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  1. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic Custom 1966 Volvo P1800s "Bringing this back to the bench!"   

    Look at some of the 60's jaguars. They have a similar oval style grill housing. Might work for your Volvo project.
  2. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic '35 Auburn Boattail   

    thanks for all the tips on the filler. I will be looking into alternatives before I start my next build, I've managed to get myself good and frustrated with the milliput since starting this one out, I really hope it doesn't become the end all to this paint job. I was going for flawless, and I have been having issues with the milliput and lacquer paint reacting strangely. Like it doesn't want to stick, its been lifting on the edges and causing the milliput to stick out like a sore thumb.

    I also ran out of paint, from the little can...so I need to hit up the LHS on my way home from work today. It has been requested by the other builder in the house that I pick up a couple, as she also wants to try it out on a build. Its an awesome color.

    I got the gauges and bezels ordered on Monday, and the seat painted vintage white last night. Should be a good ending, so long as the paint job doesn't kill me. lol
  3. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic Old dog struggeling to learn new tricks   

    Welcome Tom! To the familiar smell of plastic, paint, decal set, and future floor polish. I hope we can help you in any way you need. There's always an ear laying around in here, and if not someone here could build one in a jiffy. I look forward to going and checking out your work!
  4. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic '35 Auburn Boattail   

    Been slow going recently, I will be starting a new job shortly and so getting things squared away with the old job and preparing for the new one has taken me away from the Auburn. Perhaps I should call it "slower burn" I did manage to get the first coat of paint on, and sanded. I had some minor reactions from using an enamel based primer, but the crackling was minimal and I was able to get it all sanded out, so hopefully I won't have any more issues with the next paint layer going on smoothly.

    I also made up the wood dash. I made a run out to woodcraft (I needed some x-mas gifts, and a new set of drillbits for the pin vice) and found a nice micro grained piece of mahogany. I was able to cut it down yesterday and get it sanded to fit. It fits much better than the stock chrome dash, which had almost an 1/8'' on either side. Now I just have to get the bezels and dial decals ordered.

    Progress however slow, is still progress.
  5. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic '35 Auburn Boattail   

    Got started late tonight, after work I stopped in at the LHS. Found some treasures.
    Tonight consisted of a LOT of sanding. I was struggling to get the milliput to sand out smooth, not sure if I ended up with air bubbles trapped during the filling process or what exactly was going on. It will need a bit more filler most likely, before it straightens out.

    In other news, I found the paint color.
  6. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic Removing Chrome Plating   

    so, I tried ammonia last night, and bleach. My chrome parts were all very clean...but still chrome. I had a bottle of CLR sitting around and decided to give it a whirl. worked like a charm, and it was the dollar store variety. From the ingredients list, its mostly sodium hydroxide (lye). Its caustic stuff, so you have to glove up, but its pretty cheap and worked well. Took both the chrome, and the undercoating off.
  7. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic 34 Duesenberg   

    The little part of my heart that is reserved for Duesenberg's is aching...but you did a fine job putting her together. I haven't had the guts to chop and channel any of the true oldies yet. One of these days I will break down and do it. Great work!
  8. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic 2003 jeep rubicon   

    Just about finished, I opted to scrap the subwoofer box due to some scale and fit problems. One of the step rails was bent on the sprue so I decided to skip those, and I have some finish work on the door panel diamond plate, but otherwise she is done.
  9. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic '35 Auburn Boattail   

    More progress tonight, pulled all those freshly primed parts from the paint booth. Re-did the mock up, I am really liking the way the body lines flow without the bumper mounts, it looks much cleaner.

    During the mock up, I decided that I didnt like the broken look between the running boards and the fender lines, in this kit the fenders ride above the running boards and it makes the body ride higher, which I didnt like. So out came the pin vise with a spiral scroll saw blade mounted in it, I trimmed the overlap off the running boards. Worked up some milliput and worked the pieces together.
    I also decided after sanding off the ridge lines on the side panels of the engine housing, that the vents did indeed need to be filled. So the extra milliput got put to use there. Now I am waiting for things to dry while the chrome sprues soak in some clorox, and I watch the ducks game...too bad they're losing.
  10. Jeepgirl added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Future in layers?
    I use future to thin my acrylics, but I would also like to use it as a tinted clear coat...would there be issues with multiple coats of future during the painting process?

    I think some testing may be required here. I have already run the future thinned acrylic through the airbrush, and it shoots like a dream, but the paint job that I am hoping to achieve is going to require a tinted clear coat and I was hoping to accomplish that with the future also. Of course letting it full dry between coats.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any experience shooting multiple layers of future, and what kind of issues they have come across.
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  11. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic '35 Auburn Boattail   

    Ah yes, the initial cause of my drool spill in the workspace. "Slow Burn" is the Auburn that I am using as my "Mona Lisa" So to speak, clean lines, immaculate finish (well at least under the show lights, and camera lens, there are flaws in everything its what makes us each unique). I have lots, and lots, and lots of sanding to do... Aside from how tastefully simple his Auburn is, I love the color of the paint, and as much as I want this build to stand out on its own, I would love to mimic the paint color in some way.
  12. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic 49' Mercury Custom Coupe - First Solo Kit   

    Its looking great, can't wait to see where it goes next.
  13. Jeepgirl added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '35 Auburn Boattail
    So, the news is out. I have begun my first non-Jeep build, and its an ambitious build at that. I chose the Lindberg Auburn Speedster kit. Right out of the box, there was a ton of flash, nearly all the non body parts are chrome and the fenders were full of dips and ridges. This is my first non-unibody (I think that's what its called) I started out test fitting pieces, for a mockup, and immediately the two halves of the boattail don't want to line up correctly. I managed to get everything together for the mockup, and started looking at ideas. Via our magical car history image database (a.k.a. google). I promptly cleaned up the drool spill, and went to work.

    Here is the box art.

    I glued the boattail halves together, as close to lined up as I could. (it was still going to need a lot of work to get it to look right), and then got all the body pieces out to primer. (after a thorough cleaning and drying of course)

    Here is the mock up.

    After primer I started filler work on the boattail, and started sanding the fenders so I could really see how bad they were. They were BAD! I had a few low spots that required patch work, so I got started on that last night.

    I also decided that I wanted to lose the bumper mounts, so those were trimmed and sanded down, as well as the ridge lines on the side walls of the engine housing. Sanded smooth now, I am trying to decide if I am going to back fill the vents, or leave them open. I am thinking filling smooth is the way to go.

    Everything got another coat of primer last night, right before bed. (we all prime parts in our pajamas don't we?). I should have gotten more pictures of the sanding and trimming process. My plans at the moment are to go home and do more sanding on the body today, as well as beginning the chrome removal process on the plated sprues. I will try to remember to get more pictures as I go along.

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  14. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic The Frozono Merc   

    Looking great, might looking into masking the seats on an Auburn that I am working on. Keep up the great work.
  15. Jeepgirl added a post in a topic drag/race jeep rubicon.   

    Curious to see how this one turns out, I will be following along. Looks like a neat idea.