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  1. russosborne added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    It's really cooling off and I will be getting paychecks again so I can start back to work on my 1:1 cars. After a few things are taken care of first.
    Probably means the end of the world is around the corner.
  2. russosborne added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    Saw a newer Challenger going down the road that had the red/white/blue Sox & Martin paint scheme. No, it didn't have the name or any racing decals on it. But still cool to see.
  3. russosborne added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Yay. Got the call today that I start my new job Monday.
    Finally. I had just about given up on it.
  4. russosborne added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Well, it wasn't today, but I had a funeral on my list of things to do so just getting around to this. Found out officially on Friday.
    The job I was supposed to start on Tuesday is going to be another two weeks at least. Paperwork/background check stuff not done on time. Not my fault, the company that does this stuff for the hiring company is known for delays. The hiring company apparently only starts new people every other week, so no chance of starting earlier.
    Wish the agency had told me this upfront, now I am just hoping that the hiring manager doesn't dump me. I was really counting on starting this week.
  5. russosborne added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    It seems I have an electronic technician job starting on the 5th.
    Had to be weird though since I am involved. I was told by the agency rep that it was an electronic assembly job. I had been submitted by the agency for both assembly and technician jobs, but the tech job was a month or so ago and I had forgotten all about it. The assembly job I had just been submitted for and the rep just thought that was it.
    Imagine my surprise when the guy talks about a tech job. Told him I thought I was there for assembler job, but would rather do the tech. He double checks and it is the tech job I had been submitted for a month ago. He asks me some questions and I answered well enough that he basically offered me the job right then, which he never does. I got the official offer later this afternoon from the agency rep.
    I have to go do paperwork and drug testing on Monday. To think I almost blew this interview off because I was not feeling well at all.
    Money is good enough that I will be able to buy the occasional kit even.
    Yay me.
  6. russosborne added a post in a topic Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?   

    I've seen a Tuesday Morning around here in the past, not sure if they are still around. But never went in, for some reason I got an extreme "women's stuff only" vibe from them. ???
  7. russosborne added a post in a topic How much have you spent on a build?   

    I don't spend much. The kit price, and maybe a can or two of paint and some glue spread out over a few models. I only rarely buy a kit just to use parts from it, but I do once in a while. I'll hang on to the rest of it and hope to use it for something someday.
    I am not counting the stuff I have bought but have never used, like lots of craft store stuff for detailing that I have yet to use. that would only add pennies to each kit anyway.
    I don't really keep track, I just can't afford to buy extras. If I had the budget to I would, while still not worrying about keeping track. It's like on 1:1 cars. If you add it all up it tends to get depressing. For me at least. There are others who proudly share down to the penny what they have spent.
  8. russosborne added a post in a topic old kits   

    Right now I think I only have one old original never reissued (to the best of my knowledge) kit. I absolutely plan on building it, as I do with anything I buy,  but the rate I am going ALL of my kits will be collectibles before I get to them.
  9. russosborne added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    Yeah. The only reason I had to buy this kit was the nailhead and the other parts, as I don't like roadsters.
    Guess I don't need to worry about buying it now.
    Way to f up a decent kit, Revell.
  10. russosborne added a post in a topic AMT 37 Chevy Gasser started. Finished.   

    Looks good.
    I just picked this kit up yesterday on a whim at HL on clearance. Not a big fan of the stock Chevy, but the gasser on the box just screamed buy me to me. I'm a sucker for 60's style drag cars. Planning on an OOB build, hoping it will work as a slump buster.
    Just came across this thread as I don't normally look in this section, but your thread was on the main page so I had to check it out. Good inspiration here. Thanks.
  11. russosborne added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks to the clearance sale at HL I picked up another AMT 32 Vicky,  and an AMT 37 Chevy Stovebolt. There were about 5 I wanted, a couple I already have but want more of, and a few I don't but for the price was worth getting, but only had enough birthday cash for two. So I compromised, got one I already have and one new.
    Trick will be to see if I get around to building any of these. At least with the Chevy, I don't particularly like that car, so hoping to do a quick slump buster with it. I just like the gasser part of it, only reason I wanted it. It's funny, this was one I wasn't going to waste a coupon for when it was regular price, but at the same price now I buy it.
  12. russosborne added a post in a topic Trouble with Backbutton   

    I'm using Win7 and Firefox. No issues.
    Bill, I've been using FF for a while now, and have never seen the multi colored tabs. ???
  13. russosborne added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Thanks guys.
    Trying not to give up, but being as I am seriously depressed at the best of times it is hard. Having to start over at my ages flat out sucks, which is another whole issue. Seems most places/hiring folks aren't willing to even try an older person for entry level jobs. My last job (the one that they cancelled the shift I was on due to over production) I only got because they did mass hiring expecting most to fail. Funny thing was I was succeeding in the area I was at. Oh, well.
    Might be having to try Walmart or Hobby Lobby soon. I stocked shelves at Target in the past, but that was way past. Like 25 years ago. Have serious doubts that I can stand on my feet for any length of time (back to the health issues).
    Re the CDL, I can't pass the physical. Several conditions that eliminate me before I even try. Some of the simplest sounding driving jobs require a CDL, which is how I found out I can't pass the physical. But it was a good idea.
  14. russosborne added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Well, just as I had thought/expected, I got the "thanks but no thanks" email today from the place I interviewed at a week ago.
    I turn 58 this weekend, and I am really starting to think my age is killing any hope of a job. guess I need to get the spending down to where we can live with no job for me until I can get Social Security. My wife is already on disability so no hope of her bringing in more money. Problem with that is we are already just about at a bare bones level.
  15. russosborne added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Nope, direct hire. Benefits after 90 days. Product is kind of New Ageish, but they've been around for over 10 years. Hoping they will be around for another 10, that will put me into retirement age plus.
    Not holding my breath though. Being one of the first to interview will probably end up hurting my chances, unless I really stand out compared to the rest. I did send them a thank you letter yesterday after I got home. Hoping that helps some.