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  1. LOTSA work going on with this one just trying to figure out how to get the stance right. After several days I finally got the front where I want it after sanding the heck out of the mounting pad on the chassis to get the upper control arm to sit further up. This gave me the scale inch or so lowered that I wanted and I may be able to tweak it just a wee bit more. Test fit:
  2. I've done just that in the past as well James. Thank you for the comments. 'Preciate the kind words and you're following along Carl. Thanks James. It'd be really nice to get this one finished up quick but I just don't think it's gonna happen because I'm a stickler for detail.
  3. That's some definite clean pinstriping Dan. Such a clean paint job too dude.
  4. Thanks fellas!! I appreciate the good word. James: I saw that one when it was done and it does indeed look good man. Two thumbs up!!! I started on the chassis by getting the brake rotors and brake calipers all ready. I really wished there were some "Camaro" scripts for the calipers as they are going to be extremely visible through the wheels. But...that's that and they aint there so....moving on now. I also started the aluminum shielding for the exhaust painting this morning. I'll be touching up the chassis in areas that didn't get adequate coverage/ overspray/ or totally missed in the days coming.
  5. Man....you sure put a shine on that one Dan. WOW!!
  6. The only chrome parts in the whole kit were the wheels and these aren't supposed to be chrome. They are more of a silver with a contrasting darker color used for the inlay areas of the wheel. So I went to work by stripping all of the chrome off of the wheels and cleaning them up. Here they are finished up. One of the problems with silver is that any leftover flash at all will show up in pictures. In real life you've really gotta be looking to see it. I used Vallejo Silver for the wheels and shaded the darker areas with ground up black pastel. Just didn't feel comfortable painting the inlay areas. I then put a dot of Molotow Chrome on the lugnuts and then used a toothpick to apply MM Chrome Silver to the Bowtie emblem in the middle of each wheel.
  7. This'll be fun to watch. Looking forward to more Bill!
  8. No problem dude. I'm really looking forward to this.
  9. Thanks fellas. Will be resuming this one starting tomorrow.
  10. That stuff is like Liquid Gold. I use it for every paint job....even on my aviation subjects. Will be watching this beauty come together Bob.
  11. Love what you did with this car. Beautiful work indeed.
  12. Man.....you just did such a beautiful job with this kit. I mean, you really nailed it.
  13. Awesome detailing. I noticed that you bevel cut the headers and that looks great. You put some really good effort into this one Tom!!
  14. Thanks Bill! I sanded off the lettering on the Goodyear tires and then smoothed it all out and used some BF Goodrich decals that I got from Slixx. After several coats of Microsol over the decals to get them to lay down smooth with no silvering, I applied some Model Master Flat Clear over the sidewalls of the tire to blend the decal in. I'll have to take a look at that Camaro of yours. Really appreciate the great comments Francis. I did indeed have alot of fun building this one as I almost had one of these for a first car. I'm currently working on a 2017 Camaro "Fiftieth" Edition in the WIP section. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us man.👍 Thanks Danno! 'Preciate it bud.
  15. From a modeling and photography standpoints.....what a beauty!!!!
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