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  1. CatBassin added a post in a topic AMT 32 high boy rat rod   

    Nice looking rat rod. For some reason the flames set it off for me.
  2. CatBassin added a post in a topic Studebaker Lark with Cris Craft runabout   

    Nice build, THAT BOAT THOUGH!!!
  3. CatBassin added a topic in Auto Art   

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  4. CatBassin added a post in a topic Rat Vega "Graffiti"   

    Different but cool.
  5. CatBassin added a post in a topic 32 5 window Rat rod   

    Lovin the roof welds.
  6. CatBassin added a post in a topic Stang Wagon   

    Looks good. Ford should've thought of that themselves.
  7. CatBassin added a post in a topic AMT Rat Rod chevrolet pickup truck "belair"   

    That thing is NASTY!!!
  8. CatBassin added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Figured I'd Introduce Myself
    Hey y'all. I've been sniffing around here and figured I'd go ahead and join. Recently I've decided to get back into building model cars and thought this is the place to be. I used to build as a kid, nothing special just out of the box, but now I want to do custom work so I'm hoping to pick up some tips and tricks here. I look forward to getting to know y'all, learning, and hopefully giving some advice one day.
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