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  1. Quality work is quality work, regardless of the genre or style of car...I happen to appreciate the JDM tuner cars and you've definitely done this one justice.
  2. Revell 1/8 Jaguar XK-E

    Can you let us know how the paint booth works when you get a chance to use it also?
  3. After market air to air aftercooler

    You can find them on eBay...I've ordered a few over the years and some have proven to be better/more accurate than others.
  4. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Looking good, my friend...and don't take it personally as it seems as if the 'Big Boyz' doesn't get as much traffic and subsequently far less feedback. I know I've been checking in now and then on your progress and will continue to do so.
  5. custom decal

    Try Alan at Whoopie Kat...I had reached out to him a while ago about some custom decals for me.
  6. GMC short fleet

    Who makes the tires and wheels?
  7. I've been using Duplicolor primers almost exclusively for quite a while now...they come in multiple colors (white, light grey, dark grey and 'hot rod' black) and I've never had an issue with anything I've sprayed over them including Tamiya, Testors One-Coat, regular Testors laquer or enamel and, of course, Duplicolor paints.
  8. What is going on with the window trim on the Fujimi kit in the 6th picture...it's got all kinds of shapes and bumps that don't look like they should be there.
  9. MINE`s R34 Skyline GT-R-Aoshima

    The acetone in nail polish remover will sometimes damage styrene and the acetone-free nail polish remover doesn't work well at all. Better off using either the strongest isopropyl rubbing alcohol you can find to soak it, E-Z Off Oven Cleaner, Purple Power/Simple Green or brake fluid. Stripping paint also depends upon what kind of paint was used and how long it has cured.
  10. Nova Twin Turbo Outlaw

    Is the engine scratchbuilt or did you find the Nelson BBC available somewhere?
  11. Any chance you'd be willing to print another set and, if so, what would you want for them?
  12. Where did you get the decal sheet...I'd love to build one of the Syclones I have as a Malboro edition.
  13. Retro collection 2010 gt500

    Saw your answer above and I appreciate it, my friend...car looks great.
  14. "W/IED Accessary" (SIC)...like it's some kind of aftermarket add-on.
  15. Retro collection 2010 gt500

    What color did you use for the 'copper colored primer coat' underneath the car?