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  1. You might consider using a larger size rear wheeleel/tire combo in The back considering the size and weight of a vehicle that size. Not being critical,just an observation. Enjoy the holiday and stay safe.
  2. Living in Grove City, you are close enough in Columbus to be involved with the Buckets Scale Auto Club. Check us out on Facebook to find out about meeting information.
  3. These would be perfect for my current project, a '37 Pierce Arrow 19' Travelodge travel trailer. The real ones were only made one year and had these wheels on them.
  4. I love it! Huge slabs is styrene being cut and plastic flying everywhere. Your reference photos appear excellent allowing you to scale the major panels directly from them. This is gonna be fun to watch!
  5. Just the fact that a major kit maker actually made a four door kit is more than a little surprising..
  6. Been there,done that. I worked 50 hour weeks for the last five years before I retired. Not a lot of time or energy for modeling at that pace.
  7. The addition of the belt line and cowl trim adds a lot of detail and a more stock appearance to the cab. Good idea.
  8. Yes it is exactly what I am looking for.
  9. Welcome aboard the best forums ever.
  10. I do not have the skills to post photos to the forums so I will simply say that a quick internet search for vintage automotive artillery style wheels shows the style I am looking for.
  11. Great way to show off a million dollar shine!
  12. IMHO the blanket for the seat has almost a waxy look to the surface so I would keep looking for another option. Great thread here that is a lot of fun to follow.
  13. I think I remember seeing this truck in that little watched horror movie" The giant baskets that invaded Las Vegas".
  14. A build to be proud of for sure. The real trucks were brand new the year I graduated from high school. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
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