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  1. I'm always a few days late in posting. Picked up these two from my local model guy at the flea/farmers market this past Sunday. They were part of a recent built collection he just bought out (he has a ton of others I wanted also). I just needed the body from the Monte Carlo Kit (have a complete kit, just with no body). The Courier was just something I had to have (ALWAYS been a fan of compact trucks) and for a total of $15 ($5 for the Monte, and $10 for the Courier) and both looking like easy rebuilds, I think I scored. Besides, I'm a sucker for built kits.
  2. Oooooooo........want a Little Red Wagon (never picked one up after all these years), and another Color Me Gone car. I hope my local one gets them.
  3. My hauls for the past month to date (yeah, bending the rules)....... The Folgers Mustang and the VW were trades. The MPC El Camino was an antique/junk store find. The three Firebirds and the Ramchargers 330 are from a local model vendor in my local farmers/flea market. All complete and sealed in the boxes. Also, just snagged this off eBay today. I love the Deals Wheels line! Good price (I think) for a sealed bag kit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-MODEL-70S-REVELL-DEALS-WHEELS-RIF-RAFS-SPITSFIRE-NOS-SEALED-AIRPLANE-/262371594682?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&autorefresh=true&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=2pz5fN6amlddgnSuvpI9%2Fzv0eqU%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  4. Hmmmmmm......I *might* just have to put a bid up for that. I don't care all that much about the IMC aspect, but it would go great with my collection of vintage car mags (Hot Rod/Car Craft/Drag Racing Illustrated) and my love for all things vintage drag racing.
  5. Thanks! I'm sure that I'll be picking up a few of the R2 re-issues of this Pacer once they hit the shops.
  6. I'll start off by saying this: -Expect mistakes -Expect frustrating lengths of time between updates -Expect mediocre quality as I hone the "skills" I have With that out of the way, I know introduce you to my first (and soon to be most challenging ) project in a long time.....The Packin' Pacer. The story and idea behind this is built on another favorite line of cars from kids to adults alike......Hot Wheels. The Packin' Pacer is a Hot Wheels designed AMC Pacer wagon. Powered by what looks like a blown engine, it is a rear mounted setup. The header collectors exiting out where the rear hatch glass was. I've always loved this model from Hot Wheels, and AMC Pacers in general. So when I came across one on here from DrKerry, I jumped on it. This will be my first build of this scale I've ever taken on (I've normally only built box stock, and that was when I was a teen, 36 soon). I've never scratch built an entire chassis, which by all accounts I'm going to have to do. My basic plans so far are these.... -Blown Hemi sourced from some kit (AMT '70 Super Bee Pro Street most likely) -Full custom built frame (I need more Evergreen) Not much to go on huh? Yeah, like most things in life, I'll figure it out as I go. Thanks for looking, and feel free to drop any hints/tricks/criticisms/insults/etc.
  7. Just got my Pacer wagon from DrKerry. Excellent, and thanks again!
  8. UP 4012 is outside at Steamtown in Scranton, PA. I couldn't believe it was that immense. It's seriously a (formerly) functional work of art.
  9. Then they were never going to be the right one. The best ones are the ones who are just as crazy as you are
  10. All depends on the woman of course. My ex-wife......well there are plenty of reasons why that didn't work out. My current g/f and I seem to be making a good run of it so far (just shy of two years). Just be yourself is the best advice I can ever give. That's all I've ever done, and it seems to work so far.
  11. Meh, as long as you can keep her happy *hint, hint* , you're golden.
  12. My haul for today: 1988 issue 1/24 Monogram Buick Grand National. Complete, unassembled for $6 + tax. At an antique mall no less! Recived my AMT Pacer Wagon build up from DrKerry today. No complaints at all other then it's going to be the hardest build I've ever done. Im going to need a lot of evergreen, and luck(Google Packin' Pacer for my idea) Also scored the current (and my first) issue of Model Car magazine. My compliments to Gregg. Excellent mag, layout, articles, and quality! Also grabbed issue #3 of Roadkill magazine. If you don't know of Roadkill, hit up you tube. You won't be sorry!
  13. Barnes and Noble in Wyomissing, PA has seven issues of #200 on the rack at this very second. Soon to be six though
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