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  1. ChiefInspector added a post in a topic Koenig Specials Countach   

    Did a bit to it last night/early this morning, realized I made a huge mistake and mounted the rear flares a little too far back. After 2 weeks the cement is set hard. Don't want to risk breaking anything, so i will try to work around it. May have to set the wheels/tires back a smidge. A little heat will take care of that. I'll get a picture of it once my camera battery charges up, left it on all night again

    About the a-pillars, I was thinking of making a roll cage and just attaching it to the underside of the body, will have to do a bunch of test fitting, but may just do the wire trick. .
  2. ChiefInspector added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Koenig Specials Countach
    My first build in quite some time. Forgot where I came across it, but fell in love almost immediately. My only disappointment is it does not have a drive train. It has the space and opening hood so I am looking for parts to fix that. May not do the Lambo engine, maybe a V6 or V8 with some monster turbos. Maybe an AMG V12 with some turbos. But I've got time to decide.

    Box Art

    Current progerss: 15 minutes of work. 2 weeks ago. It will be sloooooooow

    Not sure what color it will be, maybe a dark purple with a tinted wet look clear. Maybe a dark tan and black interior. But that may change, again.
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  3. ChiefInspector added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    From the mediocre state of Kentucky
    Not originally from Kentucky, but ended up here working for Mercedes-Benz. I am the lead Smart car tech, and dabble in Sprinter vans, plus I do a bit of gunsmithing for myself. I started modelling at the age of 3. Good memories for the last 27 years. I got out of it for awhile when a fire decimated my apartment in Tennessee, lost everything, and a spot of bad health for the final kick in the teeth. But now I am slowly getting back into it. I enjoy the less mainstream and more difficult kits. I have a small collection I need to hit hard. Finding time is always troublesome. I primarily stick the the 1:24 and 1:25 scale for the ease of storage. Most of my builds are out of the box, however I am starting to see the fun, enjoyment, and shear terror of a full custom build, and may look into it with one of my more common kits.

    Oh yeah, the name, ChiefInspector. Comes from my favorite scene from the movie Hot Fuzz

    The last picture of my recent builds before the fire claimed them.

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