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  1. Dang it Dann! I've been missing out dude! Looks like you've made some healthy progress!
  2. Thanks Tom! I appreciate you droppin' in man. Still working on a lot of the suspension over the next few days.
  3. Thanks Carl. The chassis has undergone extensive modification in the last couple of weeks. Initially I was headed in a direction with the rear suspension that just wasn't looking right but have since made some changes. First off the front subframe area was shortened by 5/16 of an inch which looked ok but I had to acquire another Mustang kit in order to cut the rear frame rails from it to use in bringing both frame rails further inside to allow those rear slicks to further UNDER the car like the reference shot. Before: And after repositioning the rear frame rails: Before the chassis mods the rear tires were just hanging out there waaaay too far: This will be alot better. Gotta get the ride height correct for the rear as well as in the front but that shouldn't be much of a problem. Just gotta work on getting a better set of wheels and a little bit smaller tires up front. I think I've got the tires in the stash somewhere though.
  4. Thanks Don! Thanks bud. I'm with you on that Matt. Never did like the highwater stance that it had. I really appreciate your comments Dave! Thanks Jeremy for the comments and for droppin' in man.
  5. Very good turn out on that build Pete! Love the details in that interior and great work on the paint.
  6. Very cleanly built lil' Ford there Ray! Absolutely stunning man.
  7. That is one wild colored Lotus right there Mike! Very cool color choice and very good turn out.
  8. Never saw this when it was first posted but really like what you've done with this one. Masterful work.
  9. Cool!! Out of the ordinary subjects are awesome!!
  10. That looks really good!! I remember when I was a kid that these things were all over the place. Very cool build.
  11. I've got that set Gerry. Just doesn't quite have the right shape that I'm after. I do want to thank you for pitching in to help though.
  12. Very interesting. Never thought of that one. Gonna have a look/see. Thanks Nick.
  13. I do like the idea of the rings. Yet another viable option. Thanks JC
  14. I checked into those and may give those another second look. Thanks Kevin.
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