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  1. Happy "Naming Day" to another kid born in the '40's.

  2. Happy birthday to another builder you can still remember growing up in the 1940's.

  3. Thanks Paul.

  4. Happy naming day from another "kid" that grew up in the 194O's!

  5. Happy birthday to someone born in the same decade as I was('42). I sometimes wear a t-shirt that says"the first 70 years of childhood is the hardest ".

  6. I just received an email from a forum member in Europe who is unable to post or comment on anything since the upgrade. Mine is the only email address he has so he is asking me to contact any administrator I can access to help solve his problem. Do you have an email address I can forward his contact his information to? Thanks for your help. He is not as he puts it "a native speaker" ( English) but does very well in his messages.

  7. Is this project still viable? I am interested in pledging if it still is. Feel free to PM me the necessary information. Thanks.

  8. Happy "Naming" Day brother builder!

  9. Happy"naming" day brother builder!

  10. Happy Naming day Craig!

  11. Happy birthday Boyd. Nice to see another builder with a seven as the first digit in their age(i am 76). Where did your screen name of dented fender originate? Body shop career?

  12. Nice to finally find someone older than I am on the forums( I'm 75). I' m sure a lot of forum members would be interested in seeing some photos of your models. Where do you find your dimensions and other info for your builds ?

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