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  1. misterNNL added a post in a topic Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed....   

    Holy shiny styrene that's a sweet Gotham City ride!Thanks for sharing.
  2. misterNNL added a post in a topic Another from the new guy: Howlin Wolf's Fleetline   

    Very well done examples.Both are builds to be proud of.Thanks for sharing.
  3. misterNNL added a post in a topic R&M of Maryland   

    You can expect outstanding quality and detail from any of the products you buy from Norm.His castings are nearly flash free and the scale realism is very accurate.
  4. misterNNL added a post in a topic regency era street rod   

    Finally,someone has built something really cool from an (IMHO) otherwise useless kit.Very nicely done with a great stance,beautiful details and very well photographed.Thanks for sharing.
  5. misterNNL added a post in a topic 33 FORDS   

    Thanks Jeff.Whittled you say? You got one super sharp knife my friend.
  6. misterNNL added a post in a topic Body dropped 65 chevy dually   

    Very creative solution for making unique wheels and tires.I'll be tuning in for your updated posts.
  7. misterNNL added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    This is gonna be fun to watch!
  8. misterNNL added a post in a topic AMT 51 Chevy convertible custom update 5/27   

    Ice to see someone actually building this kit.I see very few of these finished  on display anywhere.Also be sure to keep us in the loop when that six cyl powered hot rod makes it to your bench.
  9. misterNNL added a post in a topic 33 FORDS   

    Your wood body is a real work of art on the Woodside. I would also like to know where you sourced that 12 cup flat head engine.
  10. misterNNL added a post in a topic Corvette MakoShark C2   

    Thanks for sharing your great build with us.Great model.
  11. misterNNL added a post in a topic 1954 hudson hornet   

    It's hard to imagine these big hills ruling the race track scene where they were new.Nice build.Thanks for sharing.
  12. misterNNL added a post in a topic Clear over Spaz Stix.   

    Thanks for the information Peter.I never had idea of the chemistry behind the finish.Pretty cool actually.
  13. misterNNL added a post in a topic Vintage Popcorn Wagon   

    I am glad to see you building a classic vendor's truck based on the '23 kit.In the'40' s there was one in my home town here I spent a lot of my weekly allowance money.Another classic model truck under way by one if my favorite builders.Bag me up some with extra butter and salt!Looking forward to watching this one develop under your masterful touch.
  14. misterNNL added a post in a topic Sectioning a 40's Vintage Vehicle   

    The first set of photos looks like they sectioned a '46 Chevy.Thanks for posting this.I have run across a number of those old tutorials that can be very helpful to today's modelers including chopping those swoopy 40's tops.
  15. misterNNL added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Clear over Spaz Stix.
    I am rounding third and headed for home on my scratch built 1/25 1940's era Airfloat travel trailer project.After a lot of research and careful measuring it's time to paint.I decided to go for a sort of polished bare metal finish so I am using the Spaz Stix ultimate chrome paint in rattle cans.I found this in a hobby shop that carrys a lot of RC stuff.The base Is their# 10209 ultimate black backer and the finish coat is # 10009 mirror chrome.Base dried quickly in today's 75 degree weather.Top coat went on without any disasters as well.Then being unsure as to wether the top color would finger print I unfortunately decided to clear coat it with Testors # 1261 gloss clear.After the first coat I wished I hadn't done that.The clear actually dulled the surface making it look like just any other silver paint job.
    I repainted it starting with the black backer then the mirror top and all looks like was intended to look.My paint is Not a mirror finish as there was no way to create a super smooth surface with ribbed side panels and 850 rivets showing but overall I am pleased.
    My whole point here is to caution other builders to think twice before clear coating this product.
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