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  1. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic Cuttin' up a Kenworth   

    Ahhh your body work what awesome as well as the gravel trailer! Keep it going over there!!!!
  2. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic 1970's Kenworth C-500 off highway logging truck   

    Now that's the thickest bulk head that I have ever seen! Love it!
  3. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic '74 Kenworth W900A Show Truck (Extended sleeper)   

    Edit: "Bowtienutz" I'm planning on using those hood vents as well. I'm going to plate the hood vents with alclad II.
  4. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic '74 Kenworth W900A Show Truck (Extended sleeper)   

    "olsbooks" I used styrene rod of different sizes, an thanks every one for commenting on my scratch work. As you have not seen any thing yet, once I get the truck done the Combination load trailers has to be fully scratch build as well as it's load.
    This is the one of the load ideas but a much bigger version.

    This is the other load idea.

    An I'll only be using the one jeep configuration.

  5. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic '74 Kenworth W900A Show Truck (Extended sleeper)   

    Thanks, as of last week I build the large cab wing. Oh and the front bumper is scratch built as well.

    I was thinking about making some and selling them on ebay but I doubt any one want them.

  6. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic Scratchbuilt Car Hauler Almost Done 10/13/2013   

    Stunning work man, I'd love to try and building one my self!
  7. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic '74 Kenworth W900A Show Truck (Extended sleeper)   

    Now the foor is not glued in place.

    Here I looking at just how long the new sleeper will be and just were I will need to make my chassis cuts.

    The tire are resin in some of the photos and there called energy consumption tires, there made by my friend and fellow truck builder. This is what the cab looks like right now. Sorry for the fuzzy photo as this photo came from a club display.

  8. WhiteR34_287 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    '74 Kenworth W900A Show Truck (Extended sleeper)
    Hello every one I'm new to this forum and I wanted to show my work progress on my "Kenworth W900A Show Truck". Now this is only the start. As you know I'm using the Revell 1:25th KW W900 kit. An I'm looking at having that Extended sleeper look. I found a photo to back up my idea. (An now I'm not going to paint my truck white).
    Edit: I only post 4 images per post for those that have slow net service.

    Any way before I started thinking of the theme name. I was thinking of doing a stretch job on the sleeper. An I first thought it may not look right, till I found this photo.

    After see that photo, I knew stretching the sleeper will look really cool. Now my stretch will be just a little longer than that of the photo. Here's some of my work from to months ago.
    Coming up with just how long I want it to be.. (A paper Ruler) LOL

    Sleeper bed floor and it's detailed chassis.

    Don't ask my why I added detail in a place that no one will see but I did any way!

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  9. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic custom international transtar   

    So far that's some sweet build work and painting!!!
  10. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic KW W900 Aerodyne Snap tite 1:25   

    Stunning work man!!!
  11. WhiteR34_287 added a post in a topic AMT White Freightliner COE   

    Really grate work on the cab and adding scratch built detail to the engine block , I to have this kit an I see I'm going to have to add a significant amount of detail to make the engine look show quality.