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  1. russosborne added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    I got the info from Cato, will be making a small donation when I get paid Friday.  Wanted to do it tonight, but the bank said not enough funds.
  2. russosborne added a post in a topic Beautiful new destroyer...   

    Some used what was called a "patrol sock", patrol being that was what our time at sea was called. SSBNs (like the one in the picture earlier) had two crews, each had the sub for about 105 days, 70 or so of those were under water out to sea on what was called a "deterrent" mission. Cold war was pretty active those days, idea was the Russians knew we were out there and if they launched we would launch enough back at them to destroy the world essentially before they could stop us (41 SSBNs, most out at sea at any given moment), so supposedly that kept them from launching. Us as well, as they had similar subs out in the ocean. I was on a Polaris/Poseidon class sub, the Trident class had just started being put in service at that time.  We could carry 16 MIRV missiles, the Tridents could carry 24. MIRV=multiple independent reentry vehicles (warheads), meaning each missile could carry more than one warhead. Classified, but look up a Jane's book on naval vessels. They were pretty close.
    My sub-USS John C Calhoun SSBN 630 was scrapped 22 years ago this month if I remember right. Bummer, I always had dreams of having it turned into a house, like some do with old airliners. But the SALT treaties were still in effect and it got chopped up.
    Don't know what it is like in these PC days, but back then late nights had lots of porn on the subs (had a VCR in the crew's lounge and people brought tapes). Not all was porn. Someone taped quite a bit of MTV (this was in 82ish) and there were regular movies on tape. That was in addition to the movie projector and movies that were officially sanctioned. Had over 70 of those each patrol, one scheduled a night. None of those were porn, but there was a fair bit of T&A in some of the movies.
    Not sure what the officers watched. They had their own stuff.
    GEE, what a long answer for how sailors relieved themselves while at sea.
    Oh, we had private bunks, at least they had curtains. So most of any relieving took place there. If you are interested, look up some of the documentaries for the Trident subs. Their bunk system was the same as ours pretty much.
  3. russosborne added a post in a topic Beautiful new destroyer...   

    Not positive, but odds are good he's the safety guy for the photographer. One person wouldn't be allowed topside alone. And he most likely is on the sound powered phones talking to the Control Room.
    FTB lighting the fuse.
    nope, we stayed down below. We lit the fuses electronically.
  4. russosborne added a post in a topic Beautiful new destroyer...   

    Nuke missile fire control tech. Why bother with wimpy guns when you can kill millions at a time?
  5. russosborne added a post in a topic Round 2 September '16 Releases   

    Well, under the " you can't please everyone" heading, some of us like molded in color kits.
    It would be best probably if the manufacturers had both as an option to buy.
  6. russosborne added a post in a topic Beautiful new destroyer...   

    Just another target.
    submariner many many years ago.
  7. russosborne added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    this started Tuesday, but still is actively irking me.
    Wife had gall bladder removed on Tuesday. Everything went well, it was done as an outpatient (laproscopically) and she went home that afternoon. Until Wednesday. Intense pain and a fever. Wasn't sure on the fever until I got home about 11pm (I work second shift now) and I had to stop and buy a thermometer. Yes, she did have a decent fever, like 101.  Called the triage nurse with her insurance and she said to go to the ER. Did that, they did a CT scan and blood tests. They were not sure what was going on but they said there was a problem (something on CT scan and also elevated white blood cell count) so they admitted her around 5am Thursday.
    So now it is Sunday. They do a second CT scan. Still no word on exactly what is wrong. Her fever has been gone for a couple of days now at least. Not sure where her white blood cell count is, that was high in the ER. Hoping to hear more tomorrow. All we really now is that the new CT scan showed everything was the same as the initial, and there is definitely something there. Just don't know if it is an abcess or just fluid. Sorry, I am not up on medical stuff. My wife is the medical terminology person in our family.
    I just started a new job two weeks ago tomorrow (Monday) and I am only a temp so I cannot miss any time. So I am irked that I can't be there with her for more than a few hours late at night during the week, as well as extremely irked that every single time she has had surgery (this makes 3 in less than a year now) she has had infection issues, and they sent her home Tuesday without any antibiotics. The two most recent surgeries have been with the same surgeon.
  8. russosborne added a post in a topic AMT Mod Rod Review   

    Thanks for the review/pictures. Now I know exactly what is in it.
    So close, Round 2, so close.
  9. russosborne added a post in a topic 1971 Pinto Wagon Street Freak Showcar - New Body Fitted and Mocked   

    And thanks for the link to the guy selling the plastic. I will be buying from him soon.
  10. russosborne added a post in a topic 2 mm wide seat belt matl. for ProTech racing harness   

    I have not done this, but I have read that you can use craft store ribbon for seat belts. I imagine there would be a good amount of choices in that size. Also read of people using masking tape or similar, but have recently read on the forum that tape may not last forever.
  11. russosborne added a post in a topic Steve Zimmerman   

    Steven, I have no real problem with you using that place, it is your choice after all.
    I am just stating that I will never buy from you (or anyone else) who only sells there. I don't even go there to look at pictures or anything, if I click a link  not realising it is going to facebook I get out of there as fast as possible. I refuse to go there for anything. I am sure I am missing out on stuff, but that is my choice.
    Odds are in a year or two you may be overrun with orders anyway, since that place is not going away (darn it). I imagine sooner or later it will kill sites like this, I am on some 1:1 car sites that have lost lots of traffic to it. Once that happens I'll go back to more building and doing, instead of spending most of my free time on these sites.
    Heck, I still use Usenet. Most kids these days have no clue about that. It was huge at one point, and now is almost dead, but hanging in there. rec.models.scale is one forum I still monitor, although it is almost 100% military now. And gets about as many posts a week as it used to get in an hour. Same as the others I still read/post to. Some of us are just too stubborn I guess.
  12. russosborne added a post in a topic Wetted nitrocellulose reclassified   

    I have no clue what this stuff is, but according to the Snopes website the reclassification has been rescinded at least temporarily.
    Don't know if Snopes is valid or not either, just the first thing that came up when I searched the topic title.
    This site also says the same thing.
    Again, I have no clue what if any these sites have for agendas.
    Not anti gun, not a gun nut either.
  13. russosborne added a post in a topic Steve Zimmerman   

    Well, Steven can limit his sales to Facecrap, but I limit my buying to real websites or in person. So I won't ever be a customer of his. That is my parameter.
    Hope he does well anyway.
  14. russosborne added a post in a topic What kind of job do you have?   

    currently unemployed (not by choice). Over 20 years as an electronic technician, mainly working on RF stuff.
    Have a pending job offer to become an entry level jet engine assembler. Assuming all the background stuff is good, which it is unless someone mistakes me for someone else with the same name.
  15. russosborne added a post in a topic A reasonably SERIOUS new-tool '70 Charger Revell is hiding in plain sight...   

    I hate the movies, and am not a Charger (or even Mopar in general) fan.
    But I will buy this kit (if finances allow) because I love street cars with big blowers sticking out of the hoods.