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  1. I really like this build. Great use of what parts were available at the time. These types of projects are really squarely within my wheel house. Thanks for posting.
  2. A few posts back I commented on some modified pick ups I saw cruising at Myrtle Beach with lowered rears and lifted front suspensions. I now know these are known as "Carolina Squats" or "Tennessee Tilts" .Rather than start an unnecessary series of pros and cons concerning these personal choice decisions I will only suggest that you Google either term and make your own decision. ASs always this is only for information so please keep it civil and reserve your decision until right after you log off.
  3. While stopped at a local traffic light yesterday a car rolled on the driver's side and when I glanced that way I was looking right over the roof of a 1960 Edsel four door hardtop. This one was obviously lowered with original patinaed white paint and a very appropriate license plated that reads " ED SLED". very rare sight anywhere.
  4. I just accessed the link shown above and if you allow the data offered all the dimensions needed to scratch build one is right there. Anyone interested in seeing photos of mine can PM me your email address and I will send them to you.
  5. I also scratch built one of these in 1/25 scale as a companion piece to my Ford TT Weaver equipped wrecker. Wasn't too difficult. I found some basic dimensions on-line.
  6. I'm a little surprised these aren't available in 3D printed form.
  7. They are also an excellent source for inexpensive books, most are about 75% off regular price.
  8. Three noteworthy sightings today. First one is real first for me, that being a guy riding a motorized unicycle. Number two was a '57 Chevy long roof with it's back half sticking out from under an ill-secured tarp under the eve of an old barn. The last was a IH Metro step van parked in a very long line of traffic stuck on the interstate by a really firey and nasty wreck. It was white ,patined and sitting pretty low.
  9. Second weekend of Mustang week here in Myrtle Beach,SC. This is also Saturday night so Ocean Blvd. Is full on,bumper to bumper,30+ block long cruise. To steal a line from on old song" Cobras to the left of me,Saleens to the right,Oh my! Most of the crushing Mustang are relatively current generation and 90% are coupes. Dark colors are dominant. All move along in low gear,clutch in to allow for throttle blips in recognition of kindred spirits passing by under the street lamps and nearby neon signage. Also saw a lifted "party bus" with the center 20 feet of the roof removed. It had the name Cowboy Cadillac painted down the sides and was hauling a wedding party downtown and trust me they were feeling no pain. There is (IMO) a strange trend on display here as well. I'm seeing a few bum sized sized pickups with the tail gate end lowered and the nose gasser high up in the air to the point I wonder how they can see them street or pedestrians in front of them. Very large exhaust tips emitting ear splitting noise.Not safe looking at all.
  10. No overpasses to worry about in the future as all will probably be destroyed by some idiot.
  11. I forgot to mention that this foam is about 2" thick.
  12. I have had that same problem in some of my earlier diorama projects. The warpage is most likely caused by having paint on only one side of the f!exible material you are using as a base. I recommend switching to either a plywood base layer or a much thicker foam. I have a large piece of what I call "blue house builder's foam" that I have successfully used in the past with zero problems. I would give you the exact name printed on it if we were home but we're on vacation. The stuff is available In the big box home supply stores like Lowe's or Menards but is sold in 4'x 8' sheets. I recommend looking around any area where new homes are being built to find left over pieces or doing some dumpster diving. spread the word around your building friends and somebody will probably know a contractor that can hook you up with what you need. Either way good luck.
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