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  1. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Engine sources   

    Can I get some volunteers? 2 or 3 should do it... This topic would be so much better if we were able to list them by motor... I'll go through and find all the Ford/Lincoln/Mercury motors listed and put them in order By CI on the first page. If I could get some people for the other manufacturers to group them in a similar manner and post them here or PM them to me I will then Edit the Original Post with all the details
  2. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Removing Chrome Plating   

    Super Clean in a purple bottle. Works great, use in ventilated area...
  3. RadialDragon added a post in a topic 1990 LX MUSTANG...updates 07/19/14   

    I would rather it was Garnett and Gold
  4. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Junior Johnson 1963 Holly Farm Imapala *WIP*   

    The way the headers are I would assume Big Block Chevy...
  5. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Engine sources   

    This is ideally what I would like to do. Would need help though for sure..
  6. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Carburetor Detail   

    Found a link with all kinds of different Dual carb Plumbing pictures... These are real life set ups..

  7. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Engine sources   

    The point of this thread was to post Kits that we could get good quality 1/25 and 1/24 motors from. Basically this is all about knowing where you can find certain motors etc..
  8. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Jean Claude Van Damme   

    Must be some tuff starch for the shirt. Wind doesn't effect it much !!
  9. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Revell Max Rat , part missing   

    great THANKS !
  10. RadialDragon added a topic in NASCAR   

    Ford Based Stock Car Engines?
    Do they exist? What CI is the motor based on? Would the intake be compatible with 302CI or 351 CI ford engine from other models? I have looked for a Ford Stock car engine but only seem to be able to find GM and Dodge Based engines...
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  11. RadialDragon added a topic in General   

    Engine sources
    Was thinking we could get an engine source list going. The idea is to post actual Models that are worth their price just for the engines. Some resin engine kits can be pricey and sometimes cost even more then an entire model. What kits are a good option for a hot motor with good detail? This could help other modelers like me that have been out of the scene for a while... Whenever a new suggestion is posted I will update the list

    One model I have found to fit the drag racing type builds is the 'Revell' "1955 Jukebox Ford" kit. You can build the motor as either the Ford or Chevy version ( has 2 different intake manifolds) and the detail and fit and finish of the engine impressed me..

    Listed kits - the engine

    (1) Revell '55 Jukebox Ford - Dual Carb BBF or BBC

    (2) '39 Wagon Rod - Chevrolet LT5, double-overhead cammer.

    (3) Revell '50 Ford pick-up - Ardun Flat Head

    (4) Revell '32 sedan - Flat head

    (5) AMT 1960 Starliner - 352 FE "The Retro issue from Round2 has two complete engines !"

    (6) AMT Catalina - 421 Pontiac

    (7) The old 1953 F-100 - De Soto Firedome

    (8) AMT's Double Dragster - Hemi with options for eight single-bbl carbs, fuel injection, or a belt-driven blower, and two small block Chevies, with fuel injection or crank mounted blowers. The SBCs have parts to join them in tandem or side-by-side.

    (9) AMT 1941 Plymouth - flathead six!

    (10) Lindberg 1964 Plymouth and Dodge - slant six.

    (11) AMT '71 Duster - small block

    (12) AMT/Ertl 1957 Chrysler 300C - 392 hemi and 3-speed TorqueFlite A488 automatic transmission.

    (13) The Revell Anglia and Thames panel - injected Oldsmobiles (303 to 394 (1949-1963).

    (14) The original Revell StoneWoodsCook Willys - Olds 303-394 CI, top-blown with a GMC 6-71.

    (15) The Revell Orange Crate -Olds 303-394 CI,front-blown with a Potvin-style drive .

    (16) (first version, NOT BB2) Revell Ed Roth Beatnik Bandit - Olds 303-394 CI, top-blown with a 4-71 and multiple carbs.

    (17) Revell Mickey Thompson Challenger - 4, top-blown (6-71) Pontiacs

    (18) Revell Tommy Ivo Showboat - 4 injected Buick nailheads.

    (19) Revell Miss Deal Studebaker funny-car - top-blown Chrysler early "FirePower" Hemi 331ci, 354ci, 392ci.

    (20) Revell '32 ford 5-window coupe - Hemi

    (21) The Revell Ed Roth Mysterion - TWO Ford 406 /427 FE engines with multi-carb intakes.

