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  1. Hey Gregg. Are you going to put an article of this slot car in the next issue of Slot Cars Magazine?
  2. Don't mean to bother you but would you be willing to sell me the that 413 crossram out of the Chrysler 300 you just got?😁 Richard

  3. Got it today😍(Colorado Springs). What a pleasant surprise. Didn't know it was coming( don't go on computer but every few days).
  4. The best spraypaint in the world was amt. All of my models were painted with amt spray. Nobody to this day makes colors that went on like they did (especially the candies). You would think that fifty years later someone would make paint as good as amt was, but no. Richard
  5. Hi Robert, My name is Richard Stamey (oldcars). Have been looking for one of the bubbletop packs for way to long. You said some them might be fodder. Would you be willing to sell one pack? I turn 73 this weekend and you may the only chance I have to get the bubbletops. Holding my breath.....:huh:

  6. GEEBEE....Where did you get that cool chair at? Sitting in mine and looking at tours make my back ache.Richard
  7. If that was in my basement my wife would have bring all my meals down to me. Richard
  8. I just dealt with the iceman. The service (and price) were fantastic. I would buy from him anytime.
  9. I have them both and the AMT kit is still my favorite. But then again I have been the number one fan of AMT since 1958. Richard
  10. Received my copy today (#203). Thank you Gregg. You rock. Richard
  11. I have always wanted to build it with the top too, but never have. Will be watching you alsoRichard.
  12. I don't know you would be unhappy. It looks pretty darn good to me.Richard
  13. I have had that kit for years and never opened it up due to almost everyone saying it was pretty much a waste of plastic. After checking your good looking job out I'm thinking I should open it up and plan on a build. You did a great job.Richard
  14. Hit the big 70 last November. Figure I still have a good 30 years left to build models (at least).Richard
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