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  1. I meant to comment back to you on this Mike. I've seen that kit and you're right, that IS a good way of getting the nose to stay on the ground. I may have to pick up one of those lil' Kettenkraftrads to display it with.
  2. Thanks Rusty. I haven't started an aircraft build in over 4 years now. The last one I did was an Arado 234 and that build was stopped dead in its tracks by the difficulty of getting the nose onto the fuselage. Hasegawa really turned out a great kit overall but that part of it really sucked and left me scratching my head for 3 years before I could come back to it with a fresh start and finish it last year. . That build left a bad taste in my mouth after encountering that problem and had been a block since in moving forward with aircraft builds. I figured that Tamiya would definitely be the way forward in stepping back into aircraft modeling again.
  3. Dude. Thanks for everything so far......really!! BTW....you're right about the grille. It would be nice if a blank grille was available. Thanks Bob. This forum has an overwhelming amount of talent and good people. True there are a few that get a little "catty" but in the grande scheme of things...it's no biggie. Thanks for joinin' in John! Hell yeah!! I'd drive 'er too. lol
  4. This is a real treat to look at. I hope my eyes hold out long enough to build like this when I'm 65. Outstanding work Mike.
  5. Oh HELL yeah that helps!!! Dude!!!! Thank you a friggin' million Roger!!!
  6. Thanks Len! Glad to have you joinin' in Haken. Jeez.....you're right! Corrections made...just glad you caught that before it locked me out of the editing process and made myself look like a permanent doofus.
  7. Ok folks......I'm gonna do it again.....only this time I don't think it's gonna take me a frickin' year to build it. I had a really good time with my Dyno Don Maverick build. True....there were some trying times involved but I think I've my process down on these cars now. I have another Jo-Han Maverick in the stash in glue bomb form. I found a spare unpainted body and hood on ebay so I picked it up so I could at least start fresh. I'm currently working on a 1/48 Messerschmitt Me-262 over in the "All The Rest" section here but am starting this thread and gathering parts along the way. One of the things that I DON'T have for this build is a suitable glass assy so I'll be looking for one of those. I was hoping to build a 429 car but Hubert Platt's Maverick reached out and grabbed my attention and it is equipped with a SOHC motor so......we'll be going with another one of those. My other hang up is that I only have a few reference photos for this car and would like some more references. If anybody has any I'd sure appreciate any help I could get in replicating this car. I received the decal sheet yesterday in the mail: The reference shots that I do have :
  8. Still here......still watchin' and lookin' forward to the next chapter in this build Francis.
  9. Been working on the other wall for the last few days and after finishing decided to deepen the effects on both some.
  10. Those all turned out super Spike!! Really like that 190 man. Biiiiiiiig fan of those!
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