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  1. Looks like Mike's gotcha covered Ben. Minor setback that I'm sure you'll recover from. Beautiful build so far BTW.
  2. GREAT job on getting rid of that strip at the lower rocker panel JR!! The interior to car body fit at the sides is something that I keep forgetting about on my builds and I'm glad you brought that to light. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this beauty bud.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Jeremy. I'll post up the recovery process soon.....
  4. Coming along nicely! That engine is the "bee's knees" brother.
  5. Progress is coming along nicely on this one. I used to know this fella about 30 years ago that I was visiting at his house and he asked the question, "You wanna see my Vette?". You should already know where this ones headed. He took me to his garage where he showed me a V-8 powered Che Vette that was all tubbed out pro street style. Beautiful car it was. Wished I had pictures.
  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do mean me some WOW!!! Thanks for showing the pic of the kit too. I've been looking for one of these cars/ kits and now I'm gonna get my chance to have one. Weathering, construction and overall look is just all THAT........AND a whole bag of party mix!! NICELY done!!!
  7. A true beauty in every sense of the word Dennis. Love the engine bay & interior detailing and LOVE that paint color and finish. WOW!!!
  8. I hear what you're saying Simon. I've often thought about stepping outside of the norm in modeling but right now my greatest enemy is the time to make that happen. I barely have time to build model kits let alone something of my own creation. Hell it's taken me 5 months just to build an AMT 2017 Camaro and I'm still not done yet!!
  9. Awesome!! Looking forward to seeing this one.
  10. Naaah! You can handle this one Jeremy. Once you know where the areas of the kit are that need attention you'll be able to navigate well through the build.
  11. Sorry for the long absence fellas. Work has placed alot of demands on me as well as things around my house to include my truck have taken up alot of my spare time. Bench time hasn't suffered much but my time here on the forums has. I managed to get the color coat on the body, hood and rear spoiler. Such a pretty coat too and THEN.....I accidentally knocked the body over and it fell out of the drying booth and onto bottles/ tools and everything else below. Welp.....there aint a thing I can do but wait a few days for everything to cure out and wet sand the affected areas and march on. Man....it was looking THAT good too. Passengers side along with the roof line and R/H front on that same side took the hits. I've found a darker primer to use once I get the affected areas wet sanded and smoothed out. Then it'll go in the paint booth again to get it all straighted out. Drivers side turned out like a dream aside from the far left hand corner up front. Stay tuned......I'll get it all ironed out.
  12. Ismael!!! Great to see you around the forums again brother! Hope all is going well with you and thanks for the good word. I hear ya. I've never been a fan of 'em. Just make the front of cars look shabby. I appreciate the very kind comments Charles.
  13. Joe's brought up a great point with this kit. My car body was warped the same way. As others have said, look out for the interior tub fit into the car body. The lower edges of the windshield contact the dash in the corners and along the whole bottom edge of the windshield. Trimming the corners and lower edges back some will help this. The exhaust....OMG the exhaust. Test fit and reshape the exhaust as necessary. This is what it'll look like OOB. I put a bevel on mine, drilled holes in the end of the pipe to make it look like an exhaust pipe outlet and made the necessary bends to correct the angle The dash is a real pain in the bohunkus to work with as well. The flash around the pedals is horric and the parking brake pedal is dang near as long as the brake and clutch pedals. LOTS of clean up involved and shortening the park brake pedal is a must but all the work is worth it. OOB The seats need alot of clean up too in the seat front and seat back seams. They show up BADLY. Filling and sanding the seams will take care of that in short order though. Make SURE you test fit the parking light and head light lenses WELL in advance and trim the diameter of them as necessary so they'll fit INTO their buckets and not ONTO them. Sand the top of the package tray behind the rear seat because it's got ribs that'll show. Shown here: Also, sand the top of the roof on the car body because it's got imperfections that'll show in gloss coats. You'll see what I mean if you look at the roof of the car body against light. You'll see molded detail from the bottom side of the roof bleeding though on the top of the roof. This next point is probably the biggest point of them all. Buildup, paint and assemble your front subframe first. Then.....set it all aside and save it for final assembly when you have the rest of the model pretty much done and the body in place over the chassis and THEN install the front subframe assy up into the completed chassis/ body. I used alot of test fitting to ensure the right stance along the way but don't make the mistake of gluing the front subframe to the rest of the chassis at the first of the build. It'll be a nightmare to put together at the ending stages of the build. Sanding the front of the inner wheel housing at the rear of the chassis will help with body to chassis installation as well. Or at least it did on mine. I'll illustrate here: All in all these build up into a respectable product if alot of care is taken.
  14. mustang1989


    Good lookin' car Jeremy. Glad you brought 'er across the finish line!!
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