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As far as a modeling history goes I've been the house plastic surgeon now in my parents house as a kid and now my house as an adult on and off for about 39 years. I started as most folks do building cars and trucks and then gradually started building 1/48th scale aircraft. With my dad being a mechanic having his own shop when I was growing it was the perfect working environment. A workbench to build on and I could use all the enamel paint and thinner there and not have to worry about making a mess, the odors assossiated with enamel paints and thinners (which was gasoline !!! LOL). I never really got good in those years but it was a lot of fun. I strayed for over a decade from the hobby then built a couple of aircraft kits from 97 to 06 which had a lot of detail but I still lacked the weathering skills needed to replicate a realistic build. Finally after a 6 year hiatus I decided to go all out and attempt to build a realistic looking model. Of course, I went back to aircraft. I have built 5 aircraft total since that time. I made the switch to automotive related builds a little in 2014 starting with a restoration of a 1970 Dodge Challenger from my childhood. I've been building automotive subjects ever since. I've got a background in the mechanical field whether its Huey helicopters or tracked vehicles in the U.S. Army,   as an automotive technician for GM for almost 20 years or as a manager at a local refinery managing an automotive service department . With that I'm glad to be here amongst fellow modelers doing what we do best.......BUILD STUFF.:D

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