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  1. DerthDeboblo added a post in a topic Many glue bombs   

    PM Sent!
  2. DerthDeboblo added a post in a topic Would like y'alls opinions on paint color for Pro street T-Bird   

    Desert Sand Mica (4Q2) is NOT silver. It is light metallic tan. The Stellar Blue Pearl is code 8L7. If y'all wanted to know.
  3. DerthDeboblo added a post in a topic Jolly Rancher Buick.   

    Thanks for tips man! It's appreciated!
  4. DerthDeboblo added a post in a topic Jolly Rancher Buick.   

    Resurrecting a dead post, but fantastic looking Buick! Question though, what did you do in order to lower it? Might sound like a noob question, but you nailed the stance!
  5. DerthDeboblo added a post in a topic Hello from SW Louisiana   

    Moved to the Lake Charles area of LA. Yes, I was smart enough to save all my stuff from my youth (granted, I'm only 33 lol) . I figured I'd get back into it all someday. Thanks for the welcome!
  6. DerthDeboblo added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from SW Louisiana
    Long story short, built models as a kid/early teen. Girls, school, real cars and life in general took me away from it. I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Louisiana for a major life reset. Unearthing my collection of model cars caused me to get in mood for a build again! Being older (and having the $) means I can finally build the way I've always wanted to (details,details,details). First up is a vintage Monogram NASCAR, Ron Bouchard's Valvoline Buick Regal. That being said, look for a build thread. It's sure to be sporadically updated with no real progress LOL! Looking forward to chatting with you guys and gals!
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