    (22) The Revell parts-pack engines - The Ford 427FE (top-blown 6-71), smallblock Chevy(front-blown Potvin style), Pontiac (again top-blown 6-71), Cadillac (wrongly labeled a 354 but in reality a 331-365-390) which comes with a multi-carb setup, (23) The AMT parts-pack engines - smallblock Chevy, Pontiac, Chrysler firepower and Corvair, Allison 1710 cu.in. WWII aircraft engine (23) The later-tool AMT 1960 Chevrolet C10 - 6 cylinder engine

    (24) The MPC Bronco - SBF (25) AMT Econoline "Vantom/Phantom". - SBF

    (26) AMT 62 Thunderbird - Ford 390 CI FE (27) Revell 56 F-100 - Y-block (28) '68/'69 Revell Charger and Daytona's - 440 CI Mopar (29) Revell C6, Z06, and ZR1 Corvettes and the 2002(Auto trans) and 2010 Camaro(T-56 Trans) - Various LS Based engines (ZR1 is supercharged) (30) Revell 41 willys s/r or gasser - 392 hemi, top blown 671,

    (31) AMT 33 willy - blown Ford 427 cammer

    (32) Monogram/Revell's '59 Cadillac (excellent 390 Cadillac V8 w/ tri-power intake and all engine accessories)

    (33) Revell's '40 Ford - both Standard coupe & Deluxe convertible (flathead V8-85 engine & trans - and, street rod releases of both, incl speed parts for the flathead)

    (34) Revell's '48 Ford station wagon, chopped coupe, and convertible (flathead V8-85 engines & trans - and, street rod releases of the convertible incl speed parts for the flathead, as does the chopped coupe, but the coupe only has speed parts, and cannot be built stock)

    (35) Monogram Pro-Modeler labeled kits of the above '40 & '48 Ford kits (same tooling as Revell)

    (36) AMT's '66 Buick Riviera (nice nailhead V8 w/ all engine accessories for a stock 425 cu in engine)

    (37) AMT's newer-tooling version of their '57 Chevy Bel Air hardtop - the release w/ the opening trunk - (very accurate 283 cu in small block Chevy V8)

    (38) AMT's '57 Chrysler 300 C (excellent early 392 cu in Hemi V8 w/ all engine accessories for a stock engine)

    (39) Moebius' '55 Chrysler C300 (excellent early 331 cu in Hemi V8 w/ all engine accessories for a stock engine; expect their '56 300B will have the same parts to depict a 354 cu in engine)

    (40) Moebius' '53 Hudson (excellent inline flathead 6 w/ dual carbs)

    (41) Revell's '50 Olds coupe (excellent early 303 cu in Olds V8, and the just released custom version adds some speed parts for that engine

    (42) Revell's '57 Ford Custom 2-door sedan (excellent 312 cu in Y-block V8; and, there's a supercharged F Code 312 engine in the Fireball Robert's stock car release of same basic kit)

    (43) Monogram/Revell's '59 & '60 Impala coupes & convertibles (excellent 348 cu in 'W-motor' V8 w/ all engine accessories, incl tri-power intakes, for a stock engine)

    (44) AMT's parts packs (small block 283 small block Chevy, 421 Pontiac, early Chrysler 392? hemi, and early model CorvaIr (incl most parts for Turbo'd version) - all are hot-rodded engines w/ multiple speed parts & trans, but the Corvair lacks some pieces like sheet metal shrouds, the air cleaner's housing for Turbo version, and does not include a trans)

    (45) AMT's Allison V12 - excellent aircraft V12 engine that is found in their 'drag racing parts pack', as a much earlier Parts Pack for the engine only, and in their Allison-engined Thunderbird drag car)

    (46) Revell's engine only Parts packs (Cadillac 331 V8, Ford 427 V8, Pontiac, 421 V8, and Chevy 283 small block V8 - all are completely chrome-plated and have multiple speed parts options)

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  12. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Revell Max Rat , part missing   

    Congrats on getting your answer.. Not to steal the thread, but what motor is in these kits and is it of good quality?
  13. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Carburetor Detail   

  14. RadialDragon added a post in a topic What kit has these Corvette Rallies in it?   

    This is what I immediately thought of.. +1
  15. RadialDragon added a post in a topic Need source for small turbo   

    I have Both the Stealth and the Berreta GTU which also has a small turbo kit.. Maybe you have something I want? LOL

    As far as the Berreta is concerned I have the entire kit. The only thing that was ever takin from the box was the body and it was only primed... The tree with the turbo is still sealed.. Here are pictures..

    Oh YEAH!! American Muscle !!

    Box art of engine (Turbo position)

    The turbo itself..

    Whole kit

    Now for the stealth LOL.. I must have attacked this kit when I was a kid because random parts are colored, parts are missing and so is the body lol. However This kit was "Twin Turbo" and both turbo's are connected to the parts tree still...

    Hope this helps.. If your going the Stealth route both turbo's seem to be decent detail quality and there are two per kit. However the Beretta Turbo IMO is a little better detail but is chromed... Good luck in your search ! !