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  1. That could honestly pass for being a 1:1...
  2. I thought that too...he's got a very Hunter S. Thompson vibe working.
  3. I think he was being facetious in that an aluminum wheel wouldn't rust...
  4. Some of those pictures could pass for a 1:1 Chevelle...gorgeous work.
  5. @NOBLNG Those headers you bent-up look nice.
  6. The ones he got are Lightning wheels also...they're the style that came on the '01-'02 trucks, which is what mine had stock. I'm now running 20" wheels in the '03-'04 style with the rears widened to 11" from the original 9.5".
  7. He's got 99 problems but I know what "ain't one" of them...
  8. And plug changes are a breeze with them being right in the middle of the valve cover on those 4V heads...
  9. That turned out nice and I like that color...huge fan of the GN/T-Type Regal and you definitely captured it.
  10. Grand National came before the GNX...
  11. That picture is straight out of "Harry and the Hendersons" and it's fantastic...just a little 'nudge' with the ol' wagon family truckster.
  12. How did you like working with the 'chroming powder'? I've seen it before and always been tempted to get some but wasn't sure how easily it applied and how well it worked...but based on your results I might have to give it a shot.
  13. The Revell-ogram Jeep might have tires and wheels that would work for you and, oddly enough, the wheels have six lugs.
  14. That makes far more sense and now that I look closer I can see the attachment points to the actual body and how 'undersized' it actually is...perhaps those folks telling me I might need glasses are right after all.
  15. What is going on with that big, giant 'R E M O V E' molded into the door...that's not real convenient.
  16. I just want to know how to get my hands on a few sets of those Nitto Mud Grapplers...
  17. Yeah, the new MotoGP bikes are getting crazy with winglets and aero here and there and the 'launch control' and rear-end squat coming out of corners to combat wheelies is amazing to watch. Nothing like the bikes i grew-up watching with the likes of the guys you mentioned.
  18. The Ducatis sure don't look like they used to back in Foggy's day, do they?
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