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  1. It would be nice to see this model photographed against in plain background with less clutter so we can appreciate the overall look if it. I personally like the dramatic difference when compared to the prototypical shiny cars.
  2. Does anyone have a current email address on him??
  3. I have two fractured vertebrae L4-L5 that I have had for over 50 years. That has caused pinched nerves resulting in leg and knee pain. For temporary relief I use a topical cream called Blue Emu. No nasty smell or heat and it works quickly and helps me a lot. Be sure to have testing done to determine exactly what your problem is.
  4. I built one back when the original release was available and painted it in the(Marina?) blue as shown above. I carried it in portable tool box and worked on it on my lunch hours at a city park near my office.
  5. That's what I thought. That price is a complete kit with chassis and interior. I built the chopped top version of that kit last year. Those real trucks were very cool vehicles in their day and seem to have a cult type following of loyal fans today along with the DIVCO brand.
  6. How did you determine the width of the engine mounting rails in the center of the tube chassis?
  7. I also tried this finger tip style and decided it wasn't going to give me the ability to turn the blade in corners without turning my whole hand. It just seemed awkward after decades of round handled Xactos. I gave mine away to a younger crafter I worked with at the time. My favorite Xacto is currently the one they sell at HL with a built in light in the head. That one can illuminate the exact area where I am cutting.
  8. Not long ago we were working on a really old household door that had brass knob and knocker that were looking really nasty due to outdoor exposure. I chucked a small wire wheel into my Dremel Stylus and cleaned them up in a few minutes. A coat of clear and they are looking nice. FYI, brass was a common choice for those applications as bacteria does not survive on brass as it does on other metals.
  9. I'm glad you added the tire rub marks where the vehicles being pulled up run across the painted lip of the bed. Nice touch.
  10. Spammers like this one are a great source of inspiration to a lot of builders including yours truly. Their immediate visual impact is the same on your shelf or a contest table as it would be if you'd spent months super detailing it. I build a lot of this type model. It helps me get them out of my head and on the shelf.
  11. For those who haven't looked it up yet, a quid is equal to $ 1.29.
  12. I watched it today in Columbus,Ohio and thoroughly enjoyed it I have somewhere little and no knowledge about any kind of racing but the camera action and sound track were great whether they truly accurate or not. I'm in that 99% that did not know the difference.
  13. I I totally agree.If more young people would just shut up and listen to what some of today's senior citizens that just might learn something(like common sense).
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