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  1. Hammerdown added a post in a topic Don Garlit`s: Swamp Rat 33 Streamliner 1/28/14   

    JOHN... you must be from another planet. Your master modelling abilities are phenomenal! I wish I had time to spend on all the projects I have on the go. Time is the most valuable commodity in the world and you accomplish the most amazing things with your time. You have said you'd like to be a professional model builder. Your work IS professional quality you just need to get paid for it. I build custom truck models for clients who are prepared to spend some pretty good coin, but it's only a secondary income at the present. I'm hoping to make it my sole source of income soon. Has "Large Father" seen the project you are working on? I'm certain he'd buy it when you're done, it would make a great addition to his museum. You need to send your portfolio to the Smithsonian or Peterson Automotive Museum or WETA in New Zealand where my sister and her husband work with Peter Jackson on all his movies. If you really want to make a living using your exceptional skills, I don't think you'd have trouble finding work. After seeing your latest masterpiece, I think I'll give up model building and take up knitting. GO JOHN GO!
  2. Hammerdown added a post in a topic Western Star pair   

    You're right JT, I scratch built them using a number of materials including paper.
  3. Hammerdown added a post in a topic KW Car Hauler Finished   

    Fantastic looking rig.
  4. Hammerdown added a post in a topic The Lot Lizard   

  5. Hammerdown added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Western Star pair
    A couple of my 1/43 Western Stars. I've driven both trucks for a number of years, the "Super B" around Vancouver Island and the refer from the Island to California and Nevada.

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  6. Hammerdown added a post in a topic 71 Camaro Flopper   

    Thanks for the comments guys
  7. Hammerdown added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Digital Photo Replica Western Stars
    More pictures of my 1/43 scale digital photo replicas.
    1. Take photos of real subject from every angle.
    2. Scale photos on colour copier then cut out all the surfaces. ie, hood, doors, grill, etc.
    3. Mount all the pieces together over foam core bulkheads on top of a plastic chassis.
    4. Wire them with micro LED lights for super detail.

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  8. Hammerdown added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    71 Camaro Flopper
    More photos of my "kit bashed" 71 Camaro Funny Car. 1/32 scale Monogram body stretched over a chopped and channeled Revell chassis. Fully plumbed with many metal and working parts including, throttle linkage, steering, fire extinguisher and parachute release systems. Built in 1973 and I've still got it! I made this model as realistic as I could, at the time.

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  9. Hammerdown added a post in a topic What If Vega Funny Car   

    Great job. Very accurate look and detail for a fantasy car. What are the build details? Revell chassis what body etc ?
  10. Hammerdown added a post in a topic 40 year old Camaro F/C build   

    Thanks guys. I'm going to fix some broken details but leave it as is. I am building a ramp truck for it and will post pics.
  11. Hammerdown added a post in a topic 40 year old Camaro F/C build   

    Ya 40 years ago I was hanging out at Bison Dragways watching Tom Hoover, Gary Beck,The Snake and the stars of the day.
    I helped run a C/Gas Dragster with my brother. I was nuts about Funny Cars [still am] and wished I'd scrounged a job with a touring team. I spent many hours replicating what I saw at the track and in my favourite Magazine... Drag Racing USA. This model kicked butt at every model contest I entered back in the day. I think I might spend some time and restore it. It could use some attention. It's great that after all these years of it sitting on my shelf that through this technology I'm able to expose it to my fellow modelers from around the world! Thanks for looking guys.
  12. Hammerdown added a post in a topic 1/87 Freightliner COE   

    Excellent. Looks like what I use to see a lot of, out on the big road, around Chi-town in my 78 Mack, back in the day.
  13. Hammerdown added a post in a topic My version of the Freightliner FLC   

    Looks Great Man
  14. Hammerdown added a post in a topic 1/43 scratch built Western Stars   

    Ya, any scale. I'm doing most of them in 1/43 since the toy chassis's I'm using are affordable and easily available. Plus the finished product with base and dust cover measures 28" long and about 6" high. This makes a nice size for displaying on a shelf or desk top. I've actually built a 1/64 model for a customer. The subject was an International Eagle with Fiber Optic lighting. There aren't many limitations on the scale of the finished model although a 53' trailer does photocopy onto an 11"x 17" sheet in one shot at 1/43. I do have some 1/32 chassis's that I'm going to get to work on. Dam, if I had to I could build a 1:1 model LOL but it'd probably be cheaper and easier to just go down to my local Western Star dealer and drive one off the lot.
  15. Hammerdown added a post in a topic 40 year old Camaro F/C build   

    Here are a bunch of more photos on 2 pages