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  1. Around here an "old" barn is something built in the 1800's. There are some still standing and the owners are friendly enough to allow me to take photos and measurements. I have plans to build one "someday" .These old survivors are built using hand hewn beams from local old growth hardwood timber(mostly oak). Those beams are fun to replicate and weather.
  2. I find that the center and front sections of the Exacto blades get dull first. I get additional use from them by simply turning the blade around, holding it by the front end and using the seldom used rear teeth to make more cuts. "Waste not-want not"my mom would have said.
  3. Thanks for posting this sweet A bone rod. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.
  4. Great imagineering on display here. This reminds me of those cooking challenge shows where the contestants open a big basket of mystery ingredients then have to cook a meal based on what they find. In your case the basket contained a Messerschmitt body,a dragster frame,a couple engines and other cool "Schmitt". Neat project that I'll be following with great intrest.
  5. At least set some carbide skid shoes under that front end
  6. They are also great space savers. I have 8 of these in my model room to display some of Chevrolet promo collection. The rest are in Individual plastic cases on shelves around the ceiling.
  7. The biggest problem seems to be alignment. I wonder if it would be possible to have to have properly aligned louvers cut into a harder surface and place it under your panel , secure the aluminum sheet on top, then punch down into those preformed openings with your tool. God luck with what ever you do and be sure to keep us up dated with your progress,
  8. Happy "Naming" Day brother builder!

  9. Happy"naming" day brother builder!

  10. Happy Naming day Craig!

  11. I have used this same idea for creating brick walls for dioramas. I use flat finish craft paints for color and weathering. I sand sidewalk chalk into cracks for mortar and seal with flat clear rattle can. For large areas of concrete or paved surfaces I recommend the paper covered stuff from Hobby Lobby. Be sure to remove the paper backing from Both Sides or it Will warp for you.
  12. Very cohesive design. Highly modified while retaining retaining the identity of the original vehicle. Well done indeed.Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
  13. I love the black roadster concept shown. IMHO the original cars relied heavily on those long sweeping fenders to balance the long hoods necessary to house 12 or 16 cylinder engines. Removing those disturbs the balance and begs a new solution. I would retain the hood in a smoothed out version then consider a closed cabin style with a boat tail rear section. Another consideration if yours truly was the designer would be to enclose all the wheels in aerodynamic wheel pants. Very ambitious but worth considering. Good luck and be sure to keep us posted.
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