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  1. Is this a real gasser type with straight front axle? Can't tell from the picture of the box above. Thanks, Russ
  2. KISS, Cheap Trick opening, Aug 1977. 4 days before I went to boot camp (Navy) Veteran's Memorial Coliseum Phoenix, AZ. Russ
  3. Was just getting ready to ask. bummer, but understandable these days. Hope you can find another place or reschedule at Deer Valley. Russ
  4. Can't remember. Is this a stock version only kit? Thanks, Russ
  5. I probably missed it here, but is there any chance they will reissue the Funny Car version of the Cutlass? I'll probably buy one of the convertible ones just because, but would much rather have the FC version. And like some others, I have to ask why a convertible if you are redoing the body completely? Thanks, Russ
  6. Walked into a slot car track place here in Glendale, AZ, and the bug returned. My favorite car from the '60's when I was a kid watching my dad race was probably the Cheetah. Looks like I missed out on Carrera still selling their's from the searching I have been doing just now. So am I stuck with Ebay? I could also use 1/24th on the tracks this guy is running. I'm not looking to be really racing others at this point, just want some track time in with a car or two I love. Not opposed to getting some cars from the 60's, specially the 1/24. That way I can use model bodies.? Not sure what all kits are out there today in 1/32. I swear I was just curious to see what was close by. I've already bought the step granddaughter a couple of the Mini something Scaletrix sets, Batman /Superman and Looney Tunes.She wants a bigger track and apparently they don't sell anything other than full sets. She is 8 and loving this stuff. We are going on a family outing Saturday to the track. Guy also gives vets a good discount. 1.5 hours track time for the price of 1 hour. $5 a half hour, $2 car rental. Analog and digital. Just two tracks, in a small place. I was there saturday and it was dead. He says that is probably his slowest night, which is great for me since I work second shift during the week. Thanks, Russ
  7. Ray, that is a GREAT looking Tbucket. You really going to tear it apart? Russ
  8. In the last week I picked up 4 kits. One was a serious bucket lister for me. Monogram '40 Ford Pickup Street Rod. I wanted a pickup, but older. Have had this one before, want to do a good job this time around. MPC Deora Show Car, 2005 reissue. It's a classic custom, what else is there to say? MPC Spirit of '57 '57 Chevy. I'm a huge sucker for one piece tilt front ends. Will compliment my MPC '66 Malibu if I ever get it built. And the biggie, literally, The Lindberg FIAT Dragster/cabriolet 1/12th kit. This one has been a life long want of mine. I know some don't think it is accurate, but It's one I always lusted for. And I got it for under $20 at the Sales Shack, along with the first two listed above for close to $12 each. The way my vision is getting, I might have to move up to this scale sooner or later. Thanks, Russ
  9. Chris (HPI guy) seems to be using Rust-Oleum over Rust-Oleum primer with no issue. Yes, I've been watching his videos lately. Any thoughts on why it works for him and not others? I was planning on using his method when I can get back to building. Thanks, Russ
  10. I'm pretty sure Round 2 knows their market.? For those who keep complaining that they never issue new kits, just check out the Sci-Fi models. I personally LOVE their re-issuing old car kits, especially the ones from the '60's. Stuff I drooled over as a kid (I was born in '59) and couldn't afford like the 2 cars in one kits, or the ones I butchered but have very fond memories of. And they are re-issuing several I missed the first time around completely, mainly from the later '70s when I wasn't interested in models. Girls and real cars kind of took up my time.? Frankly, most of the cars some of you want a kit of are ones that I would have zero interest in. But then companies like Tamiya or Hasegawa or even Revell Germany (I know they arent really separate any more) are much more likely to make them. Just at a higher cost than it seems most here want to pay. Just my thoughts. Russ
  11. Cool, I was wrong. Thought you guys were talking about the new policy just started. I got an account, but so far not much cheaper than Amazon. And can't find any model kits. Lego ones don't count. Thanks, Russ
  12. Well, according to the monthly email I get from the VA, that doesn't apply to ALL vets.Sorry, I didn't save it since I am not included in those who are. Just those with service related disabilities, Medal of Honor winners, and some others. Probably 99% of us who just did the minimum enlistment (6 years Navy for me) and managed to escape without injury aren't included. Again. Russ
  13. This is definitely on my want list. And any others they may issue. Sorry to some, but yep, nostalgia. I built one of the stockers at least when they first came out, can't remember which one. I was about 12 or so. Remember not having model glue (was at my grandfather's for the summer) so used rubber cement. Russ
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