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  1. Well, 2 weeks ago I bought another 1972 Ford Ranchero. Beater, but almost no rust. Unlike the other one I have. Short term plan is to just get it through emissions test and have it be my daily driver. Need to strip the other one asap, engine is going in my 79 Pinto. Will save the doors, interior, glass, and front sheet metal. Eventually I will be swapping some of it onto the new 72. And the rest is for "just in case". Russ
  2. My opinion, it is way past time for the printed version to go away. Most magazines have realized this. Digital is much cheaper and less stressful to do. And NO middle man. But Gregg seems intent on staying with printed to his last breath. It is his ball and he can make the rules, but that doesn't mean we have to continue to keep playing. I've also been one of the one's advocating for a paid OPTION for the forum. NOT pay or go away. But pay and get some perks, which basically cost nothing, and help to support the forum. In my opinion, I would much rather the forum stay and the magazine go away, than to lose both, if one or the other has to go. Been away from the forum for a few months. Kind of sad to see nothing has changed. Russ
  3. I'm excited about the Pinto kit. I have a real 79 Pinto full glass hatchback I am working on, not exactly stock. Fully caged, no fender wells, 8 inch rear (btw, the Mustang II with the 302, and some Pintos (V6 and some station wagons) came with the 8 inch). Putting a 351W in it. Fuel cell, battery in back, etc. So I will be building the kit to match. Some work will be needed. I also would like the 55 Chevy. One of those I always wanted, but never got. I'm not a figure builder, but that Godzilla kit is really making me want it. I'd take the 53 truck. Wouldn't build it as a Coke truck though. Too many memories of my first wife. She was/is (I imagine, haven't talked to her in 15 years) a big Coke collector. Have to see what I can scrape up cash wise, all my spare money is going into the Pinto. And even some not so spare. Thanks, Russ
  4. This is an excellent example of why there is a mute button on the YouTube player. I muted it before it even started, loved seeing those cars. Russ
  5. Irk 1.Was supposed to sell some 1:1 wheels today. Guy was supposed to be here at 4. I wait til 5:30 (with my wife sitting at a phone store where I had to leave her) and nothing from the guy. Irked on so many levels. Need the money, need the space, not happy about my wife having to stay at that place for nothing. And this wasn't even CL. Something called OfferUp. Irk 2. The phone store. Name starts with a V. My wife went there to replace her phone under insurance. Found out she had a $150 or so deductible. They offer another option, get a new phone, with a $200 rebate or something, and it would cost $109 today. So she goes with that, sounds good, and the monthly payment is even less. Well, out the door was over $300 after all the fees and BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. If I had been there (Irk 1) I would have told them NO! We'll take the insurance replacement. Partly my fault, I was worried about getting home in time for the idiot in number one, so I wasn't thinking. I should have asked right away what the out the door cost would be. Irk 3. The Pinto forum I am a member of is down again. happening due to too much bandwidth usage. The owner is working on getting a better provider, but the current one is starting to shut the forum down frequently. Russ
  6. And the Klingon's will be Pepsi. And the Romulan's will be 7UP. Russ
  7. Maybe he had two boxes on ebay and got them confused? Russ
  8. Heineken beer has finally (as far as I know) made a 0.0% (no alcohol) beer. Heineken was my favorite beer back when I drank . Been drinking O'douls, not bad, but I kept saying I wish Heineken would do an alcohol free beer. Went to Walmart to pick up some duct tape and there it was. Sometimes you just need the taste of a good beer. Russ
  9. Family, specifically siblings. Russ
  10. Personally I wouldn't mind just the figures of the women. Russ
  11. That is definitely on the if I win the lottery list. Never seen that before. Wonder what other kits were part of that model of the week thing? Thanks, Russ
  12. I couldn't find the admission price on the website for the public. Need to know how much so I have the exact amount. Thanks, Russ
  13. Bought a Tremec aftermarket T5 trans for my 79 Pinto build. $600. Not a bad price. Seems ok from the quick checks I did. Should hold up with my stockish 1989 351W. Until it isn't so stockish later. Much later at this point. Russ
  14. This is another one that would be a good fit for the childhood models thread. I had this as a kid and built it, but you guys all seem to have better memories and were much more critical than I was back then (or even today). I know I built it, can't remember if any parts were left off. There was an article in one of the magazines back then where someone built this using a scratchbuilt brass frame. Now THAT I can remember, but not what magazine it was. But to my 8-10 year old mind it was amazing. I bought this again last year, one of these days I will get to it. Not doing any model building right now. Russ
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