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  1. It really liking these Corvette bumpers. Their styling flows very well in that area. IMHO much better choice than the other attempts. Looking forward to seeing this play out.
  2. Clever stuff. Great to build what you need from whatever is available.
  3. Thanks for posting these photos. I very seldom see this kit built in any form. Nice clean build.
  4. PM me your email address and I'll take a pix of those springs in place on my model
  5. Looking very promising. Are you printing the body as well?
  6. Exactly like that. I spotted them at a local car show and later scratch built a set for one of my models.
  7. Super slick looking. The only feature I would change is that external exhaust. I'd deep six the pipes and close those hood sides.
  8. Good luck. I have based this same series of kits for more finished models in my collection that any other single kit.
  9. Definitely headed down the right path here. Gonna be a classic rod.
  10. Reminds me of some of the wild Custom cars from the '60's with the "Unitrol " single stick systems. Wonder where that featured car is today?
  11. Remember the stock '37 six was a 216 flat head, not the 235.5" from later years,
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