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  1. Armornv added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 6/24/2015 Added Video   

    Man Chris, you are putting a truck TON of effort into this one and it shows! Very, very nice man!
  2. Armornv added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - New Pics 8-1   

    Yep, you are quickly driving me to take up coin collecting Tim! Truly great work. I can't wait to see this one when it's done. Until then, I'll sit back and wait eagerly for every update!
  3. Armornv added a post in a topic 72 Chevy SWB Finally an Update! 4/20/15   

    So I finally got back to this... I have a tendency to put modeling aside for months at a time (or longer). That, coupled with being a painfully slow builder... Equals few and far between updates! Anyways, still working mostly on the bed. I do have a few pictures to show.
    I'm not accustomed to scratch building/ converting things, so these may not be all that great to some of you. but ya gotta start somewhere right?

    Ok so last time I showed a bedside that I had cut, shortened, and re-glued. Here are both bedsides after surgery. I have also added the more prominent detail of the inside of the bedsides as well as the rear of the bedsides where the tail light/reverse light goes.
    These are the casts I made of my masters. I'm not too swift at casting either but these were the most usable of the ones I made. There are still a few areas that will need work. In retrospect, I could've/should've given more love to my masters, but I didn't. Lesson learned, moving on.

    Here is the inside. The stake pockets are not quite "accurate", but still a better representation than box stock. You can't see from the pics, but I left the stake pockets filled as I figured it would be easier to mold that way. Plus, I would've filled them anyways.

    The front bed panel was scratched from plastic sheet. This is another part that wasn't completely accurate and needed to be changed.It still needs a bit of cleanup as well.

    Here is the pic of the rear wheel housing that I modified and cast. Neither have been cleaned up. These shouldn't require too much attention.

    And here is a shot of the master.

    That,s about it for the bed so far. Oh, I do have the floor made, not sure I'm completely happy with either of the two attempts, but I think it will work. No pic of it at the moment but I'll try and get one on the next update. Once I get the bedsides where I want them, and figure a couple of other things out, I'll get started on the tailgate. Still deciding whether I want to try and modify the kit part, or just start from scratch...

    Here's a couple of other parts I've been working on from other areas of the truck. I created a core support in Inventor and had Shapeways print one up. I went with the strong and flexible just to see how rough it is. As you can see.... probably won't go that route again. It's a fairly basic rendering of it, but considering what the kit had as a core support.... pretty big improvement IMO.

    I also separated the one piece grill/bumper (which required two kits) I haven't decided exactly how I want to handle the grill, but the bumper is almost ready for a mold. I thought the rivets in the bumper were a little to faint, so I drilled them out and put some Scale Hardware rivets in there.

    The reason I'm molding all these parts, is a: so I don't have to remake all these pieces as I plan on doing several of these builds... eventually..... maybe....

    Also, it's tough to say with out seeing them on the truck, but I'd like some opinions on wheel sizes. My choices:
    18x8 and 20x10

    Or, 20x8 and 20x10

    Well, thanks for dropping by if you did! If you didn't, you wouldn't know I typed this!

    Thoughts, ideas, questions, all welcome!

  4. Armornv added a post in a topic Got these 6 projects going this month for April   

    Looks like fun to me. I think we need to see more pics of the gold/silver one and the dual motor semi... Yep, need more. They all look good so far though!
  5. Armornv added a post in a topic What do you wish was available in large scale kits?   

    Interesting. Do you what company it was? Just curious.
  6. Armornv added a post in a topic What do you wish was available in large scale kits?   

    I would love to see some trucks in 1/16. 50's, 67-72, 73-87 Chevy... Probably about the same for Fords. I don't know the Fords as well, but I've seen some pretty good looking ones around.
  7. Armornv added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - New Pics 8-1   

    Pretty sure we've all run out of descriptive words for this build. Your precision and overall execution is simply awesome. I have watched in awe at every update. Also thanks for the explanation of your cleaning tools, I had never seen number 3 before, and have to look for those tiny diamond files. They look to be very useful.
  8. Armornv added a post in a topic Fairmont drag car build - Hub/hat/stud and trans tunnel update 7/28/15   

    Looking at pictures of bone stock Fairmonts, I've always been kinda meh... Never really thought it was anything fantastic. But seeing this version of one has completely opened my eyes! This is an awesome looking ride! Your attention to detail and overall build quality if simply awesome. I love what you're doing with this one. Can't believe I haven't commented on it yet! Seriously great work so far Scott!
  9. Armornv added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - New Pics 8-1   

    Thanks for the praise Chris. I'll look around and see if I have any pics from some of my other builds.
  10. Armornv added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - New Pics 8-1   

    Thanks Tim. I do my best! Looking forward to the next update on yours.
  11. Armornv added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - New Pics 8-1   

    I do have a Photobucket, but not a lot in there. I just checked and there are a couple of finished tanks. King Tiger and a Panther G. I don't take pics, nor post very much of my builds.
    Not sure if this will work...

    Also not sure if will let you get to any of the other albums. There's not much to see in them. some sculpiting, some miniature painting, started builds, etc. Feel free to look around though.
  12. Armornv added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - New Pics 8-1   

    Well Tim I certainly didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I just really do think you are very talented. I wish I had even a fraction of the talent I've seen here. I've spent the majority of my modelling days on 35th scale armor (which I got decent at), but I have very little experience with car models. I just never realized how much fun they can be!
    It seems I was a bit too excited when I typed my last comment. To clarify, I wasn't trying to single anyone out, nor was I trying to leave anyone out. I completely agree that there is a massive amount of talent on these forums (on others too
    I'm sure).
    I'm sure you realize I wasn't trying to be negative or anything like that. I just try to do my best to make sure my comments make sense lol!

    I will definitely keep following this one. And if you don't mind, I will probably spend the day tomorrow right click>save as on all the pics in this thread.

    And once again, I'm rambling and probably making no sense.
    As you were...
  13. Armornv added a post in a topic 77 Chevy down LOW ! 3/23/15 , UP DATE ,shot some color on today .   

    Looks good to me. Love the design of the interior. I'm more partial to gray interiors but tan really seems to work quite well with that WOW shade of green!
  14. Armornv added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 6/24/2015 Added Video   

    Hey Chris. I haven't checked in on this in quite some time, but I'm up to date on it now! Exceptional work as always sir. I have to agree on the bottles, the newest version is definitely the one to go with in my opinion. That's the only thing I've sort of questioned so far ( if I may be so bold lol) But this newest one looks spot on to me! Keep it going man, All the hard work will pay off soon and I can't wait to see it!
  15. Armornv added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - New Pics 8-1   

    Ok, so I've just thumbed through this whole thread and my only question I have for you Tim is this.... What the hack are you? Are like half human-half CNC machine?!?!? Only joking of course. Like what's been said a number of times in this thread, your work is simply amazing. I haven't even seen a single piece that's crooked, or lopsided, or off in any way shape or form. That's quality. Plain and simple. Especially in 25th scale. You sir are a master if there ever was one. Not trying to take away from Chris, and Dave's phenomenal work in their respective builds, but my gosh man. Truly great work so far.
    Watching with great interest.