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  1. Now on to the front struts.. I wasn't happy with the ride height so i built my own from scratch then added futurattractions front breaks for mock up
  2. Thiss was my first t8me really working with photo etch. Its a little crude but after primer and a little more clean up but im happy with it.
  3. Spent a few hourst this week at the bench. Now that ive got allot more parts to work with its almost like its falling together First i needed to check if the rear brake brackets would fit the micro nitro rear hubs And its like they were designed for eachother
  4. Gunner and already a true car guy. First hot wheels picked out of about 20 was a 71 candy red cuda lol
  5. The lenco is what had me scratching my head lol but the rod makes complete sence. I didn't see hardware holding it together. Keep up the incredible work!
  6. Im blown away b6 that tranny just a change in shade can make such a difference. But ive always be curious. What do you use for mock up? White glue?
  7. Well boys just a small update. I want to thank Scott at futurattraction for his incredible service. And his insanely great parts Ill be back at the bench soon but this one came home yesterday
  8. Inexpensive. I dont like calling parts cheap
  9. Thank you everyone for the kind words. Ive just made somme pretty big orders for my aftermarket supplies. Ill try to keep you all posted
  10. Cheapest way would to be to buy dirtmodeler beadlock rings they are pretty inexpensive
  11. Thanks scott and tyrone. That means quite allot to me as it was your builds i have been studying.
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