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  1. dako added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lamborghini Countach
    This is my Walter Wolf Lamborghini Countach. I added plug leads but otherwise its out of the box. Daryl

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  2. dako added a post in a topic Diamond Reo Tray   

    Here's an update on this one. The tray is practically done. I scratchbuilt a pipe bulbar which was reasonably common on trucks here in Oz around the 70's. I use pieces of fridge magnet between the bumper and the chassis hinge to keep the bar in place. It works well. The deck timber was cut from oversize ice-block sticks from the local craft shop. I used Grey acrylic paint mixed with Isopropyl alcohol and brushed it onto the plank. Then while it was still wet I used a tissue to wipe the plank dry. I modeled the exhaust to run under the chassis to represent a hay hauler from the period. Stay tuned! Daryl

  3. dako added a post in a topic "Puma" DRIFT car curbside kitbash done   

    Very. very nice
  4. dako added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Another snap Pete
    Here's one I made a few years ago when these were re-released. A few extras but built out of the box using the kit decals.

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  5. dako added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Diamond Reo Tray
    Here's one i'm working on at the moment. Its the Diamond Reo cut and stretched. The chassis is done. Cab has been painted but interior is still to go in. It will have a right hand drive dash fitted as well as a Bullbar so it depicts a Truck that would of been working in Australia around the 70's/80's. The step tanks are from the Astro kit. The tray is almost finished. I will strip some thin pine on my table saw and cut into strips for the floor then the floor will be weathered. Daryl

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  6. dako added a post in a topic Celadon ProStar   

    Nice Prostar. A Difficult shape to customize. Plain white really suits it too. I love the copper and gunmetal scheme that come on a sheet in the kit box. Over here in Australia Caterpillar are marketting the prostar under the CAT brand. Waiting to see if anyone brings out an aftermarket right hand dash for our side of the road! Daryl
  7. dako added a post in a topic VOLVO VN   

    Great looking Volvo. Those naked ladies were so popular over here in Australia.
  8. dako added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hi from Australia
    My name is Daryl Atkinson and i come from Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. I build cars, trucks, planes but mostly trucks. Great to be part of a friendly helpful forum. Daryl

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