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  1. ErikO added a post in a topic Hello from Ontario, Canada   

    Thanks everyone!

    DumpyDan, where might I find a list of the show and sales?
  2. ErikO added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from Ontario, Canada
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm getting back into part-time model building after being away from it for a few years.

    I grew up building Revell 1/24 models in primary school and moved into Tamiya kits once I could afford them in high school. From what I recall, I've built the Tamiya Mini Cooper S, Alfa Romeo 155 ITC car and half of a 1999 Subaru WRC car (I'll be finishing it as a "refresher"). I transitioned to RC cars and now that I'm an adult with typical financial responibilities, I've decided to get back into building scale models as it's far more cost and time effective than RC cars!

    I just got back from a vacation in Japan and While I was there I picked up the Fujimi Toyota Trueno "Drift King" AE86 and the Aoshima Mazdaspeed RX-7 GT-C Concept and am excited to get going on them! From what I can gather by looking at the parts trees the quality of both kits looks decent, not quite Tamiya but close. I also have a Tamiya Renault R5 Turbo rally car that I will get to eventually.

    I'm keen to try some interesting materials and paint techniques with them (I've avoided buying kits with off-colour bodies so I've never had to paint them, but the Mazda will be my first time using spray paint on a scale model), but I'll be keeping it simple for the first little while I think.

    I hope to learn a lot from all of you and pick up some techniques as I go since I'm basically starting off as a noob again.

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