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  1. Have fun Dad! I built models with my son and daughter AND Grankids!! Such fun to see their excitement and enthusiasm. Rossa156
  2. This past weekend the SoCal NNL was held and there were some pretty awesome builds there. I was honored with an award for my Matra MS11 F1 from the Indy Car Modelers Forum. I went and showed all my Heller formula car builds designed and engineered by Phlippe de Lesplany...one Lotus, two McLarens, a brace of Brabhams and Matra family. Again my thanks for the kind words. Patrick aka Rossa156
  3. Wonderful vision Ira. Such a fun build I think.
  4. These look exactly like the tail lights on my '66 MG 1100 Sports Sedan. Patrick
  5. JB, Outstanding to see some of Scalekraft's models being built! I had a Morris Mini Traveller, 1-1 scale, and loved it ever so much. I wish I had one of Guido's kits of the station wagon. Patrick
  6. Rossa156


    A Morris Mini! I wish they made a Traveller...I had one back in the '70s...simply marvelous! I could drive circles around Caddies! LOL! I like the colors you chose, too. Rossa156
  7. An EA Safari car would look nice. Didn't Peugeot win it with a 503? What is the origin of the body?
  8. Great job on this racer. rossa156
  9. Excellent re-build. I saw these race at Laguna Seca, back in the day!. I always wanted one of these kits and you showed how to make a great one.
  10. Ira, I've been watching this with envy...you bash this thing better than I can ever bash one of my race cars! Muy excelante! Patrick
  11. I believe these also raced at Le Mans! Crazy, but then it's Le Mans. Rossa156
  12. Very, very nice! I love it when someone builds an obscure old beastie like this. Excellent. Rossa156
  13. I hate the wheels. Having been twice a Mini owner they are a sacrilege! As to the color...any will do for a street car. Just no flames, please. Rossa156
  14. My thanks for all the kind words. Dave, I understand only the Honda F1 could out scream the Matra, oh and of course, the 640 is a closed wheel car. I seem to have a love affair with formula cars. Patrick
  15. This has been a long, long time project. During 1965 through 1969 Matra Sports turned out some of the finest formula cars ever made. Heller, made the Matra MS5 F2 car... that was the first one I made back in the mid-80s, but then I built another into the MS9, the prototype F1... then I began a Matra MS10 F1 from my first Matra... as this one was being built I worked on the other Matra the MS11 F1... In between this I built a MS5 F2 again... I was lucky enough to get another Matra, so a favorite project was done, a Matra MS7 F2 car (yes, its's a biplane)... I thought that was it, but a friend gave me another one and then I saw a F3 driven by an Italian named "GEKI" and it was red! I think I did every car possible from that wonderful Heller kit. Rossa156
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