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  1. Well.....yeah. Minus the screamin'. LOL
  2. LOL!! Spoken like someone who's been in the military. Thanks Dann.
  3. Thanks guys.....I'm probably just being a scaredy cat. lol
  4. Man these cars look good!!! Awesome work on your build.
  5. Just in getting it to look right/ like a real Charger. The whole nose section of this thing is chrome so it's really going to be a bear painting all the black areas black and getting the emblems and all to look right.
  6. 'Preciate it Dann. I just hope I can do the nose of this car some justice.
  7. I simply can't believe I missed this one. Glad I found it too because I got to see how good this turned out. Excellent paint and details. WOW....WOW.....and some more WOW!!!!
  8. As I was reading through the first page or so I was wondering if you were going to try and replicate that busy interior and was thinking that a guy would have his hands full in doing so. But it looks like you're pulling that part off really well. Excellent details.
  9. I do like the looks of this car. I've had the itch to build something more modern in the auto world (as well as in the aviation world) lately. Will be following along to see where you take this one.
  10. Headliner is a great idea there Adam.
  11. mustang1989

    1971 Duster

    Boy did I ever miss this one. Really good build of a great car. Looks absolutely fantastic Tom.
  12. Man this is off the charts Tom!! Really good fabrication and assembly work going on in this busy place. Wow bud.
  13. That...…………...is looking good. Very nice touches with the details on the engine as well as in the engine bay/ compartment. Paint's off the charts but what can I say? You've got your method down pat. All around good looking build Donn.
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