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  1. New Photobucket style disaster?

    Nobody can charge you to access pictures you keep on your hard drive. If I can't post pictures directly to a site I just don't post anything. Now that you can do that here it seems simple to me. Just my opinion though. Russ
  2. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    I ordered 4 kits last Saturday night. Got them in the mail Wednesday with the Priority Mail option that was very cheap. My only complaint is I wish I had more money to spend there. Russ
  3. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    Not that anyone will care, but I totally agree with Ben. If the kit inside the box can NOT build the car on the cover with only the parts in the kit it is misleading at best. While the "artist" may not know any better, certainly the people at the kit manufacturer should, and it should be corrected before it goes into production. Russ
  4. Harry Anderson (night court) Passes

    One show I was really hoping to see come back with the original cast. Sigh. Getting old just means I will be seeing lots more of this until it's my turn. Russ
  5. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    I missed out on a local show/swapmeet today. So thanks to you guys I just spent the money I thought I saved by not going. They were out of a lot, but I managed to find some I couldn't live without. 4 kits plus priority shipping for $76 isn't bad at all. I could have spent a ton more if I had the cash. But that was the budget for today, more or less. Russ
  6. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    If the new owners want to do the manufacturing locally (to them), will they be able to get the molds from China? Will they even want to? Probably wouldn't be cheap even if the Chinese gov't cooperates. Guess it remains to be seen if they would continue to have stuff produced in China. I don't have a clue about what molds are where. Thanks, Russ
  7. Hobby Towns cutting back on models?

    Hobby Lobby isn't stopping carrying models. Hobby Town is apparently downsizing their selection. Russ
  8. Help with math problem

    Yes, and make sure you know how to shoe your horse yourself. I love the Heinlein books, but reality they aren't. And time keeps on rolling and change happens whether we want it or not. And I had a very cheap slide rule for fun in high school. Never was very good with it. Paper and pencil always worked much faster. Russ
  9. Thanks. The auto trans is temporary. Car is set up for a T5 and I love shifting gears. Just have to wait till I get more money for it. Not a fan of them either, but that's what I have for now. Goal is to get it on the road asap and then take care of the details. Unless a good deal on stuff happens. Russ
  10. Tee Buckets,Pick Up bed, Turtle Deck, or nothing ?

    X2. Russ
  11. No pictures yet other than whats on my phone and I can't find my usb cable for it. I bought another project car. At least this one is starting out as a project, unlike my Ranchero which has turned into one. And I was just getting everything together to get it back together. Going to try to get both done. I don't have a good history of getting one done. 1979 Ford Pinto. ESS model, all glass hatch, moon roof. No engine/trans although it is setup for a 2.3turbo rear sump engine with a T5. Fully caged. I must be insane. Seller is delivering it here Sunday from Tucson. Planning on taking the 2.3 (EFI no turbo)and auto A4LD from the 89 Mustang I bought for my wife but haven't done anything with for the last 2 years for it. Thought a Fox Mustang would cure my Mustang need, but it just doesn't. Has to be a 69 or nothing apparently. Have no interest in working on or driving this car. Wife would rather drive our Subaru. Seller had the cage installed 20 years ago and then must have lost interest or had other stuff come up, just never got back to it. His parent's are the original owners. Comes with almost everything he took off of it except the eng/trans, windshield, and seats. Well, I have that stuff, except for a 79 windshield. My 74 windshield won't work. Also comes with an 8 inch rear with 4.10 gears. This will actually be my third Pinto. I had a 79 in Ohio that I drove for like 2 years. Currently have a 74 wagon that keeps getting shoved back on the list, might not ever get done at this rate. It has some structural issues that I didn't catch when I bought it. I needed another project like I needed another hole in my head. But for the price and what it is I decided I couldn't resist. $700 delivered. He has been trying to sell it for quite some time. Guess I was the idiot, oops, buyer, he was looking for. Russ
  12. Maybe this one? look on page 2. I thought these were numbered, but it was talked about in this thread. Post was on September 1 2016 by Impalow, up a bit from my reply shown above. Quote Members 762 posts Location:Wadsworth Ohio Full Name:Eric Ritz Report post Posted September 1, 2016 That is actually an interesting story.. I'm not using heat, I am using a different type of styrene rod than just typical evergreen. I get this stuff off eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/STYRENE-ROUND-ROD-120-PIECE-ASSORTMENT-LOT-6-SIZES-PIPE/122094423448?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D37570%26meid%3D2be1c9a6a5a74c38acfdf6022ada2dc9%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D2%26sd%3D111889933610 I stumbled on this on accident, it bends and holds its shape without heat.. The only downfall is, it doesn't glue well with normal styrene glue (I only use CA on it), and sometimes the pieces are not uniform in diameter from end to end. I have purchased this 120 piece assortment, and recently purchased just 120 pieces of the .080 in a custom auction from him. The diameter thing is a bit of a bummer, but once you are aware of it, you can pick and choose pieces so its not much of an issue. I am a really big fan of this stuff, I have never had much luck using heat. Unquote Russ
  13. MCM T-Shirts, New Colors/Sizes

    Got mine in the mail today. Yay! Russ
  14. Our Michael's is a joke

    Jonathan, Was that the one in East Mesa on I think Power Rd? In a center with a bunch of other outlet type stores? If so I used to go there a lot, used to live out that way back then. bought a bunch of models there with the idea of using them to practice with, but never did. Russ
  15. Another Quick Poll

    The Cheetah was one of my favorite slot cars back in the 60's. I was a bit young, born in 59, but my dad was huge into racing slot cars and I even got to have one or two. I like most wild customs, but this one has never been one of those. Yuck. Russ