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  1. VW93 added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '64 Chevy Impala SS   

    Thanks for the report of the contents. I think I'll pass on this reissue as I already have two previous issues.
  2. VW93 added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    That may be the case Tom. If they spent a few dollars to upgrade with new parts, decals and tires they will probably have increased sales and be able  to "pay off that mortgage" sooner.
    I have bought the reissued 36 Ford (2), 37 Chevy (2), 40 Ford coupe (1), 32 Viky (1) because of the newly added parts.
    I already had (6) 36 Fords,(4) 37 Chevys, (7) 40 Ford coupes, and (2) 32 Vikys.. Did I really need the reissues? Bought them because of the new parts, tires and decals.
  3. VW93 added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    We can all wish for Round2 to back date some of their kits but it probably will never happen.
    Instead of reissuing these kits as they were, how about some new goodies like they did with the 36 Ford, 66 Mustang, 37 Chevy and others.
    For the 69 Barracuda I'd suggest the following; wide steelies with factory Plymouth dog dishes, red line wide oval type tires, dual stock chrome side view mirrors, rear view mirror, decals for the instrument panel, dealer invoice window  sticker decal, under hood decals for air cleaner and so on. I'm sure there are other items that could be added to update a 46 year old tool.
    The tools have probably been paid for many times over. A few dollars spent on some new "goodies" would probably make more people buy an updated reissue instead of a reissue with the same old parts. I already have two older issues but would most likely buy one if they added some new parts/decals.
  4. VW93 added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

  5. VW93 added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    Regarding the 69 Barracuda, it would be great if they would open up the closed gates in the tool to see what is there. I would buy a couple if they included the slant 6 from the original issue. Granted the chassis has the molded in dual exhaust that wouldn't be appropriate for the slant option. I build shelf models so it doesn't matter to me, the more advanced builders I am sure would fab their own exhaust system.
    Some pics of the original 1969 instructions along with pics of the 1969 and 1988 chrome trees. You may notice the layout changed, the stock rims have been moved and some other items re arranged. The arrow is pointing to the slant 6 air cleaner. Also, if you look  at the lower RS corner of both trees you will see the racing mirrors and license plates.
    The 69 tree has the plates engraved with 1969, the 1988 tree has no engraving. In the photo with both trees, the 1988 issue is the one above the 1969 issue.
    I wonder if Round2 realizes the potential for increased sales if they would open up the tooling and see what is there.

  6. VW93 added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    Same here.
  7. VW93 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Second Annual Race City Model Car/ Slot Car Show and Swap Meet September 12th, 2015 Mooresville, NC
    Second Annual Race City Model Car/ Slot Car Show and Swap Meet September 12th, 2015
    American Legion Hall, 1450 N. Main St, Mooresville  NC 28115
    Admission   Floor Rights 9 AM-!0 AM $12.00, After 10.AM only $5.00
    5 classes, Best of Show, Best JR 11 and under, Best JR 12 to 16, Best Adult, Best Slot Car. Judging at 2‌PM, Awards at 3PM
    There is no entry fee for models, Winner of each class will receive their choice of a new current issue model kit
    8 foot tables are $20.00 each, Vendor setup 7AM, call Todd for tables 5PM to 12 Midnight at 704-699-1796 Eastern Time
    If anyone needs more info PM me.
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  8. VW93 added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    One more suggestion for Moebius, a 1/2 ton 57 to 60 Ford pickup. Any year would be fine by me. Have a small window cab with a shortbed, either flareside or styleside. Do another cab with a large rear window and a long bed. One version with a 223 six cylinder, one with a 292 Y block. Dog dishes caps for the shortbed, full wheel covers for the longbed.
    Add some service truck options like a push bumper, beacon light, spot light, gas/oil cans, jack and so on. Generic decals for the service truck so no licensing issues with any oil/gas companies. How about a simple Manley type boom ? How about another version with the HD floater rear and rims?
    Another version could include some custom items like chrome reverse rims, offenhauser valve covers, custom air cleaner, gauges, floor shifter, roll & pleated bed cover and seats/door panels.
  9. VW93 added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    I mentioned that fact to him. I told him that between AMT, Lindberg and Revell/Monogram you could buy/build a 51,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,70 or a 76 Chevy from current or recent kits..
    Between AMT, Lindberg and Revell/Monogram you could only buy/build 49,50,53,56,57,60,61,63,64,65,66 and 69 Fords. If you want you could include the AMT 70 Ford 4 door in that list.
    I mentioned a 62 Ford done with todays technology would be an improvement over what was done in 1962. Mentioned also the mass appeal as it could be built stock, drag, police/fire. I also mentioned the possibility of it being converted by the NASCAR builders into oval racers.
    I also suggested a stock height roof 48 Ford coupe and sedan be tooled up and use their existing 48 Ford tooling for several variations. The reply was that resin bodies were available. I said they should have done a stock height roof kit and left the custom body to the resin casters. With their 48 Ford custom there is only one way to build it. If they did a stock roof there are so many variations available, stock, hot rod, semi custom or police/fire. They probably could have sold more stock height roof 48 Fords than the Custom version. I haven't bought a Custom but would have bought a bunch of stock height coupes and sedans.
  10. VW93 added a post in a topic deleted   

