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  1. misterNNL added a post in a topic Sombreros from '62 T-Bird   

    Can you please show us what they look like?
  2. misterNNL added a post in a topic Window travel decals   

    Steven,have you mailed the decals yet? The trailer is finished except for the decals. Thanks !
  3. misterNNL added a post in a topic Rocket V2 engine to scratch   

    This is indeed a beautiful model. Where did you find the necessary research material to make it so accurate?
  4. misterNNL added a post in a topic Something Completely Different - Vintage Travel Combo   

    Have you tried giving yourself a stern talking to?
  5. misterNNL added a post in a topic 1954 Mercury Woody   

    Very ambitious project of a beautiful vehicle.You have obviously planned your work very carefully as the work done looks right on target. You are you brave soul too carve the bumpers from scratch but they appear very accurate. I look forward to seeing it develop. Thanks for sharing your project with us.
  6. misterNNL added a post in a topic Greetings from Italy: LIMONEVERDE WOOD   

    Amazing work! Your models are sure to be an inspiration to many people.Be sure post some of your work in progress projects so we can all see and appreciate the process you have for creating these works of art. Welcome to be the forums.Ciao!!
  7. misterNNL added a post in a topic Cobble Beach Concours, Owen Sound, Canada   

    Great photos Howard. Excellent clarity. What is the convertible with the 12 potholes in the front quarter panels? It is in your photos # 902 and # 903.
  8. misterNNL added a post in a topic Inches to scale conversion help needed   

    Again Warren.Simply PM me our mailing address and I'll mail you a photocopy of my 1/25th scale ruler.No math involved at all my friend. Couldn't be any easier.
  9. misterNNL added a post in a topic 1936 International School Bus...   

    I would suggest starting the same way I always do,with photos.I take photos of the real vehicle from each side plus front and rear.Measure the wheelbase then have the photos you took enlarged to match that size in 1/25th scale.If you don't have a 1/25th scale ruler,send me a PM and I'll mail you a copy of my Murphy's Rule ll.Once you have a 1/25th scale photo copy of the body sides you can simply scale everything from there.The curved section above the side windows can be made from thin wall evergreen tube stock.Any UPS store can do the copy enlargements for you or even your local post office may have a copier available with enlargement options on it.Out P.O.does for only 15 cents each which is a lot cheaper than driving 20 miles to the nearest UPS store.Good luck with your project and be sure to post your progress here on the forums.
  10. misterNNL added a post in a topic 41 Dodge COE is done   

    Excellent work on an unusual subject.
  11. misterNNL added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    You nailed it by doubleing up on he corner laceings .Looks much more balanced this way.I'm looking forward to seeing this at he NNL Naionals in October!
  12. misterNNL added a post in a topic Assembly line Fords   

    Absolutely outstanding work here.
  13. misterNNL added a post in a topic Mystery (NNL East30) build ... fixed for Fotki   

    Absolutely done in the best spirit of all things NNL .We never want to take ourselves too seriousll! Well done
  14. misterNNL added a post in a topic Tall T   

    Good for you those high top coupes are not exactly common any more.I have cut up a bunch of those over the past 40 or so years since the kits were new on the shelves.Be sure to post your progress so we can watch it develop.