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  1. russosborne added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Revell/Monogram 57 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon photo etch?
    Wondering if anyone knows if Model Car Garage or anyone else is going to make a detail set for these? I know they make a set for the AMT 57, anyone use that for this kit? It doesn't have any side trim that I could find however.
    Also related to that question, if so is there any chance the side trim for the Sedan Delivery(AKA Courier) will be available?
    Planning on building mine as a sedan delivery Gasser. Would be nice if the trim could be found, or I will just go without it.
    I've been looking online, didn't realize that the wagon and the sedan delivery had such different trim.
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  2. russosborne added a post in a topic Trumpeter 60 Pontiac Bonneville   

    Holy cow, that translation needs translated!
  3. russosborne added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    OT question for Art Anderson-never mind
    never mind, the site is back up.
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  4. russosborne added a post in a topic Eldon dragstrip scale? Had working Christmas Tree.   

    That certainly looks like what I had.
    $500 though, wow. Guess that is something else I will never have again. Like my Schwinn 5 speed Stingray bike.
  5. russosborne added a post in a topic Tube Frame Testing   

    Wow. Looks awesome.
    Are you sure this is the first?
  6. russosborne added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    I misread this the first couple of times. You have to click on the star or the dot. This is working for me.
    Also, I don't know if Gregg and or Dave has been working on it, but I got desperate( hanging around the ER because of my mother in law(nothing major thankfully))for almost 12 hours today and used my phone to read the forum, and it seems to work better than a couple of days ago. 
  7. russosborne added a post in a topic Glue Bomb 72 Gran Torino. Any ideas what to do?   

    Did you see my post in the other thread you had about this?
    Forget the 70 Torino, everything about that year except maybe the engine and trans is 100% wrong. Other than the name they are completely different cars.
  8. russosborne added a post in a topic Noticed something-number of Irked today vs. pleased today posts   

    Uh, OUCH!!!
    I can relate, I am in constant pain. Sometimes just a 1 or 2, sometimes an 8 or 9. Usually somewhere in between.
  9. russosborne added a post in a topic 1948 Lindberg Lincoln Continental Convertible-Resin Coupe Hardtop available?   

    Thanks for the details.
  10. russosborne added a post in a topic help with information on this. 1/25 72 Gran Torino.   

    This is assuming you want to do a non Nascar car. Although back then they still built on the factory chassis, so it might be worth it even if you want a Nascar version.
    I don't know if they are the same scale, but the Starsky and Hutch car is a "correct" chassis and the interior is close for a 72 (some changes, like the 72 had unique front buckets if you are going with buckets. Again, if the scale is the same, or if you are like me and don't worry about fractions of an inch.
    If you want to do some online research into the real car, check out this site I am a member on. I did the link so it goes directly to the 72-76 Torino section.
  11. russosborne added a post in a topic IF Revell,Round2 and others would make a few more station wagons. What would you like them to be?   

    In order of my priority:
    I would like to see at least the 65 Pontiac Bonneville, and any of the early 70ish Olds Vista Cruisers. We moved from Ohio to Phoenix AZ in our 65 in 1969, and my dad bought a Vista Cruiser around 1972. Can't for the life of me remember which year. Could have even been a 69. The one from "That 70's Show" is definitely close enough.
    And pretty much any of the 60's to mid 70's GM wagons. Also most of the Fords also.
    And then all the rest.
  12. russosborne added a post in a topic Eldon dragstrip scale? Had working Christmas Tree.   

    I thought I had seen the same thing a few years ago, was hoping I was wrong.
  13. russosborne added a post in a topic Why is it.........................??   

    Well, to answer one point made above, I am one that would rather of had Gregg and Dave shut the site down for a few days to get it right. Just my preference, probably not most. Either way it is over and done for the most part. Still hoping some of the old functions and features come back at some point. They've all been mentioned many times so I am not going to re list them.
    Second, I am not seeing the improvement in using the site on my Android phone. To me it is worse.  So much worse that I had to quit using my phone to access the site. Maybe it is just me that is the problem there, I honestly don't know.
    A car forum I am on just went through this a couple or so months back. At first the "new" forum looked and acted like something from another planet. The admin people there were able to change things so that for the most part the features and functions and especially the look and feel of the new forum were able to be changed enough to make it feel about 95% like the older version. Don't know if that is a possibility here or not. It definitely took a lot of work behind the scenes to accomplish it.
  14. russosborne added a post in a topic Lindberg 1948 Lincoln Continental front fenders?   

    Seam is close enough to the right position for me. However with my luck I will accidentally smooth it.
  15. russosborne added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Lindberg 1948 Lincoln Continental front fenders?
    Here is a link to a picture of what I am asking about.
    I tried looking here and only found a couple of mild custom builds. If there has been a stock build of this kit posted please let me know.
    I am planning on doing this kit basically out of the box with maybe some under the hood detailing.
    My question is the kit front fenders. They are two piece units and will have a seam line running just a bit above the wheel wells the full length of the fender. I have looked online and found many pictures of these cars. It looks to me that there is a bit of a detail line (sorry, brain frt, can't think of proper term) on the real cars right where the seam will be on the model( at least as far as the outer part of the fenders is concerned) So I am thinking about leaving that part of the seam instead of making it look smooth. On the real car it may not be going all the way back. My eyes aren't that great anymore, and I don't have a real car to check out.
    Is there anyone who knows anything about these cars who can tell me if I am even close to being right? Or would leaving the seam line be way out of scale?
    I would have already started this, but I can't find the stupid glue I have packed away somewhere with the rest of my modeling stuff. Might have to buy new.
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