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  1. Big Rig Cannonball (any truck with a 5th wheel?) Wayne
  2. Wow that is nice, I would not have said pink, its a really nice colour Wayne
  3. Nice car Mike, I have had a look at some slot car sites, just so much available, need to get on a slot car forum to see what is good or not Wayne
  4. Hi Mike, any suggestions as to some suitable slot car wheels please, Thanks Wayne
  5. I have a 1.32 gowland & gowland hot rod and decided to do something a bit different with it as I did not like the V8 with the kit - I found a mercedes SSK engine in my spares box as well as the chassis from the MG TD - I have mocked these up with two different sets of wheels, any thoughts please - Not trying to base it on any style per say, just a rod from different parts - I am looking for a ford coupe body to use instead of the gowland body though. Cheers, Wayne
  6. DIY instructions website http://www.instructables.com/
  7. OMG that is great, I could easily drive round in one!
  8. Cool I will have a look, I was thinking of putting odds together on my buggy just to get it built, use old truck wheels or something, with a 1930s Aston Martin engine or such!!
  9. Ah a pity I did not see this earlier, I have a body and a few parts that I was hoping to rebuild if I could find parts - Anyway at least it gives you another neat build with the porsche Wayne
  10. cool idea this, I look forward to seeing the progress Wayne
  11. Hi Jonathan, I hope it will be a nice little project to practise on before I try my monogram Rolls-Royce or Italeri Cadillac Fleetwood, which will be practise runs for my Fujimi Lamborghini Countach Wayne
  12. Thanks Andy, I now have a set of monogram instructions so onto the rebuild - I need to find some odd n ends like door handles but will worry about that later Wayne
  13. Thanks guys, I have also had mention that it could be the monogram 1/24 Cadillac V16 - Probably the same as the Johan and Lindberg cars? Tony N - yes it is a 1/24 or 1/25 kit Wayne
  14. Hi All, pics below of my latest spares/glue bomb acquisitions - I bought the lot for the Cadillac? tourer (1/24), can anyone tell me who it is by please, I need to try get instructions for it - The rest I will probably sell off to recoup some of my money spent on this lot. Wayne
  15. A lot of work but they do look so much better, well done Wayne
  16. I have a scan of an article that was sent to me by a kind member on this forum, if he does not reply, pm me with your email address - I hope he won't mind me passing it on wayne
  17. Hi, welcome - I look forward to seeing your builds, nice motorcycle you have built there Wayne
  18. wow nice recovery on those models
  19. Wow awesome cars, vote has to be for Bruce Wayne #10---1/24--- Mercedes Benz W196
  20. super build, I love the added details, Wayne
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