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  1. I'm not sure myself which manufacturer this is but I'd really like to know. One thing that IS catching my attention is the coupe style deluxe rear panel on this bad boy.
  2. Your photography sets an already well built model off very well Steven. Beautifully done man.
  3. The "level 2 tidy" did the trick. Looks pretty dang spiffy Mike.
  4. Thanks Edgar. Yeah that orange plastic is as soft as the AMT blue Pro Street Nova kits. Thanks for taggin' along Tom. Great to have you aboard. Three??? I'm stretching it with two. lol Alllllllmost had me a 1970 split bumper. Almost. lol Thanks Mike. Yeah.....I'm workin' on that issue. Great to have you along.
  5. You were right. NASTY body warp/ twist. I managed to work that issue out this morning. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. 500 bucks?? WOW!!! Yup.....gone are those days!! I bought my first car, a 1966 Barracuda for 600. Again....gone are those days. Good start up on this Dart Dave.
  7. Read through this one this morning and really like all the detailing and a good back story is always good. You've got yourself a good looking car there Dave.
  8. Thanks for the heads up and the comments guys. I'll be jotting down little notes along the way so I can keep track of what to look for. Starting on the engine build for the Z-28. Here's the base engine completed. I'll be going with a MAD pre-wired distributor on this to cut down on time spent drilling the distributor and putting the wires in and will be ordering that tomorrow when I get paid. Base chassis all laid out ready for painting. Actually this aint a bad chassis having quite a number of parts. Per some of the reviews that I've read on these kits , I'll be attaching the front subframe assy at a later stage in the build for ease of assembly.
  9. That color does look good indeed. This thing is shaping up very nicely.
  10. Those Revell wheels / tires look like the hot ticket to me. As far as the tread depth goes......if I had a Viper that's exactly what the tread depth would be. lol Great build so far TJ.
  11. Thanks for the heads up Steve. I'll be looking for the twist for sure. I foresaw the headlight issue with the chrome bezels and all. I think I've got an idea for those.
  12. Well guys…the Mustang build, as much as I hate to say it, had to come to an end. I’ve gotta say that I really enjoyed that build alot. I had been doing alot of pondering about what was next up on the bench and had it all narrowed down to three but couldn’t make my mind up on what I wanted to build out of the three. It was really a source of frustration in a small way because I just couldn’t make a decision. So…to end that I decided not to do ANY of those but to build something that I’ve been wanting to build for a very long time… A 1970 Camaro with a big block in it and a Z-28 side by side. These kits are said to be a very difficult ones to work with but we’ll see what happens. I’m up for the challenge… These cars hold great interest to me because #1…The Baldwin offering has a big block in it and #2 The 1970 Z-28 was almost my first car…till dad stopped it. Smart guy because I probably would’ve been a grease stain on the highway at an early age. Now on the bench: Baldwin Camaros are just evil …sporting a 500+ hp 454 and covering the 1/4 mile in the 11 second range. I’ve already got the MCW Forest Green paint for this car. The real thing: The Z-28 is a beautiful car as well sporting a 350 small block. Not as nasty as the Baldwin Camaro but still packs a decent wallop. I’ll be going with Cranberry Red for this one and will be turning to MCW for the color. Stay tuned gang…...I hope to do these two cars the justice they deserve.
  13. Can't go wrong with a Mustang. Looks good!!
  14. Built this a few years back and had a BLAST with it. In 1/35th scale there's not a whole lot that's NOT covered in the AM world.
  15. What a cool thread Mike!!! Lots of cool stuff in here. That 1/250 scale rig takes the frickin' cake for me. WOW!!!
  16. Thank you Anton!! 'preciate it Rusty! Glad to have you along man. Thanks Jim!! From one '67 Mustang owner to another.....thanks Pat. I really appreciate your comments brother. John!! Where you been ol' buddy? Thank you so much for your comments!
  17. Dang.....how cool is THAT? Very well painted and detailed. Love the whole thing.
  18. That all came together very well. You can tell that alot of time and effort went into this one that's for sure.
  19. Definitely out of the ordinary and well built.
  20. WOW!!! That paint finish on that car looks amazing!!! Very well built Thomas!!
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