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  1. Hey Chris, I sent you a reply. Basically, it depends on the part. Size, amount of material, what material you have it printed in etc.
  2. Looks great Chris. I love Magic Sculpt. It's wonderful for all kinds of model related things!
  3. Chris man, those parts look great! Maybe one day I'll get to the point of being able to design such intricate parts, but for now, it's just the basics for me. I especially like the parts for the body cart. those are super cool. I know all to well how it feels to want to shelf something. It happens a lot more when you suck at building. Trust me on that lol! I say push through it, because what you have done here so far is simply incredible, beautiful, and downright awesome! Can't wait to see it with all those new parts on it!
  4. Great work on the parachute Chris! It really does look the part. And that toggle switch.... insane!
  5. Absolutely mind blowing work. Just plain wonderful. Well done sir!
  6. Those grips are the bees knees for sure Chris. Really, really nice!
  7. Good grief that's a whole lotta machined goodness right there. Absolutely incredible.
  8. Thanks Chris. The more stuff I order (it's already getting VERY expensive lol), the more excited I get. Hoping to get some good build time in this weekend.
  9. Thanks Tom. The tires (rear) are modeled after 31x18.5-15's. I could have gone bigger now that I have them in hand and shoved them up under the body but I think they'll do fine. I don't have the actual measurements in front of me at work. I'll take a look when I get home this afternoon. Edit: Tom: looks like about 1.93 inches in diameter and 1.10 width overall.
  10. Hey Tim! Wonderful work as always. It's still so hard to wrap my around the fact that this is all in 25th scale. Even with the reference pics. (pennies, pencils, tweezers) So incredible man.
  11. Looky what I got in the mail today!!! Got the "first draft" of my tires in. I think they look pretty decent if I do say so myself. Time will tell if I stick with these or modify/redesign them. These were done in Autodesk Inventor and printed by Shapeways in the strong and flexible polished. I was a bit weary of that material as I've done a couple of pieced in the un-polished and they are ROUGH. At least for 1/25 scale they are. Anyways, I tried the polished for these and they are pretty smooth. Still will need some clean up I'm sure. I'll try and get some primer on them before I do any sanding to see how they look. Also got the 9 inch rear end, and the dual carb blower. Both from TDR and both in frosted ultra detail. They are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to start tinkering with them! There are still some parts I need to source before I can really dig into it, but I can at least start planning things out. I should be able to get the rear subframe mostly built... I think. I'll need to whip some wheels as I had to wait till I got the rear end here so I could get measurements off the rotor hub to make sure the wheels will fit. I still need to get a four link from somewhere, the tubing and rod ends to go along with that. Tubing for the axle housing and some coil overs( not sure I could build those from scratch). I at least did get a tiny start on things. I had enough info to tell me roughly where to cut the frame off the kit. I didn't... but I did cut out the molded in floor between the frame rails. My thought is to keep the kit rails in place until I get the sub frame made to the correct length and height so I'll still be able to put the bumper on... Not sure how well that'll all work, but that's my plan for now. I did the cutting with a new toy that I picked up a week or so ago. I knew that the Dremel Stylus isn't made anymore. Tim (Codi) seems to be really happy with his. (2 I think ) I just happened across this one on Amazon for a pretty decent price and it had some decent reviews so I said why not? Never heard of the brand Genesis. This is the first thing I have done with it, but I like it so far. That's enough rambling for now. Thanks for stopping by!
  12. I gotcha. I know exactly what you're talking about now. The info is very much appreciated.
  13. Mark - I'll be using (attempting) a 4 link on it for sure. I did find some instructions on Chris Alston's page that gave me some good info for different measurements that should help me locate things much better than eyeballing it. All the research I've done, pics I've seen of the frame for 55-57 show it as a standard two rail frame with no lateral deviation except for up towards the front, so I'm not sure where you mean the frame tucks back in? There is a curved body reinforcement "strip that is located around that area. No sideways dips to speak of around there that I can see.
  14. Thanks guys. Tom - Great idea. Never thought about using card stock, or anything for that matter for a mock up. Mark - Thanks for the link. I've looked through Alston's and S&W race cars, Haven't looked at art morrison or chassisworks yet though. I have a pretty good idea on how I'm going to go about building it, just can't find any reference on where it's supposed to attach on the 55 frame. Once I get my initial parts in it should get me a better idea at what I need to do. Thanks folks! Keep the info flowing!
  15. I think.... I have a slightly better idea of where to start the back half now. Still can't find more than a couple of pics of where someone has shown it though. I have also come to realize that I need to have at the very least, the rear tires, and rear end before I can start hacking and bending. The rear end is already being printed at shapeways so I decided to whip up some mostly generic rear tires. I'd really like to have Some Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro's under it, but my 3D skills aren't quite good enough to do that pattern. I instead used a pattern similar to their E/T Street Radial tires. Not perfect but good enough for now I guess. Here's a shot from Inventor. 31x18.5-15 is the size. Might go a little bigger. I'll just have to see how it looks when I get it.