    What bothers me about Revell is this statement regarding the Foose kits,  " 2 of the 7 candidates will become Revell model kits with all new tooling".
    They will consider new tooling for a new Foose kit but are hesitant to tool a 57 Ranchero when they have the 57 Ford and wagon tooling to work off.
    I will pass on any Foose kits but would buy a 57 Ranchero or multiples of.
  11. VW93 added a post in a topic Different clearance prices depending on which Michaels you go to   

    Same here. The Mooresville, NC location has about a dozen or more different  AMT/MPC kits than the Salisbury, NC store. The Salisbury store has only has about three different AMT/MPC kits and less Revell kits than Mooresville..
  12. VW93 added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    I would like to see a 62 Galaxie 2 door post sedan, 406 with 3 2's,factory cast iron headers,406 option, base bench seat interior, 4 speed molded separate from engine., deep factory steelies with dog dishes. Mold the body without engine badges, include decals for a 390 or 406 engine. Additional wishes, single 4 barrel intake system, standard 390 exhaust manifolds, two dashes, one with radio and heater delete, the other with radio and heater controls. Make the firewall with separate heater pieces and a block off plate for a heater delete option. Sun tach with transmitter and some Stewart Warner black face under dash gauges with decals to match. Also decals for speedo and radio if possible.
    Tool could then be modified to add a 223 six, three speed on the column, a column shift automatic, separate brake pedal assemblies for standard and auto transmissions. standard depth steelies  with  dog dishes. Make it a 2 in 1 by adding some police equipment, bubble gum beacon, police radio, whip antenna, clipboard. Generic police and fire decals would be a plus. Add decals for the auto shift quadrant.
    Want to get more use out of the tooling? Tool up a Galaxie 500XL hardtop body, bucket seat interior with separate console. Use the 390/406 engine trans combo. Add the automatic trans as an option along with the separate clutch/brake pedal assemblies
    Want to get even more use from the tooling? Tool up a convertible body, with a boot and convertible top as an option.
    I proposed this to Ed Sexton at Revell several months ago. His reply was that a 62 Ford had already been done. I replied that was 53 years ago by AMT!!
    I told him a new tool 62 Ford done right would be a good seller. No comment from Ed.
  13. VW93 added a topic in General   

    Different clearance prices depending on which Michaels you go to
    On  Friday I picked up the Revell 68 Hemi Dart at the Michaels in Mooresville, NC for $5.99. Just got back from my local Michaels here in Salisbury,NC and the same kit was clearance priced at $14.99. The Revell  57 Chevy had a sticker on the shelf for $5.99 but were sold out. In Mooresville the clearance price was $12.99.
    I did pick up a Revell 62 Impala SS that scanned on their price checker as a 63 Chevy Impala for $5.99.
    If you have the time when you go to a Michaels, price check on their scanner any kits you may be interested in. I found their shelf tags and kit prices are not correct in certain circumstances.
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  14. VW93 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks Mark. I don't know when I'll get to them but I hope to have a couple of them ready to display at the Goodguys Charlotte model show in October.
  15. VW93 added a post in a topic Revell new releases update, 7/22/2015   

    I have talked with Revell in the past about kitting a 48 Ford coupe and sedan from their current 48 Ford tools. Their reply was that those bodies were available in resin. I don't understand a model company that would rather their customers buy a resin body instead of modifying a tool to give us what we want. They have just about everything needed except for the body tooling  to make them.
    I would buy at least 3 of each if Revell offered a stock height 48 Ford coupe or sedan, I still haven't bought one in resin!