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  1. Asking for or receiving a model as a gift ?

    I have two options I use, because yes I do get a lot of models from my wife and daughters. A local hobby shop gift card is a good one. I have pictures of models that I am interested in that I can text them, they can choose from that group what they want to buy. Typically I look for less expensive ones, or tell them that they could use the Hobby Lobby coupon. My LHS, gives my wife the same discount they give me. so it becomes a win win for every one. I would rather get a kit I can mine for parts rather then another shirt, or tie etc.
  2. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    I think the RC@ version I have at home has the scribe on the bottom of the roof, so at least you could cut it yourself.
  3. Need Help!

    You could do some basic scaling by the size of the bricks,. would give you rough estimate of size.

    If it is like my Badger air eraser, you can use it on plastic, if you use aluminum oxide as your media. Of course you use a low psi. Ron
  5. 41 Willeys pannel

    I like the Wiilard name. My Dad once had a pick-up with a Ford bed on a International frame and cab we called a Interford. Thanks for the feedback. Ron
  6. 41 Willeys pannel

    Thanks Chris, I really need to get this one finished soon. It took a little massaging to make the two fit. Ron
  7. phantom pick-up wip

    So I had a couple of bad kits, A Revel 41 Willy's pickup, and a AMT 1940 (rides) woody. so what to do with the leftover parts from my 41 Willy's panel . Back of Willy's cab and front of ford panel..still need to finish detailing.. Sorry for the sub par modeling and pictures. But thanks for looking. Ron
  8. 41 Willeys pannel

    So I had a couple of bad kits, A Revel 41 Willy's pickup, and a AMT 1940 (rides) woody. Cut off the back of the cab on pickup, and cut off the front of the panel from the Ford. Combined the two. Added a injected MEL, not sure the injection system is correct. hope the picture posts OK. Only have my phone at the moment to take pictures with. Ron
  9. AMT Surf Woody Has anyone built one?

    here is a pic of my wip roadster, from a older release. Modified a bit.. new engine, ( revel 32), new interior wheels and tires from parts bin.
  10. AGE

    I'm half way to 106. been building models since 1972
  11. Modelshops in Salt Lake City and Denver, is there any?

    West valley Hobbies, in the salt lake valley has a good selection. I think there used to be (not sure if it's still around) the model car museum in Salt Lake. In the Provo (Utah) area there is a hobby shop called The Hobby Stop, decent selection of cars. and as mentioned MRS hobbies in Sandy Utah. Ron
  12. 1923 model T pannel from AMT

    Thanks for the information. I can think of a few commercial vehicles that it would be perfect for. No plans to hot rod it, but it's always nice to have parts for the spare box. Thanks for the welcome, I've been lurking a long time.
  13. just saw this at my local hobby shop, any one know much about it. Didn't pick it up today. Looks to be stock only. Thanks Ron
  14. 1/25 Revell '29 Model A Roadster 2'n'1

    Tim Will the frame fit Revell's 31 sedan? Ron
  15. heloo from Utah

    Hi I'm Ron. I started model cars by sneaking my older brothers models into my room to check them out. Loved to look at the boxes he kept undr his bed, this was the mid 60's his colection started in about 1959. As I grew up I built a few models of my own in the early 1970's. Rediscoverd model cars a while back and started buying up rerleases of the cars my brother had. I love the chance to relive those old memories by building up the clasics fom AMT and others.