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  1. 47 Chevy Flight-master Jet Car

    Rather than changing the angle of the truck lid louvers you might possibly add some aerodynamic device to the roof to direct air flow over that section and into those vents and possibly an injector system for the new section to add more fuel or "power-up" fluid prior to the intake. See now you've got me talking in jet car speak!
  2. 2020 Family Truckster !

    According to one of my best friends who was directly involved in automotive design for one of the the big three for decades,"If you don't like the current designs of today's automobiles,don't blame the car makers,blame government regulations that effect every facet of what you see on the road".
  3. 1937 F & F Delehaye 135m

    Amazing stuff. I don't understand most(any actually) of the terms you use but admire your skills with something you were able to create yourself. Love those art deco swoopy designs.
  4. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    Is that a sliced and diced Futura/Batmobile canopy I see on the front ?
  5. Post retirement modeling

    Thanks for all of the insight into the various situations we all find ourselves in at this stage of our lives. We all seem to still have the desire to create,build and collect. Some have more challenges than others with health and physical abilities and yet here we are still enjoying our common love of this hobby. I think it is great we have these forums to share those things.
  6. What did you see on the road today?

    That might be what it was. I had to get too close just to figure out what the brand badge was. The model designation script was chrome on a white car but it did start with the letters S and T son I'm sure you are correct.
  7. What did you see on the road today?

    In Columbus,Ohio traffic on Thursday we saw an Alpha Romeao(sp?) SUV with Iowa plates.
  8. '57 Pontiac stock Sedan Delivery

    Congratulations on this excellent display of your skills with metal working in this scale. I have the greatest respect for modelers you work in this medium. Have you always work with metal bodies and scratch building with brass or did you transition gradually from plastic ?
  9. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    This is taking on a serious bad blah blah blah attitude and I love where it's all headed.
  10. What did you see on the road today?

    No pix to share as I do n o t know how to post,but....we are in Myrtle Beach on vacation an this is Mustang week again so they are everywhere in droves with little stoplight challenges at almost every corner and lots of engine revving going on. I also spotted an Australian built Holden(Chevy) Super Sport and was able to talk to the driver for a moment. On the way down here from Ohio I saw a restored mid '20's model T Ford roadster pickup in the front yard of a farm house and a '50's "bread sled" style delivery van in a barn yard in North Carolina. Another cool road side spot was a small block Chevy V8 motor on a post at the roadside with a mailbox air cleaner. We stopped at a huge road side fruit farm today that has a small museum with several unique vehicles on display including a 1913 International flatbed truck and a '52 Crosley convertible. For a gearhead like me pretty interesting couple of days.
  11. Absolutely incredible work !! Without a doubt the best stuff on the forums right now.
  12. TROG Duesenberg Racers

    The mechanic under the car should learn to drop his tools closer to where he is working. Nice back story on the cars.
  13. Educate me on Model T speed equipment

    Thanks again Bill for another link. I just registered today. I probably will build a replica of this chain driven Frontenac with the supercharger for a future project.
  14. Post retirement modeling

    I surely understand the desire expressed by some forum members to enjoy being out-of-doors during nice weather. We've lived in this same home for 51 years and in that time have created a lot of nice landscaping. After multiple knee surgeries I can no longer even mow our yard. My wife is permanently on oxygen due to lung and heart problems so it all falls to me to get it done. I do work on models outdoors weather permitting. I have a briefcase that has everything I need to do that so I set up on our deck table to tinker with styrene stuff. It can be interesting to see what you can create in a limited space with minimal tools and supplies.
  15. Post retirement modeling

    Mike,send me your email address and I'll send a couple photos of my plates.