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  1. Bonneville HHR

    Thanks Snake,one if those links lead me to some information from Chevrolet giving me a lot of dimensional information including the 7" top chop,the 4" stretch,overall height,width and wheelbase. Those measurements will help a lot.
  2. I want to build a replica of a Canepa built Chopped Chevy HHR Bonneville race car. I have one calender page with some photos of it but am looking for more information. I remember seeing a rather extensive article on it several years ago showing the construction phases of the car as the body was being built. That article showed the body being chopped and stretched. I have a couple Flintstone HRR' s to cut up for the project but would really like to have more reference material first. Any help appreciated.
  3. I will be watching this build closely as I have been saving magazine articles featuring it and planning a similar project myself. I looked for an engine a year or so ago with no luck so I moved on to something else. The interior of the real truck is going to be a big challenge in itself with all of the aircraft inspired details. Good luck. I look forward to all of your updates.
  4. 47 Chevy

    Looking very realistic and very well photographed as well. Can you post a link to the Mexican blanket design you used??
  5. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    Those fall under the heading of "Just because you CAN do something doesn't you SHOULD"!
  6. From the factory, 1959, El Catalina

    To possibly answer your question about getting a title and plates for one if these,I have a good friend from Michigan who had a beautiful '32 Ford hot rod roadster built two years ago. He bought an original title on line which incidentally says Ford two door, and was able to get the title and plates that way. His plate says "NO RAIN" which is pretty cool.
  7. The wheels look good with the white roof color. Good choices all around. Thanks for sharing.
  8. The thing to consider with your chain length is how much would actually be required to lay the tailgate down level with the bed floor. That should be the proper length to use.
  9. We've all been there...we drop a part while working on a project,it hits the floor and disappears for ever to who knows where. We grumble,growl and possibly mumble a couple bad words to ourselves! My biggest problem other than chronic clumsiness is having a hard floor in my dedicated model room so everything I drop bounces away at weird angles and is lost forever. Having had multiple knee surgeries and closing in fast on my 76th birthday I can no longer get down on those knees to search for small stuff. I needed an easy solution. Last week I decided to simply lay an old bath towel right under my bench to catch fallen parts or at least stop them bouncing way. That works very well and I have happily been able to find all but one really small dropped piece. This is simple and inexpensive solution to a problem we all have.
  10. Hello from Pottsville Pennsylvania

    Are you a builder? If so what do you prefer to create? Regardless,you will find lots of inspiration here.
  11. I recommend Rustoleum textured spray can # 239119. I just used it successfully on a scratch built '30's travel trailer roof. I used a flat black top coat then buffed it lightly to a satin finish. It's available at Wal-Mart.
  12. NNL Nationals,,,more photographs :)

    Great job as usual Howard. Nice to see the builders information available also.
  13. Pro mod chassis help

    This thread proves again that old "seek and you will find" addage that you can find answers to just about any question about modeling on these forums.
  14. Jet Rod Community Build

    These alternate reality builds are inspiring. I'll be keeping my eyes open for potential parts doaner kits for a future build of my own.(Like I really need more projects!)