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  1. Great coverage with obviously excellent models. My personal favorite is the huge snow blower with tandem augers.
  2. Good stuff. Start them early and keep encouraging them to have fun with it.
  3. I recently posted that I would be tempted to promos this kit and wham bam thank you man here it is. So now I'm going to scratch that off my "to do" list. Great stuff indeed.
  4. Nice build in a trashy sort of way. .this shows a good knowledge of the subject matter as well. Are/were you directly involved in the refuse industry?
  5. Real world authentic model. Kudos on a top shelf build.
  6. Most important thing here is to have fun doing whatever You like to build. Always build to suit Yourself, not others. This is the best place for inspiration and advice so utilize what's available to achieve your best result. Stay positive and test negative!
  7. I can almost hear "Bad To The Bone" blasting on the sound system.
  8. Nice touch leaving the back half of that housing behind.
  9. Outstanding finished project. Kudos of the first order.
  10. My scratch builder's hat is off to you sir. Outstanding skills and knowledge of subject displayed here in every area.
  11. Great crisp and realistic pictures.
  12. Great pix. Gotta love the complex turbine powered Camaro convertible.
  13. Nice limited visibility ride on the wild side.
  14. History smishtory, I say it's only plastic. If you've got 'em build 'em!
  15. Welcome to the best forums available. What do you like to build?
  16. The right hand side exhaust is lower on the right side(Center) to my old eyes.
  17. Saw a bone stock '64 Chevrolet Biscayne 2 Dr sedan catching some November sunshine.
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