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  1. That's awesome Tom!! I'll be looking forward to seeing your take on one of these. If you need any help in regards to the build lemme know. I went to Hell and back with mine. lol Just so you know....I haven't totally disappeared from the forums. Just got ALOT of changes at work and some of 'em are requiring alot of patience to get through. The last few weeks have not been kind to me in that regard but there's some funky stuff goin' on in the ol' back room politikin' area. Additionally I've taken on another WWII warbird build. Been a long time since I've dabbled in that area but it feels good. Will be back on this one when I finish with the aircraft build.....which is goin' on in the "All The Rest WIP" section of this forum if you wanna check it out.
  2. I'll say this.....it's going to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack to procure one of those things but I'll keep my eye out for one Jens.
  3. Due to some issues at work, my time on the forums has been limited but I'm trying to make a comeback. I have not, however, given up bench time. Of the Tamiya kits that I have put together, I haven't yet seen one with such a bad fit between the fuselage/ wing join areas....until now. I've been sanding all week long and will produce some photos of the results when I'm done with that process. Here's the pics of what I'm up against though. A most terrible fit for such a good kit. At first I thought it was due to the aftermarket landing gear bay pieces but all of those clear the inside of the wing bottom. Dunno what it was but in any case.....I had my work cut out for me. and the topside aint any better...
  4. Man that looks good!!! Fantastic work!!!!!
  5. That turned out pretty dang good overall. You might could use the Eduard canopy mask for the Tamiya kit on this one with some slight trimming here and there. Stuff is low tack and works great. I just airbrush light coats and it peels off and leaves a nicely painted frame every time. It's from the UK but there's one on ebay for sale for around $12. If you're not in a hurry for it I'm sure it'll work great for this. Here you go: (EDMEX061) - Eduard Mask 1:48 - F4U-1 Birdcage (Tamiya) 8591437510610 | eBay
  6. Thanks RRR. This one here challenged me in ways that no other model has before.
  7. I already like these cars like it is but this....is a VERY good replication! Good show!
  8. YESSS!!! That's a head turner right there. Nice mods!
  9. That turned out really good. Nice paint work!!!! I built the panel wagon version of this kit several years ago and know how challenging this kit can be. Kudos to you for finishing one this well.
  10. Don't see that one built up very often. Turned out great Al!!
  11. MAN alive that looks good!!!
  12. Some more progress. In the last week it's been mostly build up and getting things ready for the painting stage of the build. Looks like the wing/ fuselage fit is gonna be pretty good on this one. Good ol' Tamiya kits....just can't beat 'em.
  13. OMG!!! Man this just keeps getting better and better. Continuing your true to form kicking A$$ and taking names!
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