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  1. oldcars added a post in a topic Box art errors   

    I have a AMT 1973 mustang kit with a great picture of the louvered back window. No louvers!! Found out the 1971 kit (which doesn't show the louvers), has it in that kit. Was not about to buy a second kit just to get this piece. Was pre-round2(a few years ago). Still need the louvers. Richard.
  2. oldcars added a post in a topic What was your 1st 1 to car   

    My first car was after highschool. Had a motorcycle earlier. Hard to take girls on dates in the rain and winter months. Back to the car. It was a 61 austin healy "bugeye" sprite. Had plexiglass slide open removable side windows. Wasn't much better that cycle in the winter(at least the cycle would start). Got to know all the city bus drivers by there first names during the winter. But when it ran my dates did stay dry (and somewhat warm). After two winters I traded for a Simca 1000. It had real rollup windows and a heater that worked all the time. Met my wife with it. Richard
  3. oldcars added a post in a topic What is the longest you have taken on a build?   

    That is truly amazing. I have a 49 merc I started on in 1963 (duel headlights, painted whitewall slicks, etc.) that will probably NEVER be finished. I did things on it back then that to this day I have no idea how I did. I look at at it every now and then and put the parts back in the well worn box. It is now almost a shrine . Richard
  4. oldcars added a post in a topic AMT 1940 Ford old old old kit on ebay   

    All of those rereleases and not one of them had " the first kit " fenderskirts in them as far as I know. Bummer! Richard
  5. oldcars added a post in a topic WTH?   

    There is in Colorado.
  6. oldcars added a post in a topic Help MOPAR guys need to know engine colors for 2.0 and 2.2   

    I own a 1988 plymouth horizon with the 2.2 and my engine is oil with a little black paint. Hope this helps. Richard
  7. oldcars added a post in a topic '66 mustang   

    Same here.
  8. oldcars added a post in a topic 49 Ford   

    That is one sweet ride. Love the flathead. I take it back. There is nothing about your model that I don't love. Richard
  9. oldcars added a post in a topic Corvettes and trunks   

    Would love to find the custom front piece from the annual 62 vette. I think that is one of the coolest pieces of all time. Richard
  10. oldcars added a post in a topic Stoned Hoods & Crooks Willys   

    That is UBBER FANTASTICO!. You are costing me money though. I now have to buy this kit. Richard
  11. oldcars added a post in a topic The Great Race   

    It is hard to believe I was there fifty years ago(1963/1964). It is not the same but still the greatest race on the planet. Richard
  12. oldcars added a post in a topic Paint Storage   

    All of my paints(including some rather old pactra spraycans) are in the hobby room(the spare bedroom). Richard
  13. oldcars added a post in a topic Read automotive fiction? Consider W.E.B.Griffin   

    Wow! Did you find any of his books? Richard
  14. oldcars added a post in a topic Kodak Oldsmobiles ..............   

    Great looking cars. Look like the real thing. What color(paint brand) did you use for the kodak yellow? If you don't mind me asking that is. Richard
  15. oldcars added a post in a topic Love those late 70 "Theme" Cars?   

    Don't have a picture but had a 71 Vega GT. 1976 in Slater, Iowa. It was white with black striping like a camaro. We thought it was our little camaro. WRONG! It had an aluminum block that made oil disappear before your very eyes. We had a station that had the old glass bottle of reused oil that you would hand crank from a large barrel for tractors that we filled it with (every other day). It was only 20 cents a bottle. Fun to drive though. Richard