
  2. Thanks Dan!! Thanks Tim. I'm approaching all of these obstacles very carefully. I'll keep you posted. This morning I got her standing on her own. Rear tires will be going in a smidgen to give her the proper look but this is going to be the ride height. All this time I had to find a way to lock the front suspension ride height in and I finally was able to do this by drilling small holes in the front of the frame and installing locating pins. Worked like a charm: I worked a lot on the firewall this morning by modifying to work with the Mustang shock towers. I'll post progress of this on the next update. Meanwhile I also cut out the battery box/ pedestal on the R/H shock tower panel. Battery is located in the rear of the car so no battery box was needed here. Plus I needed all the room I could get with that big ass 427 in that engine bay. Before.... and after:
  3. Lotsa good details. As Buford T. Justice says..."Now dis....is an attention getta."
  4. Man you've gotta be KIDDING me!! Um......I'm going to hit the frickin' "follow" button up top. This is KILLER!!
  5. Thanks you guys. Test fitted the AMT Mustang shock towers this morning. I think this is going to work fine but I still have the radiator core support and firewall to go.
  6. You guys and these metal parts! This stuff is just out of this world. Awesome stuff Tim!!!
  7. Ok folks.....got the shift linkage/ rods in place. Now for that tachometer......
  8. Thanks Mike. Gonna go check your ride out..... 'Preciate that Carl. Good to have you along buddy.
  9. Today saw the installation of the shifter. I cut the rods to length as well and will be installing those tomorrow morning. Really adds a lot to the interior....
  10. Well gang....I made some progress on this thing this weekend. Managed to get the seat drilled and slotted to make way for the seat belt harness. The harness build up wasn't too bad outside of me not paying attention to what I was doing at times and having to go back and make some corrections along the way. This is not the period correct harness I was hoping to build but the correct one is actually harder than the Liberty shifter that I just built for this car. I'm not about to go through anything like that again on this build. lol
  11. Thanks Randy. Man that thing was a friggin' BEAR!!!!
  12. I really miss hot rodding with cars. I've got my truck and all and it's a lot of fun but there aint nuthin' like a good ol car. Warmed over 383 replaced the stock 350, still TBI injected with 454 fuel injectors atop a 4 barrel intake nicely nestled in a modified 680 cfm throttle body, nice cam and Vortec heads, toughened up 4L60E with 2200 rpm stall converter and a set of 3.90 gears with a locker out back. With the custom chip I took it from a stock 3200 rpm to a 5200 rpm redline. Fun truck.
  13. Now I'd definitely be happy with that!!!!
  14. I think I've just found my replacement clear coat. Wow Steve.
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