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  1. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Eddie Dye Roadster, Revell '29 scratchbash. Nov 28 chassis work   

    Couldn't think of a better practitioner to make this appear! Good luck and I'll enjoy the ride.
  2. cdan delivery added a post in a topic i've got a case.....   

    Greg, there are 12 in this case. I guess some are 6.
    Tom, I have had great luck with this place and their inventory is getting better for tools, wood, plastic, brass, paints etc. They absolutely are into RC, but there's a lot of trains, trucks and other stuff too.
    Ian, he did give me a good discount, but I wanted to get a bunch to use for other builds anyway. That was frosting on the cake.
  3. cdan delivery added a topic in General   

    i've got a case.....
    Here is what I just picked up at Turn 4 Hobbies in West Boylston http://www.turn4hobbies.com/
    Props to Mike for getting them for me ( he thinks I'm nuts!).
    Now I just hafta get some motorvation - which type to do first, hmmm.......

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  4. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Christine's Ugly Twin   

    I have to quote Leonard Pinth Garnell:
    "That's bad, excruciatingly bad."
    My eyes hurt now............
  5. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Model T pickup from chopped coupe   

    Short and sweet! Cool idea.
  6. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Holy cow...I WANT this...   

    Bill, I thought the same thing when I saw this being driven (on the road!) into the Ty Rods reunion in '07.

  7. cdan delivery added a post in a topic What is the longest you have taken on a build?   

    A lot o' you have me beat. The oldest I have is an AMT original Hull Raiser ('67 if I remember correctly) - yeah, I know it's a boat, but it is a hot rod kinda. The engine was done, but it needs some TLC. I used magnet wire (!) and telephone hook-up wire for a lot of the plumbing - no good aftermarket alternatives then. It will get finished eventually................
  8. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too   

    Here are a couple of pics - body first primer and bondo for the lovely sink marks, wheels in color. I know, I'm slow.

  9. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too   

    Brad that looks really good. I was resigned to making a mask and painting.....yuck.
    Three questions: What color is the background? Will that print like that? What program do you use for the graphics?
    I have been painting, dunking bad painting, painting more, Alcladding (Is that a real verb????), prepping more stuff for paint, dehydrating (body in primer right now), stripping chrome (also now) and picking out the odd pieces for the build. I will (start to) get something put together tomorrow....and I'll put up some pics so you don't think I'm sandbagging.
    Thanks for looking in.
  10. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too   

    Thanks for that picture Greg. All I could find is a tiny fuzzy print that I could not zoom in on no matter what. The place I bumped into it was while looking for info on the Pacers AA/FA T bucket " The Tasmanian Devil" from Long Island. I think the picture is of one of the guys from the Pacers pointing out something to Wally Knoch (in the shirt with the Maltese cross).
  11. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too   

    Brad, The car is a tomato soup red. The lettering appears, to me anyway, to have been masked off then sprayed. Look at how blocky the characters are - not fluid. The "bands" that go across the letters look like they were kind of faded on with a touch up gun. The lighter color is a pure white and the darker tone is a medium yellow. Here are the kit decals to show you how far off they are. (Plus the number needs to be A/R -not A/A 284 - not 285.

  12. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too   

    I'm at work, so I will have to look when I get home. The decals in the AMT kit are totally the wrong colors from what I've unearthed. Stay tuned.......
  13. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too   

    Brad, as luck would have it, this weekend I was just looking at the parts that are sitting around waiting, and wating and thought I should get my rump in gear and back on this. I will post as I get some kind of progress - lost my mojo.
  14. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Two of my more favorite 1/1 scale car mags....   

    Well, I just got my "collectors' editions" of Rod & Custom and Popular HotRodding and, to put it mildly, I am really bummed out. It is a shame that they are going the way of the dinosaurs. I know a lot of you don't care about these, but I use them extensively for detailing and just for good ideas, especially old school type builds and for technical info. There are no replacements for them so I am at a loss what to get instead to try to fill the void.
  15. cdan delivery added a post in a topic Saturday with my Grandson   

    Rich, I was thinking about this because my granddaughter just turned 4. I mentioned trying to make something with her ( she told me she wants to make a model with her Pap) to my wife and she asked me to go easy on her - I thought I had the newest Albert Einstein.................
    Anyway, I will be getting something to share and display.
    Thanks for sharing!