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  1. What they said!! What a way to end 2016's builds, knock that out of the park gorgeous!!
  2. Absolutely stunning!! It's a shame about hiding the engine, it's fantastic!
  3. Just as an update. I didn't throw it away (although I should). I stripped the body then scrubbed everything down as best as I could soft scrub and steel wool then spayed everything with Tamiya. Paint on large surfaces (ie: body etc) is holding pretty well although it isn't getting as hard as I would like. Any paint any color still bubbles to small extent in nooks and crannies. I honestly have never seen anything like it. Someday I'll finish it up as a daily driver with a little rust, if I'm not totally repulsed I'll stick some pictures in under glass. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I'm sure the answer is a combination of factors.
  4. Ok, this is the third Round2 kit I have had issue with and this one is by far the worst problem kit so far. Paint or primer absolutely WILL NOT STICK to this kit. I washed it as always before starting, paint looks like oil or water under it when applied. OK I stripped in brake fluid, same problem, stripped in purple pond...same problem. Stripped in brake fluid, washed, easy off, washed, Tamiya primer mostly covers but starts to bubble, ok I wet sand bubbles, shot with Krylon (Yeah getting po'ed and cheap), first coat looks ok, second coat of same paint crazes like..well crazy. I am trying to build the Round2 '53 Ford Truck. ( I'm done with it and it is going into trash) Does any one else have any experience with this problem? I am also building a Revel 68 Mustang bought at same time, zero problem with paint. I just completed the Round2 Cougar Eliminator last week, again no problems. Plastic looked different on the two Round2 kits as well. Thanks if anyone has any ideas.
  5. Nice!! I have had the glue (and paint) problem on some of the recent Round Two kits, no amount of cleaning or prep seems to completely overcome the problem. Something in the plastic they are using I suppose. Regardless you overcame issue and built a nice one!
  6. Beautiful build. P.S. Pictures are squished here as well on 15" widescreen laptop.
  7. gluebum

    1969 GT uh oh

    Now that's unfortunate...LOL!! Well done!! The build not the driving!!
  8. Sooooo....what kinda gas mileage ya get with that? Nice build, I like it!
  9. Beautiful 1:1 car, where are pictures of your build?
  10. I don't know why exactly.... but is very cool!!
  11. Looks great!! I like it!
  12. Looks great!! I remember trying that kit in the 70s as a teenager. I believe it too died a fiery fate!! I remember the top now that you mention it. Mine was yellow and white, and cr@%%y.
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