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  1. Tankerdog added a topic in General   

    Modeler Hall of Fame?
    I'm throwing this out there for the sake of it. I did this a few years ago on an armor forum and was surprised at the responses. In the end I felt sad after the miles of postings. As modelers we have no organization that recognizes people for their extensive contributions to the hobby. Other than interview bits and pieces in magazines or websites we have nothing of significant archive, a Hall of Fame, if you will.

    What I found was geography played a major roll in the lack of exposure of those who have contributed a large piece of their lives for our benefit. Every country or region has modeling greats from the past and present. We still have to tell new modelers about the greats via conversation. With the internet, at our disposal, I find this seriously lacking. Oh we go out and connect with other modelers and learn who is current and making a difference through websites, forums and publications, but not so much as a wimper after they are gone.

    On the armor side I was saddened by the military modelers the UK produced decades ago before Shep Paine got our attention. All these 'fathers' of Airfix British military modeling are gone now and very few are still alive to even remember who they were.

    We modeler's are suffering the same fate. Some motivated, energetic group of caring individuals would be needed to take on such a task. The 'board' of people to decide, would need to be varied, fairly extensive, and completely objective. Perhaps seperated by modeling subject.

    I hope this could spark such and individual.

    If experience serves me, a battery of postings will follow and include personal nominees. Well, we have no organized Hall of Fame yet, but a shout out for our modeling heros never hurts, and never fails to get the fingers typing. And for those, on this forum, that get a 'Ah shucks' shout out, accept it, you probably earned it.

    Who are your car modeling heros?
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  2. Tankerdog added a post in a topic What to do when the love is gone?   

    For me I have figure out where the block came from; modeling, the hobby in general, or other life's activities and situations.

    If it's modeling, in particular my modeling, I either need a bigger challenge and take one on, spice things up, or build something different. Sometimes the detailed crazy several month long builds can get a modeler down, a quick back to fun build can do the trick. Or build a different subject all together.

    If it's the hobby in general, I have to get honest about what is getting under my skin or causing the apathy. It can be tough when a modeler gets really good, is regarded as a 'expert', or 'pro', by whatever definition, and what the modeler is good at is where the modeling stays. Sometimes we build a little fort around what we're willing to build and how we go about it. Start filling the 'I love me' wall with awards, get a some magazine articles under the belt, or some other involvement and burn out can follow. Get subbed by the hobby somehow, maybe a magazine, or contests and the the old ego can take a hit. I experienced a variety I just described and needed a new direction from the model subjects I was involved in. Found myself surrounded by several cars in various stages and a boat load of new stuff to learn and try out. It really saved my flame out I was heading towards.

    If it's life, that opens a whole other can of something. Modeling is in the blood and will always return no matter the break or reason, time can do that to anyone.

    Here's another one. Getting connected with other modelers. I and 38 Crush managed to start a monthly get together at our local hobby shop to get modelers out of the house and talk shop. No heavy duty structured club, in fact we have no name or affiliation, but for years now we have never failed to have turn out and new guys showing up. A flyer gets taped to the door and I notify everyone in email shot and all get our modeling endorphines going. Those are the best motivating bull sessions we could have. 38 Crush and I have commented on several occasions we drag ourselves to the meet, thinking we should be doing something else and end up going home all motivated to jump into a project, or continue. Nothing compares to the comaraderie and seeing others work no matter what it is.

    I have to say, car modelers are the best group of people I have ever met in the modeling arena. After 30 years in other subjects, winning awards, writing articles, apeasing clients for cash, you car guys are by far the best brotherhood I've seen, you all really kept the faith. Glad to be amounst the lot of you, it sure saved my modeling.
  3. Tankerdog added a post in a topic 1932 Ford roadster hot Rod   

    That's a coincedence, I have the same configuration on the bench now; no blower on the boss, just dual carbs and blue. Yours look great! Gotta love Ford pure.
  4. Tankerdog added a post in a topic 1966 Ford Fairlane   

    Very, very nice! I love the Fords.
  5. Tankerdog added a post in a topic 64 fairlane gasser   

    I love it. The 429 looks good in that hole. Give us more pics!
  6. Tankerdog added a post in a topic AMT's Ford F350 pickups   

    That makes sense, volumes could be filled with factory stock arrangements. Now if we can get a PE fret of all those badges. My 70 was a Ranger which had the wide chrome strip, which it appears on the 71 box art. A friend of mine had a 71 which had the narrow chrome strip, and for the life of me I don't remember the badging.

    I was doing alright working on a gasser, now I can't stop thinking about Ford pickups:)
  7. Tankerdog added a post in a topic AMT's Ford F350 pickups   

    Some 78-79 minutia. If I recall, from rebuilding mine, the Stones truck would have to be a late 78, not sure of the month, or it could be a 79. Early 78 PU & Broncos had round headlights.

    I agree with the 73 grille, and rest through 77 for that matter. Yeah, yeah, yeah keep dreamin'. Really happy to hear a 71 is on the way. Of the 3 pre-cove, insert grille trucks, the 71 looks the best to me. That kit could easily be made into a 70, or 72. If you throw BMF on the 71 don't forget the grille inserts, the center crossbars were a snapped on chrome piece on the 1:1 trucks.

    Can you tell? I love these trucks...
  8. Tankerdog added a post in a topic 40 Ford Speed Shop Pickup   

    Everybody called it right, simply outstanding. Now it needs the shop it belongs to.
  9. Tankerdog added a post in a topic Pro Street Lincoln.   

    Agree with all responses. You cna just about tell the time on the clock from the reflection on the roof. If this was the hot rod Lincoln in the song, daddie would have ripped wires out, or worse.
  10. Tankerdog added a post in a topic Custom 32 Roaster   

    Love the stance. Check out the interior door panel lining up with the exterior door panel. I had to do some interior chopping to get the door edges to line up on mine. That is a sweet kit, I wouldn't hesitate having a few.
  11. Tankerdog added a post in a topic 289 HiPo   

    Made some masters myself for armor, outstanding work, and research. Being a fan of Ford's; two thumbs up!

  12. Tankerdog added a post in a topic 57 FORD [ GASSER] ?UP DATE 11-13 13 almost done !   

    I love gassers, and this one a Ford. I sure want this kit now.

    Excellent job, so far.

  13. Tankerdog added a post in a topic Whats To Much? 24cyl. 12 superchargers, (( updated 11-13))   

    Looks like some crazy redneck monorail that goes 200mph. I'd ride that train.

  14. Tankerdog added a post in a topic Gasser idea, and need a little info.   

    Added that site too, excellent site. I have to tell you, a couple hours of help beat several internet searches using silly words like 'gassers'. Shooting blind on search engines these days is like hunting land mines, blindfolded, with a hammer.

    Now I wanna build more gassers.

    Many thanks again!
  15. Tankerdog added a post in a topic Gasser idea, and need a little info.   

    Just added that one to the favorites. Been looking for something new to learn and build, wow, this is it!

    Thanks Gents!