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  1. Thank you very much Bruce, Did you see my Garage Dio. I put on back in May great story with it. Steve.
  2. Thank you Trevor, yes you can almost hear what she is thinking.
  3. Thank you Ricky, It was my first attempt to paint a flame Tattoo, that was 18 years ago better now.
  4. Thank you Michael, yes I found out after I painted the eyes. Did you see my garage Diorama I posted it on May 17 I think you would like it.
  5. Thank you very much Michael.
  6. Thank you Daniel, yes maybe more than a kick.😃
  7. Looking for a bench grinder like R&D Unique.
  8. Thank you very much.
  9. Hi Lee, No just the hood decals
  10. olmadmodeler


    I need a set of Decals for the Revell 67 Vette.
  11. Thank you Tony, I thought you would like it.
  12. Thanks Bob, Well I bought it years ago around 2003 from the wife of the caster this is the only one made so she said it came out in late 90s there was an article on it in Modelers Resource Figure kit Magazines 97-98 about it but the price was way too much so the was the only one, I sold it back in 2013 can't remember to who. it is a big kit.
  13. 1/6 scale model I built years ago one of a kind. I scratch built the gates that's all I added the engine and coffin body are lead the rest is Resin, very heavy model.
  14. Yeah I bet it would hurt a bit.
  15. Very nice I watched that show also as a kid.
  16. Thank you all, Yes bill you just hear her saying it.
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