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  1. Big Rig Cannonball (any truck with a 5th wheel?) Wayne
  2. Wow that is nice, I would not have said pink, its a really nice colour Wayne
  3. Nice car Mike, I have had a look at some slot car sites, just so much available, need to get on a slot car forum to see what is good or not Wayne
  4. Hi Mike, any suggestions as to some suitable slot car wheels please, Thanks Wayne
  5. I have a 1.32 gowland & gowland hot rod and decided to do something a bit different with it as I did not like the V8 with the kit - I found a mercedes SSK engine in my spares box as well as the chassis from the MG TD - I have mocked these up with two different sets of wheels, any thoughts please - Not trying to base it on any style per say, just a rod from different parts - I am looking for a ford coupe body to use instead of the gowland body though. Cheers, Wayne
  6. DIY instructions website http://www.instructables.com/
  7. OMG that is great, I could easily drive round in one!
  8. Cool I will have a look, I was thinking of putting odds together on my buggy just to get it built, use old truck wheels or something, with a 1930s Aston Martin engine or such!!
  9. Ah a pity I did not see this earlier, I have a body and a few parts that I was hoping to rebuild if I could find parts - Anyway at least it gives you another neat build with the porsche Wayne
  10. cool idea this, I look forward to seeing the progress Wayne
  11. Hi Jonathan, I hope it will be a nice little project to practise on before I try my monogram Rolls-Royce or Italeri Cadillac Fleetwood, which will be practise runs for my Fujimi Lamborghini Countach Wayne
  12. Thanks Andy, I now have a set of monogram instructions so onto the rebuild - I need to find some odd n ends like door handles but will worry about that later Wayne
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