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  1. Haven't had time to work on this week. As far as plumbing and piping go. I will try my best at that as this is my first attempt at this jet engine car and im researching as I go. Will give it the old college try. Finding some thing to use as tubing may actually be the difficult part as you said it is scale sensitive.
  2. Also i used the fuel pod with the ends cut off and made flat to make the fuel tank for the car and bombs with the wings cut off to make parachute pods since they are usually tubes in jet cars.
  3. The jet engine came out of a 1/32 scale Chinese F5MG basically it's a mig21 sold to China. This kit is made by Trumpeteer and it's usually a $100 kit but my local hobby shop does consignments and had this kit missing some rocket launcher parts so i got it for like 30 bucks. Also apparently Trumpeteer included detailed engines in a few of thier kits in 1/32. I know its a 1/24 scale vehicle but if there is a jet engine that size i imagine it to be oversized.
  4. New pics almost done chassis. Jet engine painted and temporarily mounted in place.
  5. Closest i could find in size and roughly looks scale is a 1/32 jet engine out of a Chinese f7mg roughly a mig21 by trumpeter it is nicely detailed and in process of painting it
  6. \New project: 1/24 scale '57 Chevy jet F/C complete with modern Toterhome and 53' race trailer. Started with Revell McEwen kit and a 1/25 fc kit for chassis. So far just a lot of tearing apart chassis and rebuilding parts of it to my liking. long way to go
  7. Building a project using those trucks but the plastic tires and wheels are horrible, rest of project I'm improvising and can make look better. Just want something better
  8. Actually is for a different project, but looking for hoodscoop like on modern pickup in1/24/1/25 scale
  9. I found scenes unlimited had a similar casting to what my dads truck had, but in 1/25, this may be a dumb question but is there a noticible difference, since the kit is 1/24
  10. Thank you, but relatively to forum, which Casey and I'll look into the kit,
  11. Was wondering if anyone makes wheels for gmc snowplow I'm converting to Chevy k10 my father had. All I remember is they had the Chevy logo on center caps. his was a 75 but the gmc had roughly same body.
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