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  1. VW93 added a post in a topic New member from Long Island NY   

    Welcome to the forum. I'm originally from Massapequa, been in NC since '93 except for a few years between 2007 and 2011.
    Look into the LIARS Model Club on the island. They have a show/swap meet in November at the Freeport Civic Center in Freeport.
  2. VW93 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino   

    I see the pattern but wonder why Revell didn't supply a lens to cover the grille ends.
  3. VW93 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino   

    It looks like they forgot to add the parking lights/turn signals to the grille.
  4. VW93 added a post in a topic We need a '60 El Camino   

    I didn't mention a wagon as you would think Revell would do one as an obvious follow up to an El Camino and sedan delivery kit
    Dog dish caps, a base 283, a six , a powerglide and a 3 speed and maybe a 4 speed. Not sure if the six and sb bell housings were the same in 1960 as they were for later sixes and sb's. The 348 could be used from the Impala in one version of the El Camino or just kit bashed from a 60 Impala.
    Two dashes, one with radio heater controls and one with correct radio/heater delete plates. Perhaps two columns, one with shift lever for 3 on the tree or just one easily modified for a floor shift. Of course two sets of pedals for either an automatic or stick setup
    .Mix up the power train options, dog dishes, wheel covers and custom items between the three kits if need be to increase sales.
  5. VW93 added a post in a topic We need a '60 El Camino   

    Shouldn't be to hard for Revell to do from their 60 Impala tooling.
    Then do the last year available from Chevy, a stock body 60 sedan delivery.
    Tool up a six cylinder for it to make it more desirable to builders.
    Lots of variations are possible. Stock, mild custom, drag, municipality, commercial and............
  6. VW93 added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Modelers Group Planned for Mooresville,NC Area This Fall
    There are a few of us trying to get a modelers group together in the Mooresville ,NC area. It will not be a club, just a group of modelers getting together to enjoy models, share techniques, trade and so on.
    We plan on getting together monthly starting in October on either a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday night from 7PM until about 10PM. We will be meeting at Fast Trax  Slot Car Dragway in Troutman, NC which is just north of Mooresville. Most likely continue year round if there is enough interest to continue during the summer months.
    If anyone is interested please respond here or PM me for more info.
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  7. VW93 added a post in a topic Confessions of closet model builders   

    I was talking with a gentleman I met at the Goodguys in Charlotte last year. During the conversation I mentioned to the friend I was at the show with that I need to go to the model display.
    The other fellow mentions he is a closet model builder. He took out his cell phone and pulled up a picture of his model building area. It was in a small coat/clothes closet t!!!
  8. VW93 added a post in a topic CKM NNL Pics   

    Tom,  fantastic pics. I had my camera with me but when I saw you taking pics I didn't bother to take any.
  9. VW93 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    At the CKM sow in Clemmons yesterday picked up a 75 Gremlin, 40 Ford SD, and an AMT 67 Mustang FB. The 40 and 67 were open and complete, $18.00 for the pair.
    The 40 and 67 will be sacrificed for parts, Gremlin for the group build.
    Did a trade for the Gremlin
  10. VW93 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Mid Carolina Model Car Swap Meet, Salisbury NC 2/20/2016
    9 AM until ?
    Vendor Setup 7AM - 8AM Only vendor and one helper per vendor allowed at setup
    Floor Rights 8 AM - 9AM $15.00  Regular Admission 9 AM on is $5.00 with those under 10 FREE
    62 tables of models for sale, tables are usually sold out from year to year with returning vendors, there is NO contest, swap meet only
    Salisbury Civic Center, 315 Martin Luther King Drive, Salisbury NC
    For further info contact Allen Hilton @‌ 704-213-3979 or PM VW93
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  11. VW93 added a post in a topic Mopar/ Duster Question   

    I worked for a CP dealer from late 71 through mid 73. I ordered a 73 340 Duster in late May of 72.Car was delivered to the dealer August28th, I took it home on the 31st. It was one of the first 73's to be titled in NY for the first year of NYS going to titles. You can see the tail end of it in my avatar.
    340, 4 speed, 3:23 Sure Grip, power discs, honey gold/parchment bench w/ rubber mats, AM/FM, Tahitian Gold Metalic w/ stripe delete.Your typical "plain brown wrapper" sleeper.
    In mid September the dealer received another 340 Duster exactly as mine but with white 340 stripes. The dealer hadn't ordered it and they were stuck with it.
    May 23rd of 74 I get hit head on by a drunk driver, 3/4 LF hit and my 340 is totaled. Engine shoved back over a foot, air cleaner ripped off and all the acid from the broken battery wound up in the engine. Insurance company wanted to fix it for $1,400 . I had a friend who was an independent adjuster look at it and he estimated close to $2,800 with an engine rebuild. The dealer I had worked for still had the non ordered 73 in their storage lot. Got a price to buy it for about $2,600 out the door. I made the mistake of not leaving a small deposit on it. Settled with the insurance company for $2,400 after deductible and me buying back the wreck.
    Got my check mid July and paid off the balance of my loan. I was on the fence about buying the duplicate since the time frame was after the gas shortage. I waited about a week to long and it had been sold.
    Lessons learned!!!!
  12. VW93 added a post in a topic New member saying hello   

    Welcome to the forum.
    Forum rules and warning info can be found in the General section of the forum.
  13. VW93 added a post in a topic New member from China Grove, NC   

    Travis, if you can make it to the Clemmons show stop by. If you want to get in early, before 8AM, let me know.
    call me at 704-431-6552
  14. VW93 added a post in a topic 1959 Rambler Wagon   

    I hope they do a better job of packing the kits contents then they did for the last issue of this kit. The last issue by Okey was packed without regard to protecting the contents.
    I opened a sealed kit a few months ago and found the luggage rack broken and missing the tail lights.Granted there were a lot of parts included in the kit but the contents should have been packed a lot better.
  15. VW93 added a post in a topic New member from China Grove, NC   

    Welcome to the forum from Salisbury; NC.
    There is a show/swap this Saturday up the road from us in Clemmons, NC. Check out the Shows/Contest section here on the forum. Usually has a great turnout of show entries and swap meet vendors. It is known as the CKM Summer Classic.
    There is also a show/swap in Mooresville on September 12th.
    There is a swap only event in Salisbury in February.
    If you make it to the Clemmons show, look me up. I'll be there vending and will be wearing a gray t shirt with an old school modified from Freeport Stadium.