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  1. Now you're talking. Much better photos that really show us what you're working towards. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Beautifully done. My favorite is the "shooting brake" woody. Did you scratch build the wooden parts from styrene or basswood?
  3. It's a shame that at least one door doesn't open so that some of that beautiful interior can be seen. I noticed the partial rolled down rear side window,nice detail. Keep it going. Thanks for sharing.
  4. If I had to chose I would pick either of the two on the right or left ends of the top row.
  5. Some very tasty colors there. I'd have to use a different spoon to eat my Cheerios every day for several months to find out which looked best with those milk white and oat tan colors!
  6. Did I notice that the whole rear frame and suspension section was flipped over in this sequence of photos? It dos look better that way, and much stronger.
  7. I love this engine. The wiring has a very natural drape to it and the use of dark stains to the side cover and bell housing are spot on. Nicely done.
  8. almost anything with more than two doors was considered the ugly duckling in any brand. But they were cheaper to buy and therefore almost all of may early cars had too many doors than was considered cool.
  9. Yes that is better(IMO) than the thin post. It eliminates that thin unsupported looking stem mounting adding strength and mass to support those spares. Nicely done.
  10. Nice build of a seldom seen car. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Nice looking "more door" project.
  12. I think you might want to consider making some sort of a flared housing to cover the post your rear mounted spares are attached to. The 3 quarter view from the rear exposes the post quite a bit and that IMHO detracts somewhat from the smooth flow of the rest of the car. Over all the look is quite graceful and appealing. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  13. Thanks Tomo. I am constantly amazed by the knowledge and info available by simply asking. Just one more example of what makes these forums so great!
  14. I would like to see a cropped version of you photo showing us more of the prow of the boat and the water and less of the shelf you have it sitting on so we can appreciate the work you did.
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