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  1. I hope you finish this one. The work so far is spot on and looking promising. Thanks for sharing the process with us.
  2. Sounds like the bumper sticker I put on my 1:1 '48 Chevy. It reads" Cool ain't prefect and prefect ain't cool".
  3. I saw a photo of a used tire truck yesterday on Pinterest with a license plate that read "TIRED". that would make a great for your model.
  4. Thanks for posting these. The real cars are beautiful customs. The original vehicles were actually rather ugly in stock form so cutting the tops was an outstanding idea.
  5. Remarkable conversion. I'll be watching.
  6. I saw possibly the same car on the table at5 a Toledo NL a few years ago. It was printed in a translucent material.
  7. So who out there is brave enough to build Anything shown here? Anyone? Anyone?
  8. In Lima, Ohio I saw a C8 Corvette in an eye searing yellow. Also a '59(?) Nash metropolitan on the interstate.
  9. Nothing has been said about the chassis. What's going on "down under" all that beautiful custom body work?
  10. That second brand name should read Schwans Home Ice Cream delivery.
  11. Very well done and presented on a realistic photo op background diorama.
  12. My personal thanks for creating something dedicated to an underserved segment of our society:-). Dare I say this drips with CT style and craftsmanship. Another over the top "mash up" from your workbench!
  13. Nothing has been revealed about the chassis. So, what's going on "down under"all that beautiful custom body work?
  14. May I suggest having your model inside an appropriately sized display case. I always had one in my desk where it was practical to do so.
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