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  1. TexMexSu added a post in a topic A Chicago hobby landmark disappears   

    The decision to close the doors was made Thursday evening. There are many rumors on the exact reasoning behind the decision but suffice it to say that the end result is still the same.


    Those that still frequented the store saw the decline in stock and the changes that preceded the closure.

    A real shame as the girls in AL's model department (Cathy, Donna and Carol) were big supporters of our Model Car Contests back in the 1990's.
  2. TexMexSu added a post in a topic So is the 'rat rod' craze officially over?   

    So is this subject about model rat rods or full size ones?

    Ok, I understand the safety issues with driving some of the real ones, but are we also 'dissing' a rat rod model/modeler?

    Being a former model car contest sponser I can say with all truthfullness that I never knocked or berated another modeler due to their creation or lack of apparant modeling skills. Same goes for the full size ones. Sure they are some I like more than others but that is personal preference.

    At the other end of that rat rod model or real car there is a person. Somebodies son or daughter. Could be one of yours some day.

    Rather than talking here about them go talk TO them. Get to know them a little.

    I am sure that many of you have a lot of talent so why not put it to use. Offer to help them. Promote the hobby that we all enjoy.

    Or take the easy way out. Sit behind a computer screen and continue to not "get it" and continue to bash them.

    I'll be in the garage. Have fun here.

  3. TexMexSu added a post in a topic So is the 'rat rod' craze officially over?   

    Simply put.....

    .....there is nothing to "get" about a rrat rod, nor any other persons cars. It is theirs and theirs alone.

    I too at one point did not get the large amount of late model cars entered in car shows. Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers and the like.
    Nor did I get those big wheeled cars.

    Then I started talking to the owners and soon after I did indeed 'get it'.

    They love cars as much as anyone else they just look at them a little differently.

    Take a look at your wife, and your freinds wife. Are they the same? Chances are they are not.
    Do you have the same dog as your neighbor?
    Your house the same color?

    I get rat rods, and their owners/constructors.

    Art is truelly in the eye of the beholder. There is nothing to get.
  4. TexMexSu added a post in a topic Hello from Illinois!   

    Ok Jim, now that she is officially on her way home I can post a photo of the bug.

    It's a good compromise between street bug and pure off road Baja.
  5. TexMexSu added a post in a topic Hello from Illinois!   

    Golden MIle Street Machine club started the contest. When they no longer were interested my cousin (Ed) and I kept it going.
    Al's was involved but did not actually run it. They did help a lot a few years toward the end. Cathy and her two daughters.
    Ed was the guy that really did the work behind the scenes. Getting a place to host the event that was free and making sure that everyone walked away with something.

    Never has a little local model car show had the amount of doorprizes that he arranged! (and a totally free contest at that!)

    The Corvette has suffered a bit over the years and is in need of a rebuild.......


    Photo soon, but not until it is here in person.
    Last time we had a Baja lined up I posted a picture and the deal went south.
    I do not want to jinx this one, even though it is paid for I still need it shipped.

  6. TexMexSu added a post in a topic Hello from Illinois!   

    I always liked JD, in fact I purchased several of his early cars and even commissioned one being built.
    I would like to return his Corvette if he wants it. It is in need of a few repairs but I know it was one of his first and he may want it back.

    Some of you should know me then as my cousin Ed and I ran the Boulder Hill Contest the last few years.
    (every year that it has dash plaques)

    Oh you will not believe this but it is a VW Baja Bug that we are having shipped from Arizona! (Paid for it today)
    I am using Uship and the carrier will be determained Tuesday evening when the auction ends.
    Found the car on Samba.com.
  7. TexMexSu added a post in a topic Hello from Illinois!   

    We will be headed to Arizona in about 4 years.

    A VW enthusiast by chance are you? (avatar)

    We are in the process of shipping one from Arizona to us now.
  8. TexMexSu added a post in a topic Hello from Illinois!   

    We skipped DuPage this time, other plans.

    We are located in the Aurora/Naperville area.
  9. TexMexSu added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from Illinois!

    Old time/part time modeler from Illinois here.

    Wondering if anyone has heard of JD Booth.
    He entered our Model Car Contests back in the '90's but I have not heard from/of him since.
    I have one of his early models I would like to return to him.

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