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  1. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic '31 model A tudor > chopped / channeled and well used   

    Looks great
  2. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic A bit of Nostalgia!.....30 year old Nash Metropolitan builds   

    My grandfather (95) had a black and white hard top as well as a turquoise (?)and white rag top.he had had others over the years. I believe a turquoise and white hard top and a yellow and white rag top? He would love to see these. Great job on them.
  3. pappabear1973 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    1/8 c cab
    O.k. I have always loved t buckets and c cabs. A number of years ago some one on here started a cab back when I was into big boys. I was so young and foolish it seems then. Lol. I loved the idea of it. I dint know what ever happened to it. The body was supposed to get molded and I wanted one. Never saw it happen. There is a British c cab from the seventies called "revenge; I really love the style of it. A Scottish gentleman has found it and restored it to a different paint scheme. Rumor has it that the mold was found and a very few select bodies were offered. I know a fellow Australian that bought one and is doing a show rod with it. There are a couple things I do not like about the back of the body. So I am taking things into my own hands. With several measurements of a 1915 t bucket I am going to try to piece this together. I do not have all of the measurements, so some will have to be eye balled. Hopefully it come out ok. I tried the Times to make the bottom front half of the body and it did not look right. I finally found out that my square was NOT square. So I had to buy a digital protracter so that I could also do 60'angles on the frame also. Now I'm getting some where's. The idea it's I am going to make a buck. Then a fiberglass mold of it. Then I will make a fiberglass body from the mold. This will be my first time ever working with fiberglass. So we will see how it goes. This is where I stand today. Merry Christmas.

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  4. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Pacman rod   

    Very cool. Looks great.
  5. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Hot Rod History HHUG   

    Still love that video.
  6. pappabear1973 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    t bucket
    I am after at least one measurement of the big t. I have several measurements for the 1915 and 1923 t buckets in full size. However it covers mostly the length and only like two heights and widths. I need more before I can work on a master of a custom 1915 c cab. So I will take it one step at a time. I will be starting at the fire wall and working back. So the first measurement I need is the width and height of the tunnel opening. I am specifically looking for one if possible on a model that is channeled and running the Chevy motor. Thank you.
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  7. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Fiberglass bodies   

    Who is your supplier for the epoxy mat and gel coat. Thank you
  8. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Fiberglass bodies   

    Looks like you gave me a ton of home work. Note to put on the learning cap. Thank you very much.
  9. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Fiberglass bodies   

    You speak of a special clay. What is this special clay? Thank you.
  10. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Fiberglass bodies   

    My thing is I do not want San 1923 t c can, I want a 1915 t c .cab. different measurement. Lol. I always have to be difficult.Thanks I think I am understanding the process. Will have to re read the thread tomorrow. Do you do the resin, then cloth then resin then cloth again? Thanks
  11. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Fiberglass bodies   

    That is very cool. For the most part, the body is easy enough to do I believe, it's the curve on the cowl that will make it difficult. I think it's just a hair under under a half inch radius. I could cheat and use a router on a block of wood. However I think that with the profile it might not be just right? The idea of bondo though it's good. I like your body process that you shared. What do you use to glass and hire many layers. Thank you
  12. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Fiberglass bodies   

    I mean creating a body, from scratch. However I understand that probably includes making a master or a buck. Is am looking at doing a 1/8 scale c cab of my own design and think it might be easier to do it that way since the body will bee over eight inches long. Thanks
  13. pappabear1973 added a topic in General   

    Fiberglass bodies
    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has made fiberglass bodies for their models? If so, I would be interested in learning the process that you use. Thank U for any information.
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  14. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic 3D printing growing as we speak   

    Well like I said, I am interested in the whole aspect. The only scanner probably capable of use in this degree is a hundred grand. I don't think the home printers are honestly good enough yet either. So out of my league. But still interested when the time does arrive. Thanks
  15. pappabear1973 added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Mike brinx sent me a set of instructions. Thank you very much.