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  1. From what I have read they were a cottage industry thing, hand cast and assembled to order rather than mass produced and distributed nation wide. I have seen a video of one running and it had a rather high pitched whine to it.
  2. Looking forward to actually seeing that Frenzel supercharger used on your engine. The real ones are super rare with only maybe 12 known to exist.
  3. The coming and certainly shocking price increases in the price of our public utilities. My wife is a village council member here.At their regular meeting last evening she found out that the cost of our electricity is going to Double in the next couple of months and the natural gas price will Triple !! There is nothing we can do about it either. We personally will be OK but this is going to be very difficult for a lot of our residents this coming winter:-(
  4. Nice to see this seldom seen kit built so nicely. Thanks for posting it.
  5. I saw some of the real ones cruising Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach last summer. To complete the look you might consider loading the rear end with huge spare tires on matching rims like the pickups I saw.:-\
  6. Some really interesting finishes and works in progress here. Thanks for sharing the and enjoy your retirement.
  7. Great thread. In those MPC days we didn't have have resin or 3D parts to add to our models. Anything scratch built was looked at with awe and amazement. Some build sheets these days look like a page from an aftermarket suppliers catalog. IMHO those same parts produced by the builder himself should be noticed by the contest judges and taken into consideration. The larger the scale chosen the higher the standard should be. Just my humble opinion of course. As to the consists I chose to enter today...if what I put on the table pleases someone, great,and I appreciate that. If not...so be it. I build what I like as I think it should be built and only to please myself. Always have...always will.
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