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  1. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic tamiya 1/12 porsche 934 wip   

    Hello, I really like your work, just the right amount of weathering!

    I’m looking forward to see your next report.

    The other cars are really nice examples of how sport cars developed throughout the eighties.

    Regards, Ronald
  2. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic Hamann SLR Volcano   

    The last pictures reveal the car in dry fit.

    Thank you very much for your interest in my project.
    Regards, Ronald
  3. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic Hamann SLR Volcano   

    Hello Reader,
    It’s already time for update 2.

    During the past day’s I’ve been working on the interior and engine of the car.

    The engine and the other components in the engine bay received a few layers of paint and the PE is attached. The stabilizer in the
    Hamann SLR seems to be made of titanium, so that’s the color I’ve used.

    Sometimes I don’t follow the instructions just to create something original to the car. For example the compressor, I didn’t use the same aluminum as I’ve used on the engine.

    The wiring on the engine cover is odd looking and is not even close to the original car. So I’ve cut of the plastic wiring and replaced it with real electric cables, they look better.

    Of course the cables need to be cut to seize, I’ll do that soon before final installation because ad the moment I don’t know how long they must become.

    The chairs are ready for final installation; the post shading gives the impression of shades in the seams.
    The dashboard is ready for a layer of lacquer.

    The pedal box is installed; the macro picture reveals that I have to add a little black to the corner of the pedal box.

    At the moment I’m finishing small parts, like the hats shelf and the engine bay with extra components for finall fixation, this I will do later.
  4. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic AMT 32 Ford "Deuce" 3/4/14 Wheels painted and refining body   

    I really like your model, for the paint on the wheels I like matt black.

    I'll folow your build.

    Regards, Ronald
  5. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic 1968 Mustang/Shelby GT 500   

    This is already looking great!

    I'll keep on following you.
    Regards, Ronald
  6. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic Hamann SLR Volcano   

    Hello Dan, the reason for me using this method is plain and simple I wanted to create carpet effect in my previous build. Flour was ad hand, sand was the other option but it was too dirty to use over the flour. Later I learnt about a commercial product.

    Other reasons I can imagine are, flour is cheaper and flour is neutral with regards to color, so spray paint will cover faster over flour than a darker flocking.
    Regards, Ronald

    @All, thank you very much for your positive words, they give me energy.
  7. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic Hamann SLR Volcano   

    Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for your interest and positive comments.

    About the flour, I do this for a while now and never met de the issue you comment about.
    The reason is that the flour is fully enclosed by paint so air just can't reach it.
    In other words the organic process can't start.

    Regards, Ronald
  8. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic its BUFFALO TIME 1/10 mostly scratch AKA BONE CRUSHER   

    Hello Joe,

    Yet again a magnificent piece of work from you.

    I do my best to develop to your level of craftsmanship.

    Regards, Ronald
  9. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic Hamann SLR Volcano   

    Hello Dan thanks for the compliment.

    The flour is rather easy to use Dan.
    I’ll start with a base layer in the end color and then I’ll spray a wet base in which I put the flour in. Based on the looks at the moment and the model scale I’ll repeat the procedure once or twice. Only in case I’ve forgotten a spot, I’ll fill it with a tiny bit of flour on that location.

    Good luck and happy modeling, Ronald
  10. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic 1/12 Enzos-where are they?   

    All ways good to see a WIP of the Enzo.

    A rather daring choice for the body color although it worked out nice.

    Grtz, Ronald
  11. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic Hamann SLR Volcano   

    The last picture shows the model until today.

    What is left to do; I’ll have to create depth on the chair covers, the back of the chairs have to be painted black and the hats shelf has to be varnished.
    Thank you for paying attention to my build and hope to meet again.

    Regards, Ronald
  12. Tourpretendent added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Hamann SLR Volcano
    Dear Reader,

    After the summer break from building model kits on my race bike I wanted to start over with my 1/12 Lambo. To cut the story short I was hit by a car being driven by a drunken driver.

    The parts I have to work on are too small for the moment I cannot focus or concentrate myself good enough to maintain a level of quality.
    So I’ve decided to start with a 1/24 kit (strange a 1/24 kit has bigger small parts than a 1/12 kit).

    The car in question is the Hamann SLR Volcano based on the Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR. Some love it, some hate it for its looks there’s no compromise so it seems when speaking about this car.

    The base kit is the Tamiya SLR and is very well engineered, just shake well with the box and you’re done! Well not for this guy, I bring in the Hobby Design Resin kit and a carbon decal sheet from Scale Motor Sports. The Hobby Design Resin kit fits well together, much better than what I’ve read about their full kits.

    The next picture shows the real car and is the one I’m going to recreate.

    The boxes I’m going to use during the coming weeks.

    The resin parts uring

    The brakes is it really 1/24 or?

    The upholstery will be red/brown with black carpets. Some parts though will be black such as the window frames to the roof and the back of the upholstery this will be cleared on the photos.

    I’ll use flour to create the carpets.

    Next pages for the end of the post
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  13. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic its BUFFALO TIME 1/10 mostly scratch AKA BONE CRUSHER   

    Dear Joe,

    Just 2 remarks: WHOOOOOW (no further words because to severely impressed).

    If I where the minister of defense in The Netherlands: By decree Oshkosh would be the sole supplier of vehicles to the Royal Dutch Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air force for centuries to come,unfortunately these vehicles are too large for our roads :D

    I’ll follow your build, regards Ronald
  14. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic 1-8 '69 nitrous pro mod camaro   

    What a fascinating, amazing and beautiful model it is!

  15. Tourpretendent added a post in a topic 1/12 Enzos-where are they?   

    Hello Martin,
    What a fantastic looking Cobra replica, I like that car very much for its design and raw power and a true timeless design.

    Your GT40 is extremely well built and although I’m not a fan of weathering, you did a great job doing it!

    Regards, Ronald