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    Hello Model collectors
    Model building was part of growing up but, as an adult, it's not something I've invested time or money in.

    However, I do have serious interest in obtaining models of very specific cars.

    1970 AMC Javelin-SST
    This is a very specific car -one year only production. The SST -not the AMX or Go Pack.
    This was my first new car after discharge from the Navy back in 1970. Around 76-77 I sold it to go to college. Loved that car.
    Now 40+ years later I have an exact copy - a real one and would like to have models to add to the car's display/collection and my personal history.
    Interested in any size, model manufacturer, assembled or kit variations.

    My Second model interest:
    1982 Chevy El Camino Royal Knight
    A new acquisition though no personal connection or history foundation. Just a great design, exceptional historic find.

    Looking forward to the search here elswhere. Any input or suggestions welcome.

    aka Earle

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