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  1. New kid on the block ?

    And we all know how that worked out. 😔 Russ
  2. What did you get today?

    Picked up a couple today at HL. The Gasman 49 Ford, and the Dodge Country Charger. Neither are real high on my wish list, but I've always liked 49 Fords so I decided to get one while they are still around. I tend to delay until something is discontinued. The Charger was an opened/started (barely) kit on clearance for $10. Supposed to be missing one piece, but looks like all the major bits are still there. Could be the rear bumper, I did a quick check and don't remember seeing that. I'll worry about it later. Looks like a bit of blue paint on a little bit of the interior tub and the wheels/tires are put together. Figure that for the price and the fact that I don't really like Mopars that much maybe this will be a good slump buster. Or just take up more shelf space. Thanks, Russ
  3. What Pleased You Today!

    Thanks, everyone. Russ
  4. What Pleased You Today!

    OK, not exactly today, but this week. I had an interview last week for a position at the company I am currently at as a temp, but it would be a direct hire with benefits, etc in another area(repair, currently in production). Got told Monday they really wanted me. Got and accepted the official job offer Tuesday. Start date is hopefully the 22nd, but they are still a bit slow on the background checks and paperwork. They require all that to be done again, even though I just did it in September. Second shift, but one month on days for training. I'm hoping I can show them it won't take that long. I really don't like day shift. Mornings=yuck. Once I go back to second shift, this will be a $6 an hour raise. $4 til then. That should pay for most of the insurance costs I hope. Yes, I will have insurance, medical/dental/vision. And sick time. And vacation. And holiday pay. Oh, and unexpected by me, there is a $4k signing bonus. We are still needing to pay back my family for paying for my mother in laws cremation, so this will take care of that. Hoping for a bit to spend on the Ranchero/models/bass guitar, but even if the bonus is gone the pay raise will allow me to spend some here and there. Wife gets to spend a bit also. Job is a bench tech repairing customer returns. This company is very large in the aviation industry, supplies many aircraft manufacturers. Military as well, but I don't know if I will be doing any of that. Haven't been told what product lines I will be working on yet. Thanks, Russ
  5. Thanks. I was worried that stuff was too new, guess it is just a matter of trying it and waiting a few years. Russ
  6. Bob, Do you know how that Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear holds up over time as far as yellowing/other bad things? Thanks, Russ
  7. Detail Master this is cool !

    Hmmm, I definitely need that for my 70 Pontiac GTO model of the real car I had in the 80's. I would need a Hurst T handle as well. Thanks for posting this. Russ
  8. Sorry if I am being dense, but what part of this is a "Gasser"? Doesn't look like one to me, but maybe the boxtop picture shown above isn't the only version? Or is Round2 using the term "Gasser" in a different way than what I am used to seeing? Thanks, Russ
  9. Thanks, guys. That's what I get for thinking. Russ
  10. Hurst Hairy Oldsmobile in case you are wondering. So the car is either black with gold stripes, or gold with black stripes. My thinking is to paint the body black and then mask for the gold. Only due to the experiences I've had with gold paint in the far past. All I see in my mind when thinking of masking the gold paint is how much would lift off when removing the tape. Any thoughts as to whether this order is ok or not? Will be using some sort of rattle can paint, I'm open to ideas for brands here. Normally I wouldn't even bother, but this is one of the cars I want to have the right colors on. One of my dad's best friends from Ohio is Bob Riggle (Hemi Under Glass), so as a kid in the 60's I had tons of stuff from Hurst like press kits for the cars. Wish I still had all that. Anyway, I want to have this car look good on the shelf. Thanks, Russ
  11. Another hobby shop bites the dust.☹️RIP

    The OP stated that it had been a couple of years since he had been to this store. Not picking on him, but maybe this is part of the reason it closed? Too many people not going there often enough? Just a thought that reading this jumped out at me. BTW, I do this too with some stores, just not hobby related. It's like I store the info in the back of my mind, and when I need what I remember the store sells I will go there. Problem is after so long the store is gone, or what I remembered them having isn't made anymore, or worse I made a mistake and got stores confused in my head. Getting old isn't fun. Russ
  12. What did you get today?

    Wife got me the Vending Machine and the Trojan Horse funny car kits. Course, I bought them and gave them to her to give to me. Last minute shopping at Hobby Lobby. She got a gift card from there. Russ
  13. What Irked You Today?

    Thanks. I am hoping to get hired direct, either in the dept I am in or another. I am going to have an interview soon about a job there in the repair side. Would be about a $5 an hour raise. Most other jobs I am seeing pay way less than what I am making ($19/hour). With the loss of my mother in law's contributions to our income I can't afford to take much less. Definitely can't afford to go back to $12 an hour. This place seems to really like me, just getting hired direct is not as simple as it used to be. Have to wait for an opening and then apply. In the past I would just get converted after 3 months. Just would have been really nice if the agency had said no holiday pay with this company. Not even going to go into how bad their medical insurance offerings are. Russ
  14. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Please don't let this be a joke. I swear I won't use a wood burner to attach the engine to the roof this time! This is one of my most holiest of Grails. Russ
  15. What Irked You Today?

    Well, I found out about this late last week, but have been too irked to type. I had thought that I got holiday pay from my agency so I was planning on not working Christmas day. Turns out that with this client the agency does NOT pay holiday pay. So I either work or take a hit on my paycheck. Yet it is a holiday for the client company, as is this Friday. Not sure yet what I am going to do. We've been working 6 days a week for several weeks. I had to miss a day last week as I felt like I was coming down with something. Was really counting on having Christmas day off just to rest, but we need the money. I can just show up to work that day if I want to, they are open 24/7. So it might be a game day decision. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (gotta love exclamation points.) Russ