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  1. russosborne added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby made my day   

    Anyone have any idea how long these pens will last if unused? I have a tendency to buy stuff and then not use it for a while, then find out the stuff went bad.
  2. russosborne added a post in a topic Lost my father tonight   

    Really sorry to hear about your Dad. Even though he isn't suffering any more it is hard on the people left behind who loved him.
    Re the VA. I have had the same experience as your Dad. I served in the Navy from 77-83. Totally peacetime, no service related injuries. As far as the VA is concerned I pretty much don't qualify for any medical. If I was totally destitute I might, but given the VA's history the last few years I am not sure I would even want to use them. I do qualify for free burial though. Nice, don't care about the living, but hey, we'll bury you once you are dead.
  3. russosborne added a post in a topic 2018 Indy Cars   

    And that's a good thing?
    Not to me anyway. When they started looking like the more recent F1 is when I lost interest.
  4. russosborne added a post in a topic can an LED be glued to styrene.   

    epoxy, superglue, elmer's.
    Don't know which would be best.
  5. russosborne added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Went to a different than normal for us Walmart for a few groceries. Saw a few sub sandwiches that were reduced due to the date. Grabbed 2. Well, the cashier had problems with the scanning on one of them, thought he had it fixed, but after we got in the car we took a close look at the receipt and found we paid for 2 at full price(which we didn't get, he had apparently not deleted the sale and rang it up several times while trying to get it right) PLUS the actual one we bought at it's reduced price. Cost over $10 extra just because we tried to save a few bucks, which is important right now.
    This store does not have the display that shows what you are buying like the one we normally go to, so I couldn't be sure what was happening.
    I guess it was my fault for grabbing one that did not have the original barcode fully covered by the reduced price sticker, and for going to a different store in the first place. It was by another place we had to stop at. Sheesh.
  6. russosborne added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    I had a job interview last Thursday. Not the greatest job or money, but it seemed like I would be comfortable there. Got along great (I thought) with the boss, etc.
    Looking on CL I see that the ad has been reposted. Thinking I guess I didn't get it, although he had said they would be interviewing until tomorrow. Maybe I am wrong, but I doubt it.
    Just tired and depressed with all this stuff.
  7. russosborne added a post in a topic Balancing (too many?) hobbies/life?   

    Thanks, guys.
     Like most above, when I am working by the time I get home I am too tired, but right now I am unemployed and mainly sit around and worry about that and end up not doing anything productive (other than looking online for jobs) even though I have all the time in the world. For me, I know that depression isn't helping matters. Yes, I should do stuff to shake the depression, but that logic doesn't seem to work for me. I'm talking serious depression, not just down in the dumps. Got to talk to my doctor about it and get back on meds again I suppose. But that is a whole other subject.
    I've read here (and it's true, not just for model building but most things) that you shouldn't do it if you are tired as that tends to make mistakes happen easier. As I tend to want to throw things when I make a stupid mistake, that just compounds the fun. Being tired all the time makes this something to deal with as well.
    Sorry, probably rambling a bit. And TMI.
  8. russosborne added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    Dave Odson? Mansfield, Ohio. Age about 58
    Have totally lost track of him since 1993ish.
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  9. russosborne added a post in a topic Board malfunctions on Firefox?   

    I also use FF. Other than the slowdown that everyone is seeing I am not seeing any problems with FF.
  10. russosborne added a post in a topic Okay, I moved the party and there's no voting, but there's likes, the rest basically stays the same, come up with one idea for a model kit and work it out   

    Not sure what you are talking about, but since I will not do Facebook at all I guess it doesn't matter.
  11. russosborne added a post in a topic dissappearing posts or dissappearing mind?   

    I found out what happened to the thread. One of the mod's let me know what is going on with it.
    It's a relief, I really thought I was losing my mind on this.
  12. russosborne added a post in a topic dissappearing posts or dissappearing mind?   

  13. russosborne added a topic in How To Use This Board   

    dissappearing posts or dissappearing mind?
    I was wanting to post a link to a specific recent post for someone, and can't find it. Thinking maybe I forgot where the post was I looked up my activity (I had posted a reply to the post) and there is nothing there regarding this post. To be specific, it was the post by (I think) hpiguy about taking a jigsaw and making a paint mixer out of it. Was within the past month or so.
    Any clues as to what I am doing wrong here?
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  14. russosborne added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Balancing (too many?) hobbies/life?
    I'm just trying to get a feel for how others deal with this.
    I have probably way too many hobbies. Models, playing bass guitar, real cars ( I have 3 projects going, 72 Ford Ranchero GT, 74 Ford Pinto wagon, and an 89 Ford Mustang LX hatchback (2.3L), gee the guy must like Fords), reading, video games. As well as just stuff that needs done around the house. All in addition to trying to find a job. And dealing with mind numbing depression as well, which may be the real problem here.
    My problem is that I can pretty much only do one at a time, other than reading which I can fit in with any of the others. So I build models until I get burned out, then move on to playing bass(which is what I am currently focused on) and then will move on to something else.  I've pretty much always tended towards this as an adult. When I was a kid it was easy to jump from one thing to another but somehow along the way I lost how to do that. Seems that I've lost the ability to do a lot of things, but that is another post.
    Do most of you tend to be able to segment the day so you can do more than one hobby, or are you more like me? Or somewhere in between? And any ideas on how to change? I'd like to be able to do more than one, but it just seems that I can only focus on one.
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  15. russosborne added a post in a topic This years DTM cars   

    I had to look DTM up.
    Hello, Grid Girls.