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  1. Dead on, 51st just about a block off I10. I was right there at Travelers Inn. Price was right. Room 121, right up front. Shade in the later part of the day. That helped.
  2. This was sitting in the parking lot of CARLS JR next to the motel I'm in for CDL training. On the battery box it says Atlas Van Lines.
  3. Yeah I wish. I also build Aircraft and Armor, and I use acrylics through my airbrush so you can imagine how that goes.
  4. Lookin good. Mine is still in progress too. I'm smoothing the cab and sleeper. Stretched the living daylights out of it too. Makes me want to pick it up and start working on it again, seeing this one. I can't advise on the wheel/tire thing however as I haven't gotten that far into mine. Want to make sure the bodywork and chassis workout before I tackle what could be used as parts for other rigs if the bodywork doesn't work out.
  5. Hah I bring them in the bedroom to hang and dry. I can't leave them outside they wouldn't last 5 minutes.
  6. Best way to get them in is don't start buying it all up for them. Let them watch and dream and tell them no for a couple of years and then for christmas, BOOM, and let it go from there. Worked like a charm on both of mine.
  7. On Page 3 was scratchbuilders stuff, so here this might help. https://www.dropbox.com/s/utsifpe38klg537/Scale%20Calculator%2001beta.zip?dl=0 It's a scale calculator for Windows. I created it, and it appears to work fine. If anyone notices anything with it let me know. I don't plan to ever charge for it, it's 100% free.
  8. I won't touch ebay anymore, they say I owe them 12 bucks, they owe me 150. I'll take them all the way to the top.
  9. Awesome. My oldest was a little early, and was a lightweight too. With 4.11 gears though he can really get lost.(Yeah shameless beverly hillbillies plug). This your first one?
  10. Those forklifts are kinda ugly I think but I'd probably do something similar if I had one so I'm not one to talk. HAH. That old Chevy though, beautiful.
  11. Too many gun or ammo malfunctions today when I went shooting. GGGRRR
  12. I'd like to echo all of this. Some specific Mentions My mother, who spent her time in the USAF watching the radar scopes My cousin Dennis Boley, Currently NHRA Divisional tech inspector and Racecar driver, but Formerly Navy. My Grandfather 25 year Army Veteran. Passed on a few years ago, but he lived just long enough to see his first Great Grandchild(my oldest son), not for his second(my youngest son) My cousin Gail Davis, who died in Vietnam at LZ Xray, in IA DRANG. Think of the movie We Were Soldiers. He died day 2 of that hell. To every service member who gave all they had just one time.
  13. Lookin good man. I can't wait to get some truck money rolling in so I can get one of these. Have Keith Marks print me out some decals, with white on them and baby let it roll.
  14. CLAYTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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