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  1. To check on the progress of electric low-end torque Google Don Gralits Swamp Rat 38 battery powered dragster. His goal is 300 MPH in the quarter mile. In the one clip I watched he also ran his Tesla sedan through at 102.
  2. We all have our challenges but somehow still being able to build models comes with a certain sense of satisfaction attached. I may not be able to run,jump of any number of other things that I used to do but being able to create something cool from a pile of styrene bits gives me reason to smile. I plan on doing it as long as I am able.
  3. Alright there seem to be a lot of talented builders and computer wizards on these boards so how 'bout someone steps up and gives us a computer generated lay out of the exterior sheet metal for this vehicle that everyone can print out and produce their own version of this unique truck. Go ahead...I double dog dare you.produce it,post it,build it!
  4. I have seen that Craftsman in unbuilt condition sell for $ 100.00.
  5. I know how it is when this cab-forward idea strikes you. I still have one in my display case that I built 57 years ago from a '63 T-bird. Moved the cab forward,added Lincoln Futura grille, Powered if with two 413 hemis,added a bubble top and dual rear wheels,painted it blue metal flake, and upholstered in white rolls and pleats. Be very careful here this thing can lead you on a walk on the wild side! Be sure to keep us appraised of you progress.
  6. I am glad that I took advantage of their original offer of a lifetime subscription. I was of course concerned when all those other car magazines were cancelled but I guess that the slow death of most printed matter is just one more indication of our changing times. I just bought the Feb 2020 issue of Car Kulture Deluxe and there is still a page included where you can subscribe for as long as three years.
  7. You might consider simply cutting it off then pinning it back on with a small piece of wire drilled into the column.
  8. Outstanding art work.I'm sure someone is going to be inspired here to start creating a model based on your creative posting.
  9. I remember when these cars were new in the showrooms. I always liked those two years for their styling. We always associated those giant grille mounted V shaped chrome trim pieces with the Canadian built cars. As a point of discussion, IMO your model is actually a custom,not be hot rod. The accepted division between the two terms is the year of manufacture. Modified vehicles built 1948 and back should be classified as hot rods. 1949 and newer are customs. Love your work and look forward to seeing it finished.
  10. Nice job here.If you would have told us 20 years ago that Cadillac would be building trucks we'd have thought you were inhaling too many glue fumes.
  11. This is killer grade stuff! Great paint gloss and shiny trim work.
  12. We never really get the flu but my wife now has COPD, congestive heart failure and some other nasty things that put her at greater risk than some others. The COPD is a direct result of kemo treatments over 20 years ago that damaged her lungs.We also have a 4 month old great grand son who we see occasionally so at our doctor's suggestion we both got the shots this season as a precaution. As to the comment about school being a breeding ground for illnesses,consider what we have learned from our one neighbor. They have a 4 month old baby that was born with several birth defects that out her at a high risk level for any infectious diseases. She has three older brothers,two of which are elementary school age. Their little girl spent the first two months of her life in the hospital and has had three major surgeries included open heart at 6 days old.Her doctors recommend that the mom bathe the older kids right after school and wash the clothes they wore to school. Great idea there to prevent spreading the flu.
  13. Thanks for showing respect for a former service member. A number of my high school teachers in the '50's were military men and all were dedicated humble men.
  14. I did the same thing to reply to a Finnish builder last week in his native language.
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