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  1. That is one nifty looking Camaro MIke. Very good job picking out the chrome on the light bezels and that hood looks like a pretty dang good fit from where I'm sitting. Kudos out to you on a job well done.
  2. Thanks Carl, Jerry, Monty and Joe for the very flattering and encouraging comments. BMF ing this was dang near impossible. I tried chrome silver paint which looked good initially and then over time it did some weird stuff. Set up wrong or something. Anyway it looked terrible. This is where drastic measures are called for. Some may call me crazy for this but hey......ya gotta do what you've gotta do in modeling. I had a spare dash sooooooo. I cut it in half and cut the dash pad/ cover off of it to gain easy access to the outline of the passengers side of the dash for being able to cut a template out of BMF in which to place a perfectly cut BMF piece on that side. After creating an outline onto the BMF I cut it out to the exact shape and laid 'er into place. Not perfect....but I can live with this alot better than that other job. Still gotta do the column and steering wheel and will have to fabricate a turn signal lever for it as I cut the drumstick for a lever off of the column. I ended up going over the left side of the dash with Molotow chrome and because of its flow properties it made its way into the nooks and crannys of the gauge clusters corners. After the Molotow had dried I shot a uniform coat of MM Acrylic Flat Coat over both sides of the dash trim bringing everything to a uniform finish. I then applied the Mustang medallion to the right side of the dash. Then the decals for the instruments went on and I painted the radio up, applied the chrome to the radio and light switch knobs. Ignition cylinder bezel went on and I inserted the keys into the ignition switch. PE pedal faces went onto the pedals and I picked out the chrome trim around the pedals. I'm mostly content with this dash despite the difficulties presented with it but....I've had better.
  3. That rear seat looks perfect in that interior bud. This is coming along nicely.
  4. I do like what I'm seeing here with this build and that engine looks great. If I remember right the cooling fan on these engines was a white plastic.
  5. I've gotta remember to open up the holes in the chassis as well. Very good progress on this so far Steve.
  6. Ya know.....I tend to do that on my aircraft builds but can never remember to do that on my scale autos.
  7. A beautiful build indeed JR. Really looks class act pal.
  8. Nice n' cleanly built so far JR. Aint it great when something goes together that smoothly? I long for those days. lol
  9. Got the door handles installed and polished them up since they're metal and installed them. Gives the panels a great 3D look and you can see the reflection of the handles in the door trim which I thought was a good touch.
  10. Continuing to look good here so far Bob!! I'm liking those spinners as well.
  11. Man this looks GREAT!!! Awesome choice in cars btw.
  12. Good attention to detail on this Dave!!
  13. Oh yeah..... I already like where this one's headed.
  14. Lookin' good Pat. Hey man.....better late than never.
  15. Thanks you guys. I more than appreciate all the good feedback. LOL!!! I'm just wondering how come it took me so long. lol Thanks Pat....and I do remember your Mustang. Didn't know that you sold 'er off though.
  16. OMG man!!! That right there is one fantastic looking redo Roger!!! My hat most assuredly goes off to you for a job more than well done. WOW!!!
  17. Haven't been here in a while and regret it. What a beauty this is turning out to be Tim. Good LORD man!! You and Francis are just tearing it up pal.
  18. This looks swell Mike. What's the "motorized system" in this one?
  19. Looks good so far Bob. I hear you on the pad printed tires. Makes such a big difference. I always dread painting white lettering on tires anyways and it just takes the sting out of that part of the build when the white letters are already there for you.
  20. Sorry for being out for so long. Just have had ALOT going on in my personal world at the moment. Engines and interiors are my favorite parts of car building however I'm not liking the interior of this one as much as others. This one has some rather difficult spots particularly when it comes to the replication of some of the chrome/ aluminum plating trim. The door panel for these cars with the deluxe interior package looks like this: Started with the OOB door panel. Here it is mocked up in my GT-350 spare kit just to show what we're working with here for those of you who haven't built this kit yet. That door handle presents a nasty obstacle when trying to apply BMF to the brushed aluminum insert. After two failed attempts botching it up I just decided to remove the dang door handles and re-create the pockets that they go in so I could insert the metal ones that I ordered from Teds Modeling Marketplace later. The efforts paid off. Then came the addition of the chrome strip around the perimeter of the door panel insert as well as the addition of the mirror control lever and bezel/ retainer. Now we're just waiting on those door handles.
  21. Good LORD man!!! Haven't been on here in a while and looky what all I missed. Good show Steve.
  22. That is one sharp car Bob. I know you had your difficulties with it and all but your efforts sure paid off man.
  23. I'll definitely go check the completed build out Bob. Really enjoyed following along on this one.
  24. YESSSS!!! Looking very much forward to that Kevin. Good to see you. Man I've gotta hop back over to LSP. I've only been able to keep up with one or two forums these days.
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