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  1. I am sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but long time Classic Plastic model club member and Model Cars forum contributor Barry Fadden (Streetrod) has passed away. He was a prolific and masterful modeler who willingly shared his expertise and vision with anyone who asked. He was also a very warm and funny man and will be sorely missed at our club. He went quickly and painlessly in his model room, at his request, at 72 years of age. He had a portfolio done in June of 2012 in another magazine. Please keep his wife Jan in your thoughts as she passes through this difficult time. Pat Wilkins - Classic Plastic member
  2. Couldn't think of a better practitioner to make this appear! Good luck and I'll enjoy the ride.
  3. Greg, there are 12 in this case. I guess some are 6. Tom, I have had great luck with this place and their inventory is getting better for tools, wood, plastic, brass, paints etc. They absolutely are into RC, but there's a lot of trains, trucks and other stuff too. Ian, he did give me a good discount, but I wanted to get a bunch to use for other builds anyway. That was frosting on the cake.
  4. Here is what I just picked up at Turn 4 Hobbies in West Boylston http://www.turn4hobbies.com/ Props to Mike for getting them for me ( he thinks I'm nuts!). Now I just hafta get some motorvation - which type to do first, hmmm.......
  5. Well! I have to quote Leonard Pinth Garnell: "That's bad, excruciatingly bad." My eyes hurt now............
  6. Bill, I thought the same thing when I saw this being driven (on the road!) into the Ty Rods reunion in '07.
  7. A lot o' you have me beat. The oldest I have is an AMT original Hull Raiser ('67 if I remember correctly) - yeah, I know it's a boat, but it is a hot rod kinda. The engine was done, but it needs some TLC. I used magnet wire (!) and telephone hook-up wire for a lot of the plumbing - no good aftermarket alternatives then. It will get finished eventually................
  8. Here are a couple of pics - body first primer and bondo for the lovely sink marks, wheels in color. I know, I'm slow.
  9. Brad that looks really good. I was resigned to making a mask and painting.....yuck. Three questions: What color is the background? Will that print like that? What program do you use for the graphics? I have been painting, dunking bad painting, painting more, Alcladding (Is that a real verb????), prepping more stuff for paint, dehydrating (body in primer right now), stripping chrome (also now) and picking out the odd pieces for the build. I will (start to) get something put together tomorrow....and I'll put up some pics so you don't think I'm sandbagging. Thanks for looking in.
  10. Thanks for that picture Greg. All I could find is a tiny fuzzy print that I could not zoom in on no matter what. The place I bumped into it was while looking for info on the Pacers AA/FA T bucket " The Tasmanian Devil" from Long Island. I think the picture is of one of the guys from the Pacers pointing out something to Wally Knoch (in the shirt with the Maltese cross).
  11. Brad, The car is a tomato soup red. The lettering appears, to me anyway, to have been masked off then sprayed. Look at how blocky the characters are - not fluid. The "bands" that go across the letters look like they were kind of faded on with a touch up gun. The lighter color is a pure white and the darker tone is a medium yellow. Here are the kit decals to show you how far off they are. (Plus the number needs to be A/R -not A/A 284 - not 285.
  12. I'm at work, so I will have to look when I get home. The decals in the AMT kit are totally the wrong colors from what I've unearthed. Stay tuned.......
  13. Brad, as luck would have it, this weekend I was just looking at the parts that are sitting around waiting, and wating and thought I should get my rump in gear and back on this. I will post as I get some kind of progress - lost my mojo.
  14. Well, I just got my "collectors' editions" of Rod & Custom and Popular HotRodding and, to put it mildly, I am really bummed out. It is a shame that they are going the way of the dinosaurs. I know a lot of you don't care about these, but I use them extensively for detailing and just for good ideas, especially old school type builds and for technical info. There are no replacements for them so I am at a loss what to get instead to try to fill the void.
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