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  1. Looks good so far and you bring up a good point about the excess layering of paint obscuring molded in detail.
  2. Good looking lot of builds this last year Dave!! I've gotta get me one of those Firebird kits as it's one of my all-time favorite cars.
  3. Heya Ismael!!! Long time no see potna. Hope everything is going well for you bro. Great modeling this year despite the constructive distraction from the modeling bench.
  4. I like the scheme of "Black 5" as it's got some serious mottle pattern on the sides. That's weird to see an A-8 with a centerline bomb rack but anything was possible in the latter years of the war in regard to German aircraft.
  5. Getting these panel inserts into the body is proving to be a tricky process. I'm having to thin out & slightly trim the edges of the outer inserts & headlight buckets as well as the lower grille to get them to fit in the recesses properly. Before: and after: I do like what AMT did with the outside rearview mirrors. They pretty much pinned the mirrors OOB: and they fit pretty well once inserted into the holes. Maybe a little clean up but this is definitely a step in the right direction so the mirrors will stay in place when handling later.
  6. WOW!! Now THIS......is definitely cool. Looking forward to watching this one come along.
  7. Well aaaaaaaaaaaaallight!!! My favorite aircraft of all time....the Fw190. This will be A LOT of fun to watch. What paint scheme are you going with?
  8. Tamiya. ALL the way Tamiya. 1. Ease of construction. 2. Minimal seam / join lines 3. Ease of construction 4. Detail 5. Ease of construction. 6. Turns out a GREAT model!! 7. Refer to reasons #1, 3, and #5.
  9. I've gotta say, that's a great turn out considering this is not your usual and customary genre of models James. Well done bud.
  10. Looks like you really put some good time & work into it.
  11. Thanks Carl! I messed around with the core support a little more and got it to move forward........some. Not perfect but I'm not going risk all the work that I've put into it up to now in fixing a minor blem.
  12. Bob, thanks for droppin' in old friend. Thanks alot buddy. Thanks John. I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't run front plates on my 1:1 cars/ trucks either for just the reason you stated. Texas still has the front plate rule in effect. lol Thank you, Lee, for the good word pal. 'Preciate it Anders!!
  13. Very cleanly built car and those wheels and tires as well as the stance really set it all off. I hear you on twisted parts and flash. I just built a 1970 Camaro not too long ago that if I hadn't caught the slight twist in the body would have given me some fits after the paint work during final assembly. Well done.
  14. Some good work on display here. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that Sedan.
  15. Classy build with lots of details and shine. Love the stance as well as the wheel/ tire selection for this one.
  16. A busy year for you Thomas! Awesome turn outs!!
  17. A fantastic display of modeling across multiple genres. You really knocked it out of the park this year Bob!!
  18. Beautiful work on all Bernard. You really know how to put on a show brutha.
  19. Now this is just neat! You really did a great job with the patina and "wear and tear" on this one Bernard. Awesome work and am looking forward to more like this.
  20. Looks like you had a pretty dang good year to me Helmut. Great lookin' builds man.
  21. Good "used" look on this car. Got any shots of the interior?
  22. Mister, you don't mess around do ya? Those all look to be TOP SHELF builds right there. Great work on all of these.
  23. You're another one of the gang that I was waiting on "Year End Pass In Reviews" for JR. Beautiful builds you've got here bud. Looking very much forward to seeing what you bring us for the 2023 year brutha.
  24. Black is a hard color to get right and additionally to hard to keep from being boring in places like the interior. This ......is definitely NOT boring. Great shine on the exterior and good usage of different shades of black on the interior and picking out the small details. Superb build.
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