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  1. Thanks Larry!! This is a great kit. Pretty much falls together. 'Preciate that Chris!! Thanks alot Carl!!
  2. Very cool build. I built this one as a kid and remember it being a pretty cool kit.
  3. Thanks Dan! Dude I don't know how I missed it with you having the Covid. Hope everything is going back to normal with you. There's a guy here in my shop that had it and he's been having all kinds of complications ever since. He just can't seem to get back to where he was before he caught it and that's been two months ago. Thanks Mike. I never really went away. I would just build another side project in the meantime till I figured this part out. I built a VW Bug in Wermacht dress out over in the All The Rest Section here. Rich! Always good to have you along man and thanks. You'll have to let me know when you tackle your DD build. I'd love to follow that one.
  4. 'Preciate the good word Tim. I just wish I had some of the tools that you and a few others are using. I'd be spinning my own wheels and other parts up. All that stuff you guys do to your builds is definitely a level up.
  5. Thanks Roger. It's good to have some forward progress on it for sure. Sorry for the long absence again fellas. Even though I haven't been too active on forums I have indeed been at the bench. One weeks worth of fitting and scrapping 3....or is it 4?? fabricated inner fenderwells now and I've finally got it. I got the idea to put the base engine in the bay and it changed the whole complexion of things......ALOT. With the engine in place I get to see what's gonna work....and what aint. So with all that stuff being said I had to approach this with a whole new mindset and put an inner fender well in place with no V cut outs for the shock tower for added rigidity once fitted into place. Then I cut the shock tower from the original inner fenderwell and thinned it down enough to clear the rocker covers. This....is gonna work. After more than 6 hours at the bench enduring trial and error...I think I've got it.... Modified shock tower just in front of the radiator core support area.
  6. You've been hard at work on this one alright. You've got a nice gloss on it for dang sure!!
  7. Here's three cut outs later. Still have to do a little trimming to fit perfect but progress is being made.
  8. Now THAT'S a big truck!! Very well painted up Dan!! Beautiful build man.
  9. I'll go check it out buddy! Glad to hear that you got past the COVID
  10. Thanks Francis!! Glad to BE back on this one!! DAN!!! How've you been man? They've been friggin' KILLIN' me here at work. Hardly any forum time but by God I aint givin' up bench time. Glad to have you on board. I'm going to have to go check out that monster build of yours.
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