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  1. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    And the Klingon's will be Pepsi. And the Romulan's will be 7UP. Russ
  2. What Irked You Today?

    Maybe he had two boxes on ebay and got them confused? Russ
  3. What Pleased You Today!

    Heineken beer has finally (as far as I know) made a 0.0% (no alcohol) beer. Heineken was my favorite beer back when I drank . Been drinking O'douls, not bad, but I kept saying I wish Heineken would do an alcohol free beer. Went to Walmart to pick up some duct tape and there it was. Sometimes you just need the taste of a good beer. Russ
  4. What Irked You Today?

    Family, specifically siblings. Russ
  5. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    thanks. Russ
  6. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    Personally I wouldn't mind just the figures of the women. Russ
  7. 1/25 Revell VW Beetle Type 1 Kits

    That is definitely on the if I win the lottery list. Never seen that before. Wonder what other kits were part of that model of the week thing? Thanks, Russ
  8. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    I couldn't find the admission price on the website for the public. Need to know how much so I have the exact amount. Thanks, Russ
  9. Bought a Tremec aftermarket T5 trans for my 79 Pinto build. $600. Not a bad price. Seems ok from the quick checks I did. Should hold up with my stockish 1989 351W. Until it isn't so stockish later. Much later at this point. Russ
  10. Which Model Gave You a Whoopin'?

    This is another one that would be a good fit for the childhood models thread. I had this as a kid and built it, but you guys all seem to have better memories and were much more critical than I was back then (or even today). I know I built it, can't remember if any parts were left off. There was an article in one of the magazines back then where someone built this using a scratchbuilt brass frame. Now THAT I can remember, but not what magazine it was. But to my 8-10 year old mind it was amazing. I bought this again last year, one of these days I will get to it. Not doing any model building right now. Russ
  11. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    T'rantula, Ala Kart, QuickSilver/Street Fighter, and the AMT 40 Ford Coupe. That last one is one of the first I remember building myself, and I built several of them way back. I'm 59, and I still dream of building a real Quicksilver car. And I am a Ford guy! Russ
  12. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    Given a choice, I would always pick the Badman between those two. As Casey said, it just checks so many boxes for me. It is probably one of my top 5 all time favorite model kits ever. And those 5 are so close together it is more of I have one favorite that is made up of 5 kits. Russ
  13. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    None of the models I built as a kid survived. Most ended up in a big paper grocery bag for parts. And even that got given away when we moved from Ohio to Phoenix when I was 10 in 1969. None of the ones I built even 20 years ago survived. Got divorced, remarried, couple of moves, and gone. Almost 90 percent of my stash is of kits I either had or wanted to have. But there are a ton more I want from back then (60's-early 70's). I am so grateful for Round 2 reproducing so many of them. Back in the 90's I was doing the Ebay thing, that got way too expensive. And then I ended up selling most of those to make house payments during a bad time. As someone else mentioned, the Badman and the Monkee Mobile are two that I have that stand out. Any version of the Street Fighter (I have a few different ones). Little Red Wagon, Hemi Under Glass (Bob Riggle is a friend of my dad's from Mansfield), Ala Kart (the original, and I think I have the newer one as well). The weird dragsters like the Hippie Hemi, Stingaree, Digger Cuda. Infini T, there was a VW bug version I really want. I want the old everything opens Revell tri five Chevy kits, etc. Heck, I'd even take Palmer kits, I know I built a bunch of those. For me it was never truly about the end result, but the actual building experience. I built all scales and proudly displayed them together. Until I played with them and into the parts bag they went. Maybe I was just addicted to tube glue Back then if it was made of plastic and needed glue I would build it. Planes, ships, cars, motorcycles, helicopters. Didn't matter. Everyone knew to get me 2 things for gifts. Model kits and Hardy Boys books. Russ
  14. Acme 1/18 Fiat Dragster kit

    Where can you find this, and how much is it? Thanks, Russ
  15. I don't like Chevelles, but I am going to have to get this kit for the chassis for another model. This will be the second Chevelle kit to donate it's chassis for me. Oh, well. Russ