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  1. Dhar217 added a post in a topic My first truck build "BST" Peterbilt 359   

    This is the progress I've made so far.. There are certain items that have givin me some troubles. The chrome finish looked nice on the "trees" but after installation and some weathering I've noticed it has worn through in two spots :/ The alignment of the hood has been tough too(I accidentally broke a support)! Anyways still a bunch more to do..
  2. Dhar217 added a post in a topic KW W900 Aerodyne Snap tite 1:25   

    Very well done!
  3. Dhar217 added a post in a topic Nascar Transporter   

    Thanks for the info Sgt! Your race trailer is fantastic as well..
  4. Dhar217 added a post in a topic 1/25...scratch built 53' Featherlite Race car trailer build...   

    Wow that's something else!
  5. Dhar217 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Nascar Transporter
    Has anyone built a modern Nascar transporter? As I was working the last few days, driving up and down the Florida Turnpike between West Palm Beach to Miami to Key West I got to see some amazing looking rigs transporting the race cars for the Homestead Nascar event this weekend. The most impressive trailers were pulled by some "nasty" Lonestars. If any of ya fellas have built a replica I'd like to see it!! If the graphics are available in scale one of these beauties might have to be on my build list!
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  6. Dhar217 added a post in a topic Excavator CAT 235C   

  7. Dhar217 added a post in a topic White Freightliner COE   

    Very nice work..
  8. Dhar217 added a post in a topic Pete 378 Car Hauler   

  9. Dhar217 added a post in a topic My first truck build "BST" Peterbilt 359   

    Thanks for the tip! I'll get some outdoor pictures when it's all finished.. I have quite a bit more to go(finish assembly, decals, weathering to include dirt and rust).
  10. Dhar217 added a post in a topic My first truck build "BST" Peterbilt 359   

    Just some progress..originally I was thinking a two tone red with gunmetal but now I'm leaning towards all gun metal?

    I'm also working on real fabric for the interior.. Floor at least maybe door panels too.
  11. Dhar217 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    My first truck build "BST" Peterbilt 359

    These are a few pictures of my progress so far.. I'm doing my own version of the RoG Bill Signs Trucking Peterbilt 359. I am going for the used/worn in look when finished. The colors will be Tamiya gun metal fenders, roof and frame with the rest of the cab being Tamiya Italian red. Sorry for the picture quality as I'm a rookie photographer and model builder! All comments welcome
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  12. Dhar217 added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    KW T800 wide hood
    Good evening all.. I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed, but has anyone built a Kenworth T800 with the wide hood/large cooling system option? Is there a resin conversion kit out there for this specific truck? I would really enjoy seeing some pictures if anyone has built this "beast"! Thanks in advance..
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  13. Dhar217 added a post in a topic detachable gooseneck   

    Wow it's been about 15yrs since I've seen that first style Holden trailer.. I spent six years pulling that around with MK48 power unit. I think it was called the M870A2? I just thought some "magic elfs" made it, I didn't realize it was a commercially made unit available to civilians!
  14. Dhar217 added a post in a topic New member here..   

    Thanks again for the "welcomes" boys! Also SEMPER FI Kilrathy(if that is your real name;) always good running into a MARINE in person or virtually!
  15. Dhar217 added a post in a topic Triple Axle Dumper (Snap Pete)   

    Nice looking truck! 3 axles over 2 anytime in my book!!