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  1. An exercise in fabrication - 426 Hemi

    Looks very nice for a home made resin casting! I got my hands on a glue bomb Roller a long time ago and hot rodded it by combining it with some body parts of a monogram forty Ford pick up like the lower half of the cab and the bed and built it into a roadster pickup. I used interior parts from a Pontiac Grans Prix kit seats and dash. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hope you are healing well. The older I get(now 75) the slower stuff heals. Sounds like things are headed in the right direction on these great kits. Be sure to spread the word when you have them available.
  3. Resin day cab

    That makes a bunch of sense. Thanks for the lightning quick response.
  4. Resin day cab

    Please explain the term " day cab" for the non-fire folks,like me. Is there a night cab?
  5. Ford COE cabs:'37-'47, '48-'52, '53-'55(or 6)

    Beautify done '38. There are a ton of things to build with that cab. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Star Models Resin Parts

    This would make unique team with the box as a trailer behind the truck. Load it up with ladders and buckets for a house painter's or handyman' s rig.
  7. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    Kudos on a really unique build and method of presentation. I like seeing out of the box thinking when done at this level. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Will you be changing the paint on those slicks? There's a big difference between the rubber from front to rear.
  9. My take on the Model A

    Looking great. I like the exterior visor with the lightning holes for a period piece. With a blown V8 a real one would be a hand full at full throttle. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Plug wires look so correct. Very realistic drape and flow to them. Thanks for sharing.
  11. A few more of my builds

    Nice models against a good background photo. Thanks for sharing.
  12. 2017 Wrapup

    "Buzzy" ? Looks like you have the same affliction I have when typing,with my fat fingers hitting the key right next to the one I actually wanted:)
  13. So you want a shiny Cadillac eh?

    I have personally seen a Honda Accord coupe in this area twice in the last week.Instead of" Honda" on the trunk lid it has the word"Chrome".Really gets your attention for sure.We have several Honda factories in this part of Ohio building both cars and motorcycles.
  14. Deluxe foam armour

    Hope that works for you. I figures you would pick up on that topic when I posted it. What it he picture you posted a model of ? Aircraft maybe? The side of this bottle says it will cover one square meter.